Once upon a time, there was a girl who was obsessed with shoes. Like, really…obsessed.  As time went on, this obsession grew to include all things fashion: jewelry, scarves, dresses, tops, pants, skirts…all the things.  Fashion became her art and every day was an opportunity to showcase a new masterpiece (if only in her own mind).

One day, that girl woke up and found that she was 30 years old (gasp!), single, and living an either entirely relatable or entirely laughable life. Either way, her friends always love her crazy stories (once called a combination of Lifetime and Comedy Central), and she thought you might, too.

By now, you’ve probably guessed that girl is me! I’m Sarah Beth, and it’s so nice to meet you! In addition to being a now 30-something (who will tell people I’m 25 as long as it’s remotely believable), I love football (go Colts!), American history, and burgers. They’re the main reason I will never have Carrie Underwood’s legs.

Fashion is fun for me, and I think it should be fun for everyone, regardless of shape, size, or budget. (Spoiler alert: I’m a bargain hunter.  If you’re looking for designers…sorry. But stick around a few years; maybe one day I’ll be rich.)

I just love creating outfits – for myself or anyone else who will let me. And, I love getting inspiration from my friends! So, thank you for browsing around, be sure to visit my consulting page, and send me pictures of all your own fabulous outfits.  (There are buttons above, or you can reach me at tastefullytrendy AT gmail DOT com.) Or send me your crazy single-life stories, so that I will know I’m not alone! I can’t wait to connect!



P.S. If you’re curious as to why I named my blog “Tastefully Trendy”, you can read about it here.