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Boots and Baubles

I’ve been trying to do this style challenge on Instagram, and y’all, it’s hard! I didn’t realize how much of my outfit choices are completely spontaneous. When I have to fit a certain prompt, I end up trying WAY TOO HARD, and it shows.

I’m still going to try to do it, but only when what I was planning to wear anyway matches up. So, this likely means I’ll be much more sporadic in it. Some people do like 5 challenges in one outfit. This blows my mind. I would probably end up on every worst dressed list in America (which, you know, is pretty hard to do if you’re not famous) if I even attempted that.

Today’s prompt, however, was pretty easy: Boots and Baubles. Now, I don’t wear true baubles often, but I do wear a lot of boots. And, I guess giant round earrings can count as baubles, right?

DSC_0058This was my attempt at an interesting pose. Clearly, I need to work on that.

I almost returned this poncho (or cape – there is some debate about the appropriate term) because it was $20. That’s not a lot, but I was expecting it to be $10, and I was annoyed on principle. But…I’m so glad I kept it because I’m obsessed! Who wouldn’t want to wear a wool blanket when it’s cold? And, it’s reversible!

1 - plaid poncho, white bootsI bought these boots in college for $30, which was a lot for me back then (let’s be honest, it still is – I like a good bargain). But, they were worth the investment, as over 10 years later, they’re still going strong! They may not be the most stylish toe, anymore, but they still work, and a good winter white boot is hard to find!

Do you have any items in your wardrobe that have more than given you your money’s worth? What are some of your favorite buys?

80 Days of Shoes: I’m on a Boat

These cute little satin flats were a clearance purchase from Forever 21 a few years ago.  The beaded, sequin puffs were coming undone slightly, so I guess that’s why they were on sale.  But, with a little glue, I was able to salvage them enough to get some good use out of them.  I do sit on my foot a lot, though, so you might find a trail of beads behind me whenever I wear them…DSC_1053For this outfit, I put my own spin on a nautical look (satin beaded shoes are hardly boat-appropriate).  But, nothing says sailing like braids, coral, and a sweater, with, you know, a sail boat on it.

1- nautical sweater, coral skirt



Sometimes She’d Shop

There may be this notion out there that I’m addicted to shopping. I’m not. I really have to be in the mood, because I get depressed when nothing I try on looks good, just like everyone else. But I do enjoy shopping when that mood hits, and I do have a lot of clothes and shoes.

Today I thought I would show you how I shop, though, so you can see why I’m not completely bankrupt, despite my extensive wardrobe.

Below is a picture of my mall finds from a spontaneous shopping trip yesterday (I went to kill time for a few hours by looking and apparently I was in the mood…oops!). You will note the following:

A maxi dress
2 belts
A tank top
2 pairs of heels
2 pairs of earrings
Nail polish
5 anti-bacterial things
The cutest sweater known to man
A ring (unpictured because I’d already put it away and forgot to take it out).

That’s a lot of stuff. Want to venture a guess on how much I paid?  I’ll give you a hint – full price, the dress/gold belt, and two pairs of shoes would have been $140. 

Any guesses?  Okay, time’s up!  The answer is $107.  Yes.  I got all of that for 1/3 less than the price of three of those items.  And that was with paying full price for the sweater, even (I never do that, but seriously – cutest sweater ever). 

Now if you’re a quality over quantity person, my method may not work for you – or may, at least, require a bit more patience and delayed gratification.  However, even at cheapo stores, you can find reasonably good quality things if you are selective. 

Sometimes, my method requires that you buy the belt you mostly like instead of the one you really like because it’s a difference of $1.99 and $4.99 – those $3 differences add up.  But, some other times, if you’re patient, you get the exact shoes you tried on a few months ago when they were full price, for $13. 

Here’s the breakdown of where everything is from, if you’re interested:
A maxi dress – JCPenney
2 belts – JCP (came with the dress) and Charlotte Russe
Shorts – Forever 21
A tank top – H&M
2 pairs of heels – JCPenney (Worthington brand)
2 pairs of earrings – JCPenney (they were free with a coupon!) and Wet Seal
Sunglasses – Charlotte Russe
Nail polish – Forever 21
5 anti-bacterial things – Bath and Body Works.  I now smell like fall.
Barettes – Wet Seal
The cutest sweater known to man – Love Culture
A ring (unpictured)  – Love Culture

What to Wear: When You’re Getting Sick

Remember the other day when I was sick but wore an awesome outfit anyway? Yeah, I was really sick. Shortly after writing that blog post, I went home to bed, from which I did not emerge (except to buy popsicles and mac & cheese) for the next 36 hours.  Needless to say, my fashion during that time left much to be desired.

I did promise you, however, that I would show you the outfit I wore while trying to ward off sickness.  It did not work, but I liked the outfit anyway.

This outfit is the spring version of one I wore a few months ago.  You may recall this top is one of my grandmother’s hand-me-downs.  I’ve told you before how much a fan I am – in theory – of mixing patterns.  But, it’s very hard to actually pull off.  I liked mixing the stripes in my blouse with the plaid/floral/fruit pattern in my shoes.  The red and white pull the two together, while the distance helps prevent eye-sore clashing. I finished off with my favorite red button earrings, a simple gold necklace, and my go-to white and gold Wal-Mart watch for an easy, professional spring/summer look.

Blouse: Granny’s closet (so a department store, I’m sure)
Skirt: hand-me-down from another friend
Shoes: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Watch: Wal-Mart
The rest…I don’t remember

More than one way to wear a jacket

When I was growing up, my mom would often get on food kicks. I remember a summer where we drank Sunkist soda every day (this summer was also marked by copious amounts of the Price is Right and Goldfish crackers – we had a Sam’s Card that summer).

She also tells the story of being in college, hooked on Pay Day candy bars.  Or when she worked at a restaurant in her 20s, living off of packets of saltine crackers.  Don’t worry; we’re much healthier in my family now.

I think I’m that way with clothes.  I get a new piece that I really like, and I wear the heck out of it.  You may remember this jacket from my weekend outfit I blogged on Monday.  I’d like to say these looks were all very spread out; I guess three times in an 8 day period is kinda spread out.  But, I was on my kick and not to be dissuaded.  Hopefully, the mixing and matching sufficiently masked my obsession.

Look 1
Dress: Ross, maybe?
Jacket: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Hamrick’s (I’m embarrassed to say I’ve ever been in that store, but they actually have some cute things)
Necklace: Leah

Look 2
Dress: Ross (of TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross, Ross definitely has the best dress section)
Shoes: Charlotte Russe – these are on their last, dying, crippled leg.  But, I love them.

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