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Sunday Best

Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!

Happy Easter, y’all! I hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday celebrating one of my most favorite holidays.

This Easter weekend was a little rough for me, but what better holiday to have a rough weekend before than Easter? It is so full of joy, and hope, and expectation. And brunch and pretty dresses! No matter what’s going on in your life, it’s pretty hard not to have your spirits lifted on Easter.

And, it DID NOT RAIN in Nashville for Easter. This is remarkable for two reasons: 1) it rains all the time here. 2) Rain was forecasted all day. You never know the miracles that will occur on this blessed day.

I’m posting this picture with my friend Hannah because although it’s a little grainy for some reason, it was taken much earlier in the day and is therefore a much better picture of me than the official outfit picture below. So, keep this one in your mind, and then proceed with caution and a forgiving eye.

I debated off-the-shoulder for church. Is that appropriate? I still don’t know. But, I figured since it wasn’t a LOW off-the-shoulder, I had my hair down, and most of the time I was wearing a choir robe, I could get away with it. Judge if you must. But, I know you can’t/won’t judge me for the florals – or at least, you shouldn’t, because I gave a very clear disclaimer that I am obsessed!

I usually love to look out in the congregation at church on Easter and see all the pretty colors, but I sort of forgot this year. Plus, I did notice a lot of white being represented. Even my own dress is more neutral than the usual bright yellow or coral I tend to be drawn to for Easter.

So, since I didn’t pay attention to people’s outfits at church, show me yours! Did you buy something new specific for the occasion, or recycle an old faithful?

Whatever you wore, I hope it was a beautiful day.


  1. Happy Easter Sarah Beth! I hope that you had a wonderful day. 🙂 Yes! He is risen! Praise all goes to Jesus!!
    I’m a believer too and have been for a long time. I usually keep it low key, but seeing another fellow believer, I like to share it. 🙂

    I must admit thought that I did not go to church on Sunday, probably the first Easter Sunday that I missed in years. It was for personal reasons…

    But still, church or not, it was a beautiful day here in my state, a little windy, but I took it as a metaphor of being a sort of “breath of fresh air” and was able to air out my apartment. The temperature was gorgeous, which I took as an extra blessing as my state is usually pretty cold around this time; it was the perfect Easter!!

    If I may say so, you look fabulous, Sarah Beth! Your attire is perfect for an Easter Sunday outfit as well as for spring. Hoping that your week will be just as blessed and cheerful as your Easter was. 🙂

    • Sarah_Beth

      April 17, 2017 at 10:23 pm

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Mike – sounds like you had a beautiful Easter, as well. Have a good week!

      • You are welcome Sarah Beth.
        I did. It was quiet and uneventful (no drama) so I’ll take that as a blessing.
        Thanks, you too!

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