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You seem tall

A surprisingly common misconception about me on dating sites is that I’m tall. I finally asked someone why they thought that, and he said I was almost the same height as the Christmas tree in one of my pictures. Valid point, except my tree is short, and my heels are high. It usually gets awkward after they learn that. Oh well.

Obviously, this is not a current outfit, but I liked it and haven’t blogged it yet, so here we go. I bought these “slips” online a year or two ago to go under a sheer dress, and they’re basically just a super stretchy, long tank top. I really love them as a base layer with leggings – and in this case, boot socks. There are a lot of bottom half layers happening in this look, and I say the more the merrier.

That’s about all I have to say on this one: all neutrals, but enough going on with details to make it interesting. And a touch of pink in my jewelry – naturally.
1 - black and boot socksHappy Monday, everyone! Let me know if you think I look tall, or have any other comments at all. I love hearing from you!

Go Dawgs (j/k…)

As of yesterday, it’s finally starting to feel like fall in North Georgia. I wore this outfit on Friday – so, still not fall. But, I tried to pay homage to the season with the boots, at least.

I call this my UGA outfit. I cannot foresee a time when I will ever need to support the Dawgs again – especially living in Vols territory. But, in case I end up marrying Todd Gurley or something, it’s good to have on hand.

My post last week about boot socks turned out to be one of my most controversial writings. So, to the two guys who said they don’t like them – sorry.  They’re here to stay.
1 - red tee, shorts, bootsI’ve realized I’ve been wearing about the same 3 tops over and over lately. I really have no explanation for this; I’m just warning you, in case you’re prone to get bored.

How was everyone’s weekend?  From my instagram feed, it would appear everyone in the United States went to a pumpkin patch.  I did – did you?

Onefer Tuesday: Army Pink

Guys, I’m running a little low on outfits to show you.  I guess when you don’t shower each day until about 4, and then just put on clothes to meet your bestie for dinner, there’s not a huge incentive to pick out something really cute.  Plus, all my photography space is currently taken over by boxes.

I should be good for a little while longer, but I want to set the expectations up front that Two-fer Tuesdays might be suspended for a bit, starting now.

I really liked this outfit.  I think it evolved from the boot socks – I bought a zillion of them a couple weeks ago at Target, but I realized once I got them home I’m not totally sure how to wear them.  The tall ones are easier, though (there aren’t a whole lot of options), and I like the tan with the army green.  Of course, to show them off properly, I had to wear a skirt (I suppose REALLY skinny jeans might have worked, but remember, this is me we’re talking about), and I just went from there.  I also like the contrast of the feminine details of the dress and pink accessories with the more edgy look of the boots and socks.

1 - white dress, blazer, tall bootsWhat do you think of this pseudo-professional look?  Do you like the style mixing, or do you prefer sticking with all feminine or all edgy?  Regardless, aren’t these socks the cutest?  Have you tried boot socks yet – how do you wear them?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Very Pinteresting

I read an article a few weeks ago about a lady who spent 30 days living according to Pinterest’s Most Popular page – an interesting concept that maybe some time I’ll try when I’m a little bored or short on blog topics.

But, my favorite part of her article was when she was talking about clothing.  She said all the Pinterest outfits were so cute, but when she tried them, she felt like she was wearing SO MANY CLOTHES!  I started thinking about it, and that’s really true.  Trendy Pinterest outfits really are all about the layers.  So, I decided to create my own version of a Pinterest outfit, and see how many layers I could put on my body without looking absurd.

1 - pinterest outfitOn top, we have a shirt, a vest, and a scarf – so, three.  If I’d wanted to really go crazy, I could have added a statement necklace, but the scarf was just a little too blousy for that.  On bottom, I have jeans, boot socks, and then boots, of course.  If I were basic, I would not have worn my cowboy boots – they’re not really the ideal boot sock boots.  But, I’m not and I prefer a little variation in my looks, so I wore what I wanted.

The one thing I’m doing here that’s not very Pinterest-y is wearing a simple gold cuff.  Pinterest girls would have multiple bangles, a watch, and who knows what else going on.  But for my real life, the cuff was much more practical.

So what do you think?  Pinterest worthy, or not enough layers?  Would you wear an outfit like this – what spins would you put on it?

(Oh, and side note, my puffy vest – which I love – is from Belk.  If you snag one, you can match me and the two senior citizens I’ve seen wearing the exact same one…)

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