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What to Wear: Country Festival

Boho friends, I need help! Or, really, anyone who’s ever been to a music festival, particularly a country one.  I’m going to Shaky Boots this weekend, a big country festival near Atlanta, and I literally have NO idea what to wear.

I’ve been to a billion country concerts, so I know what to wear to those.  But this is all day, and it’s going to be super hot.  Plus, I feel like a festival brings in another element of style expectations.  I want to look cute, but I’m also supposed to be casual and young, wild, and free, right?

Since I’m not really any of those things, I’m at a bit of a loss.  Here are a couple of outfits I wore recently that while not exactly right, might be on the right track.  Maybe.

In this first one, I like two things: shorts and the scarf headband.  Probably not these shorts or this scarf, but the concept works.

1 - shorts, scarf headbandIn this one, I’m in love with the skirt.  It’s got a tribal flavor which seems appropriate for a festival, but the fit and flare still match my personality.  Of course the scarf would not go with me; I’d like to not die of heat stroke.
1 - tribal print skirt, infinity scarfSo, what do you think?  Am I headed in the right direction or way off track?  What would you wear to a music festival?   Let me know soon; I’ve got less than 48 hours to pack, and at this rate, I’ll probably need every single one of those.  Thank you! xoxo

80 Days of Shoes: Eye of the Tiger

Well, no more denying it, it’s officially fall.  Let the pumpkin overload commence (I’m totally okay with this, btw).

These pretty shoes are from Payless.  I don’t normally shop in Payless, but one of my friends told me they had a new comfort line that actually was – and was also cute!  So, I gave it a shot, and she didn’t lie.  $20 bucks for cute, capped-toe, leopard print, comfy shoes?  Done and done.
DSC_0889And then, to celebrate the season, my pumpkin-colored dress, and my favorite autumnal necklace.  Happy fall, y’all!1 - burnt orange dress, leapord shoes

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