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No Chapeau

I wore the cutest outfit this weekend, guys. Purple leather jacket, gray pencil skirt, black booties, gray floppy hat. I was very Nashville (with a shot of me, because I can’t ever play it straight), and I got a million (well, like 3) compliments.

Unfortunately, I can’t document this look for you because try as I might, I cannot take a good picture in a hat! I don’t understand what happens. I think I look fine in the mirror; other people say I look cute. But as soon as I get behind a camera, I look like a 5 year old playing dress-up in my grandma’s closet. It’s a real problem.

So, alas, no floppy hat outfits today – or probably any day. I guess y’all are just going to have to come hang out with me IRL (we don’t actually say that anymore, right? I’m too old to know for sure.).

Instead, though, here is my new favorite dress. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a good floral, and this one is bright and cheery, but still bold enough to not look like I’m wearing faded curtains. Some people thought it was vintage; it’s not, but I think the length, cut, and pattern certainly give it that vibe. I paired it with my favorite red bow belt that I think is vintage (it’s almost a bow, right?), some navy pumps and neutral earrings to let the dress and belt steal the show, and I was good to go. Oh, and a coral bracelet. I’ve been into mixing shades of oranges and reds lately. We’ll see where this goes.

1-navy-floral-dressHow do you guys feel about hats – floppy or otherwise? Have you noticed the camera predicament, or is that just a me thing? Would you wear this floral? I’d love to hear from you!

Vintage Remix

I’m failing at this whole blogging my shoes thing, guys.  You’ve seen these before, too.  But, at least they’re cute enough to bear repeating.

So, you know how I feel about headbands.  I think they’re the greatest.  Well, really, I like them just fine, but I think men think they’re the greatest, and although I still don’t understand why, I’m going with it.

I also am a pretty big fan of rompers.  Yes, they’re a little inconvenient sometimes and are the number one reason women’s bathroom lines are always longer, but they’re cute and easy and a fun vintage look.

In my case, this romper really is vintage.  My sister lives with a lady in her 50s who was giving away some clothes, and somehow, I became the beneficiary.  I’m not complaining.
Jumpsuit and headbandReally, I think this outfit should be altered a little – I don’t typically wear my clothes so blousy.  But, the piece was free, and paying for alterations would take away some of the joy at having new free clothing.  So, blousy it will remain, for now, anyway.

  • Shoes: H&M
  • Headband: Forever 21 (?)
  • Bracelet – gift, originally from 31 Bits, another good cause organization that you should feel free to check out!

Happy New Year (and new blog!)

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends.  I’m the new girl in town, so I got myself a pizza and ice cream and hunkered down, feeling only a little sorry for myself that I didn’t get to wear sequins.  There’s always another occasion for sequins.


The occasion above was my going-away party.  You may recognize this skirt from last year’s NYE.  I wear it whenever I can find an excuse – one of the best impulse buys (and at $15, a steal!) I ever made.

Can you believe I’ve been blogging my outfits for a year now?  My first post was the one I just linked above – on January 3rd, 2013.  I’ve had so much fun with you all, and I’m so appreciative of your encouragement.

One of those encouragements was to purchase my domain name while it was still available, so i thought the new year was a perfect time for that transition.  I hope you like the new layout!  I’m still learning WordPress, so please bear with me if I make any changes mid-stream.  But, I think you’re going to like the switch.

So, with that, I wish you all a very happy new year, and I hope you’re as excited about what 2014 has in store as I am!

  • Skirt: TJMaxx
  • Top: Old Navy a million years ago
  • Shoes: DSW almost as many years ago
  • Earrings: a gift from a friend
  • Bracelet: Granny
  • Make-up: courtesy of the MAC counter.  When I asked if I looked like a drag queen, she said, “Oh, no – you’re little!”


Based on today’s post title, green and purple should never become a celebrity couple because the name combo is not pretty.

The color combo, however, is, and yesterday, I promised another version of one of my favorite looks.  Not the best picture of the full outfit, and later, I untucked the green tank top underneath which helped the overall look, I think.  But, you still get the idea.

Both this cute cardigan with button details on the sleeves and the pretty beaded bracelet were gifts from my sister for my birthday.  The patterned tights and shoes complemented each other, and I added my favorite brooch necklace (a $5 boutique find – who finds anything for $5 in a boutique?) as a finishing touch.  I got quite a few compliments, but since I wore a skirt, heels, and patterened tights on what turned out to be one of the coldest days of the year, I felt a little silly.

Oh well – anything for fashion!

Colts Strong

Yesterday was a big day for me – the beginning of the NFL playoffs.  Next to fashion, football is probably my favorite past-time, and I seldom miss a Colts game.  Especially when they’re in the playoffs.

Alas, my boys were one and done, but we have a rookie quarterback phenom in Andrew Luck, so I have full confidence in the future.  And, even if my team were terrible, I do not shy away from showing my spirit.

The no-white after Labor day/before Memorial Day rule is passe, but to pull off white during the winter, you really have to anchor it with some more seasonal items.  I didn’t do this.  I tried with my black boots, but a light-weight t-shirt still made me look summery.  To really wear white jeans in January, you should have on boots and a sweater or jacket.

However, for the sake of being true to my team’s colors, I sacrificed a little on the fashion-rule side.  Do what I say, not what I do.

And since the Colts are out, go Broncos!  I’m just sorry that now I have to wear orange.

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