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80 Days of Summer: Boots with the Spurs

It’s going to probably take every ounce of restraint in my body to not blog these babies multiple times this summer.  For one thing, I love them.  For another, I live in Georgia.  But here we go right out of the gate:
Now, I don’t know what “real” cowboy boots look like, but I think this Bakers version is probably pretty close. I always got lots of compliments at my Virginia line dancing hot spot.

Speaking of which, my recent visit to VB coincided with my friend Vivian’s birthday, so we got to celebrate at said hot spot.  I always try to see how dressed up I can be and still not look ridiculous with my boots on.  Hence, the brocade shorts.  I was pleased with the result.

Also, can we take a moment just to talk about my hair?  It’s rare that it really looks that awesome, but I just had it done that morning, so I was still working off my beloved hairdresser, Christy’s, magic.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Hope y’all get a chance to kick up your boots this weekend!

Cowboy boots and brocade shorts

3 Trends for the Price of 1

Well, it’s snowing and icy again today (I’m really beginning to think I took a wrong turn somewhere on my way to Georgia), but on Saturday, it was almost spring-like!
To celebrate, I wore shorts with tights under them – a look I’ve always liked but seldom had opportunity to practice.  The key to this trend is a heavier weight fabric.  If the shorts are too light-weight, they will look too summery, no matter what you put under them. These brocade shorts I found over last weekend were just the right weight and the dressy fabric kept me casual but still very pulled-together.

It’s a little hard to tell, but my tights are a sage green – which, when on, kinda makes me look like the Wicked Witch of the West.  Colored tights are hard.  Nevertheless, the green played nicely with the tone of the golds in the shorts, and my necklace combined green and coral and brown, tying everything together.  I seldom need an excuse to wear coral, anyway.

This outfit is combining more trends then I often do, including the headband.  Until recently, I was scared to try the headband across the forehead – I didn’t think I could pull it off.  But, with a skinny headband, it can really be a cute look, if you don’t mind a headache after a few hours.

Envelope purses have been a thing for a while, and I think they’re super cute.  I haven’t bought one before because I was afraid I couldn’t fit all of my stuff in it.  My fears were confirmed.  Nevertheless, it’s so cute, I suffer through and do without some of my bare necessities.  Because clearly, everything I have in my purse is essential

Lastly, these shoes are not quite right.  I really need some oxfords or wedge booties…but, I don’t have either of those (yet), and I didn’t want to not wear the outfit, so my pretty sparkly ballet flats had to suffice.

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