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That Time I Forgot to Give My Post a Title

It’s always a weird transition for me after a serious topic to go back to talking about my clothes. But, since that is the primary purpose of this little blog, I suppose we’ll make the awkward transition. At least I have a great outfit to help smooth things over.

I love yellow. I don’t wear it a lot, really, because it’s hard to find cute clothes in a good yellow (read, not highlighter yellow or too green-tinted).

But, when I do find a really great yellow piece, I tend to wear the heck out of it. So, expect to see a lot of this skirt this summer.
I got this top at Target for like $8 or something, and I was so excited about it. I still really love the bokeh pattern and all the bring colors that can be mixed and matched in a million ways – theoretically. The problem is, the cut of the blouse is oddly assymetrical, and the side is sheer from about my waist down. So, unless I wear it tucked in, it is a) not appropriate for work (which is unfortunate, because it’s definitely a work-type blouse), and b) it just hangs weird. Even tucking it in, I have to be careful to pick an appropriate waist style, or it is still quite unflattering.

So, despite the myriad of colors, I think this top may get limited exposure. Too bad, but at least I know I have one strong showing out of it.
Have you ever bought something you were really excited about, only to discover it didn’t work as you’d envisioned, after all? Hopefully, you didn’t spend too much more than the $8 that I did!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. A great outfit, Sarah Beth; very well put together! I like it. 🙂

    I loved your previous 3 posts about hope. They were great and they really made me dwell on how I see hope. It’s not just about wishing for good outcomes. It’s about what one has in their hearts and how much they trust in God.

    So much to talk about! Hoping for more great posts like these!

  2. I LOVE yellow, but it usually only works out for me as an accent (necklace, scarf, earrings, etc). I’ve yet to find a signature clothing item. Also, I may be wrong but isn’t one of the meanings behind the color yellow “hope” 😉

    • Sarah_Beth

      May 11, 2017 at 3:58 pm

      You are right, Liz!!! Oh, I’m so glad you mentioned that; I think I’ll have even more reason to wear yellow now!

      I do think yellow is an easier color for blondes to wear than brunettes, but I fully believe that if it’s in your heart to find a yellow staple piece, you can do it! I am picturing you rocking a yellow full-skirted dress!

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