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She floats through the air with the greatest of ease

It’s Friday, guys! Let’s celebrate the best way I know how – with floral shoes.

I meant to take a picture of these shoes from the side so you could see how absolutely ridiculous they are.  Someday, I’ll remember to do that.  For now, let me promise you, I am too old to wear shoes this high.  Perhaps if they were well-made shoes, I could get away with the height.  The more expensive the shoes, generally, the easier they are to walk in.  These are super cheap, though, so I hardly ever wear them, since hobbling around at a snail’s pace is generally frowned upon.

But, they’re so pretty!  And they were a good deal.  So, to celebrate sunshine and the happy prospect of a weekend, I paired my pretty, impractical shoes from Charlotte Russe (told you they were cheap), with a pencil skirt hand-me-down, and a blouse that was a gift from a friend.  The necklace was an inexpensive boutique find which kinda reminds me of the looking glass from Snow White.  I think I watch too much Once Upon a Time


Based on today’s post title, green and purple should never become a celebrity couple because the name combo is not pretty.

The color combo, however, is, and yesterday, I promised another version of one of my favorite looks.  Not the best picture of the full outfit, and later, I untucked the green tank top underneath which helped the overall look, I think.  But, you still get the idea.

Both this cute cardigan with button details on the sleeves and the pretty beaded bracelet were gifts from my sister for my birthday.  The patterned tights and shoes complemented each other, and I added my favorite brooch necklace (a $5 boutique find – who finds anything for $5 in a boutique?) as a finishing touch.  I got quite a few compliments, but since I wore a skirt, heels, and patterened tights on what turned out to be one of the coldest days of the year, I felt a little silly.

Oh well – anything for fashion!

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