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The Boys are Back in Town

Today’s the day I’ve waited for since last February…NFL Kickoff!!!  My two fantasy teams are drafted, the Colts instagram followed, and my jersey is dusted off – I’m ready!

A word of explanation – I’m wearing a #18 Peyton Manning Colts jersey.  This jersey is now irrelevant.  Peyton no longer plays with the Colts, and I should have either a #12 Andrew Luck Colts or a #18 Peyton Manning Broncos jersey – or both.  However, I’ve as of yet been too lazy/cheap to buy either, so I wear Peyton’s to support both the Colts and the Broncos.  Today, it’s the Broncos, which, as you may remember from yesterday’s post, is the team that is going to win the Super Bowl this year.

I’m fortunate to support a team whose colors I actually like.  But me being one of the girliest football fans anywhere, I can’t just throw on a jersey with jeans and sneakers (side note:  I can’t remember the last time I wore sneakers outside of the gym).  Instead, I have to wear a stack of bangles, shoes with flowers and bows on them, and white pants.  Obviously.

Jersey: Ebay
Pants: ??
Shoes: DSW

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

So, it’s Monday…

Today’s post features the second of my $4 finds at Body Central.  I’ll admit, this one is not as versatile or flattering as the other.  But, it’s definitely worth four dollars, and I love the color.  I also really like the back.  I’m not 100% sure how open backs like this are supposed to be worn; I tend to think they look skanky sans tank, but maybe that’s intentional.  However, since this one is sheer, it would definitely be skanky sans tank, and that’s not how I roll.  (Side note: the back does hang more closed than this picture indicates, but it’s really hard to take a picture of yourself from the back without moving your arms.)

I love teal/turquoise and pink together, so I picked my pastel pink capris and used some bright pink accessories to make it pop a little more.  My old faithful shoes from DSW coordinated well as a darker shade of the shirt color, and my tank very closely matched the stripes in the shirt (teal is a pretty easy one to match, even if it’s not exact).

What do you think – would you wear this shirt (let’s assume it’s solid because we are all respectable people) without something underneath?

Shirt: Body Central
Capris: Casual Corner (yes, I’m an old lady; also, someone gave them to me)
Tank: Old Navy
Shoes: DSW

Capri Sun

I read on someone’s facebook the other day that capris should be avoided outside of the gym or unless you want to appear like a soccer mom (if this was you, I apologize for a) not giving you proper credit, b) butchering your status, and c) respectfully disagreeing).  I’m assuming this friend was referring to the tapered khaki/olive drab drawstring cargos especially popular among the harried mini-van set.  Because otherwise, I loved a good cropped pant!  This pale pink pair is a staple of mine in the spring/summer time.  They were a hand-me-up from my sister, and the jacket – a pale green and white stripe you can’t really make out in this picture – was a hand-me-over from someone I’ve forgotten now (but seriously, thank you, whoever you were!). 

My earrings are actually clip-ons from my adorable grandma, and I bought my floral top at Plato’s Closet…the more I type, the more I’m realizing this outfit is one of my most thrifty.  My shoes came from JCPenney before they took away their coupons, the jewelry from assorted locations, and my awesome shellac manicure from my new favorite manicurist.  I say that like I’m going to regularly go back.  I won’t.  But IF I did, Cindy would get all my business for sure!

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