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Two-fer Tuesday: Pleated Skirt Edition

I bought a new skirt last week (for $14 at Dress Up), and I really love it.  Pleats are as feminine as it gets, and they’re very in right now, as is the midi-length.  Unfortunately, my legs and height are not ideally designed for that length – it makes my short frame seem even shorter.  Nevertheless, I soldiered on (remember, do as I say, not as I do; or do whatever you want, because what good is fashion if it’s not fun?!), and found two different ways to wear it.  One of them even prompted a guy to stop on the sidewalk and say, “You are dressed SO CUTE!”  (I’m pretty sure he was gay.  And also in high school.  So, no meet-cute there, but I appreciated the compliment, nevertheless).

And now without further ado, here are two different ways to wear a pleated skirt:

Look 1:

1 - pleated skirt and bowIn this outfit (the one that inspired such street-side admiration), I paired the skirt with a sweater. I don’t usually think to tuck in sweaters, but inspiration hit me on this particular morning, and the stars aligned.  I had to try a couple different options with the tights and shoes, as my first pairings looked more funeral than fun.  But, the wedges worked perfectly, and I plan to transition this skirt to spring, too, with some bright espadrilles.

Look 2:

1 - pleated skirt and chambrayAs I mentioned earlier, I really need height with this skirt to give the illusion of longer legs.  But, I wanted to pretend I was one of those cool tall girls who just wears flats with her pretty skirts, so I went for it anyway.  It’s OK…but not my most flattering look.  From the knee up, though, I really loved the styling.  I was grabbing coffee and then dinner with a friend on the day I wore this, and I was trying to go for effortless put-together casual.  Who knows if I achieved all of that, but it was a fun outfit, nevertheless.

What would you pair with this skirt?  Do you like my choices, or would you have taken a different route altogether?  Can’t wait to hear from you!


Charmed, I’m Sure

Someday, I will learn not to take a blurry picture and to either cut my head out totally or make a pleasant expression that doesn’t make me look like I have a double chin.  Today is not that day.
Fortunately, this outfit is cute enough to distract you (or at least, I hope so).  I paired my favorite too-big-for-me leather dress with my current favorite polka dot blazer and achieved a spring look that went well with the weather (i.e., it was sunny, but still a little cool, so the heavier blazer helped). And the blazer did a good job of making my dress look like it actually fit me.

When I was little, my mom had a charm bracelet from high school that just fascinated me.  In middle school, charms had a bit of a moment, so I started to collect my own.  I don’t often wear this bracelet, but when I do, it always makes me happy.  I took a few close-ups of some of my favorites.  Sorry they’re blurry – again.

Dipped in Dye

Ok, this is my last Easter outfit for this year, but it may be my favorite.  As you saw yesterday, it’s not what I wore on Easter Sunday (although I did wear this dress for Easter last year).  Instead, I wore this outfit to work the last day before the holiday (who says we can only celebrate once?).

I’ve told you before that I derive inspiration from a lot of different things.  For this outfit, I was inspired by Easter eggs.  Literally, I woke up one day last week thinking, “I want to look like an Easter egg!”.  So, I searched my closet for something bright and colorful, came up with this Old Navy cardigan, added the dress (also from Old Navy by way of the thrift store), and completed the look with off-white shoes, a soft lavender necklace, my charm bracelet, and simple diamond studs (by diamond, I of course mean CZ’s).

I do have pink shoes that match the dress very well and always garner me a lot of compliments.  However, I don’t believe in being that matchy-matchy.  Although it’s sometimes an act of will for me to pass up such close matches, I knew I had enough color going on.  To add anymore would have made me look like a carnie. Easter egg I can handle (and people did tell me I looked like one – mission accomplished!), but a carnie is just going too far. 

You look like a grandma

This ain’t your grandmother’s suit.

 Unless, of course, your grandma happened to be Millie R., in which case – it actually is.

My grandmother was awesome.  She lived to be almost 92, and was one of the most dedicated Christians I know, always reading her Bible and praying for our family.  She was a world traveler.  She always carried that cool breath spray stuff.  And, she had impeccable taste.

My grandfather was the Clark Gable-lookalike mayor of the town; my grandma, the fashionable first lady.  Here’s a picture of them when they were dating…they’re beautiful.

Over Christmas, my mom let me sort through some old clothes from my grandmother, and I found lots of great things, including this seemingly never-worn suit.  You can’t really tell from the full-length picture, but in the side picture with the shoes, you can see it’s a grey pinstripe with cute little pleats on the skirt.  Perfect for me – professional, yet flirty – and I needed a new suit, anyway.

So, thank you, Granny, for being so classy and sassy.  I aspire to be half the fashion icon you were.

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