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More than one way to wear a jacket

When I was growing up, my mom would often get on food kicks. I remember a summer where we drank Sunkist soda every day (this summer was also marked by copious amounts of the Price is Right and Goldfish crackers – we had a Sam’s Card that summer).

She also tells the story of being in college, hooked on Pay Day candy bars.  Or when she worked at a restaurant in her 20s, living off of packets of saltine crackers.  Don’t worry; we’re much healthier in my family now.

I think I’m that way with clothes.  I get a new piece that I really like, and I wear the heck out of it.  You may remember this jacket from my weekend outfit I blogged on Monday.  I’d like to say these looks were all very spread out; I guess three times in an 8 day period is kinda spread out.  But, I was on my kick and not to be dissuaded.  Hopefully, the mixing and matching sufficiently masked my obsession.

Look 1
Dress: Ross, maybe?
Jacket: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Hamrick’s (I’m embarrassed to say I’ve ever been in that store, but they actually have some cute things)
Necklace: Leah

Look 2
Dress: Ross (of TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross, Ross definitely has the best dress section)
Shoes: Charlotte Russe – these are on their last, dying, crippled leg.  But, I love them.

Mr. Bluebird’s on My Shoulder

Everyone should have a friend like Leah.  Leah and I met through my job about four years ago, and after losing touch for two years, we were reunited and have had a special bond since.  She is kindhearted and encouraging, and willing to give you the necklace off her neck.

I had lunch with Leah on Saturday, and the whole time I was admiring the bluebird necklace she wore.  As we were about to leave, I said something about it, asking where she got it in hopes of buying one of my own.  As is often the case with these things, it wasn’t available anywhere because Leah had made it herself.  But, without a moment’s hesitation, she took it off and offered it to me.  The necklace has a sweet family story behind it, which Leah shared with me as she insisted that I take it. Her generosity and willingness to share a part of her family’s history with me was very special, and I’ll think of her every time I wear this adorable bluebird.  

Skinny jeans – Kohl’s. Black patent wedge – Payless.  Cardigan – Old Navy.  Scarf – Rue 21. 

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