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Date Night Uniform

The other night, I went on a date that was actually really good. I don’t know if anything else will come of it than a good date, but it was nice to have a really enjoyable one for a change – especially since earlier that morning, a guy online had asked me to be his baby mama. Not as a euphemism for hooking up. He literally was looking for someone to bear his child… 🙈

Alas, I did not get a picture of my date night outfit because I was running late (duh). So, here’s one that I wore on a date several months ago (as you can tell by my Christmas tree, wool skirt, and tights). First of all, I LOVE these earrings, and I’m pretty sure I built this outfit around them. Second, I really like wearing casual pieces dressed up for dates. It’s a put-together look that doesn’t seem as if you were trying too hard. So yes, I wore a skirt and patent wedges, but I paired it with a t-shirt, so I still looked appropriate for the VERY casual fine dining establishment he chose (y’all, I’m just going to be honest. I’ve become a bit of a restaurant snob, and chains are just hard for me).
1 - date night t-shirtDo you have a go-to date look? In the summer, mine is typically a cute t-shirt with a skirt, or shorts with a dressier blouse – some combo of dressy and casual. Winter is similar, just with tights – ha! Married or single, what’s your usual uniform for nights out? I’d love to hear some new ideas!

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Every time I get discouraged about my blog and wonder if it’s worth me writing – I’m too busy, it’s only about fashion/my unimportant life, not that many people read it, etc. – something random happens to encourage me that I should keep writing. Two such random things happened this week, so here I am.

I do love my little blog, and I so appreciate all of you who read and comment and let me know when something I’ve written has encouraged or inspired you. It means a lot to know that I could positively make a difference in even the smallest way, just by pouring out my thoughts and style and bad dating stories. So, thank you. And if any of you have some really good ideas on how I could make money (or at least get free things to review) through my blog, please send them my way. I don’t mind writing for free; it’s fun. However, a monetary incentive might help bump it up on the priority list a little…

In that spirit, here is a bright and cheerful outfit, just to celebrate style and writing and friendships. I feel a little like Ronald McDonald when I wear red and yellow, but it’s an unexpected color combo that works if you own it. And, the shoes conveniently have both colors (well, close enough) to tie everything together:

1 - red and yellowSo, to you my friends, I can’t promise consistency; that ebbs and flows, depending on how many weddings I’ve been asked to be in and what assignments my students have submitted. But, I can promise that I will keep sharing my delight for fashion and my stories about life and faith and maybe one day love. And, I hope you will do the same – I love hearing from you.

Thanks for being friends.



The Musician Type

I’ve only gone on a couple of dates since moving to Nashville, mostly because I haven’t had time to even think about it, much less to do anything online, which is, unfortunately, about the only way to meet people these days.

I’m starting to get the itch, though, and putting my feelers out – tentatively and slowly, with great hopes that I’ll run into a celeb somewhere and be swept away in my real life Cinderella story.

This outfit was one I did wear on a date a few weeks back. I need to remember it for another time, because I think it was mostly lost on the guy I went out with.  But, no harm, no foul.  He was my first Nashville “up and coming” musician, and as someone who always likes trying new stereotypical things, I was glad to get it out of my system.

These earrings are one of my favorite pairs, but I generally reserve them for summer outfits; I loved getting to wear them on a chilly winter night, courtesy of a mint-green t-shirt that paired well with a wool skirt and tights (don’t worry, I had a cute jacket so I didn’t actually freeze).
1 - date night t-shirtHave you ever dated a stereotype?  That’s probably an unkind thing to label him – he’s still a real person, even if he did fit the musician mold quite well.  Let’s here your stories of unoriginality!

Check Her Out

By October, I think everyone can agree that it’s fully fall.  However, if you live in the South, it still may feel a little summery – it’s going to be 79 here tomorrow, y’all!

So, I get creative by mixing plaid long-sleeve blouses with shorts.  As long as the colors aren’t bright and summery, and the temperature matches, I’m a fan of shorts for way more than just the 3-4 officially “summer” months of the year.

I originally bought this shirt as a Halloween costume – I went as an “Occupier” one year (remember that movement?), so I tried to look as homeless as possible.  I rarely wear it now, but when I had a prompt for last month’s instagram challenge of “Check Her Out”, I realized that I didn’t have a lot of checks in my wardrobe to choose from (or any, really – hence the plaid).  Something to work on this season.
1 - check her outHope you’re all having a great week!  I hear the sun has finally started to come out along the East Coast, so let me see what cute clothes you’re wearing in celebration!

TBT: That Professional Life

Hey guys, remember when I used to wear clothes like this every day?  Me too.  And sometimes I miss it.  But other times when it’s 11 degrees and I can throw on my fleece leggings, I don’t.

One day last week it warmed up enough for me to consider putting on my thickest tights instead of leggings, and I pulled out my beloved, but lately neglected, checkerboard skirt.  I’ll never forget buying this skirt.  I had seen it in JCPenney but it wasn’t on sale enough (everything in JCP is on some sale), so I decided to wait.  A few weeks later, I went back, and it was on clearance, so within my budget.  I snatched it up, and remembered again my shopping mantra: good things come to those who wait.

I really like pink with black and white (an idea possibly sparked by the hot pink belt that actually came with this skirt), so while it may be slightly hard to completely distinguish the colors in this picture, I paired a soft pink and white striped blouse with the more rose-colored cardi, and added the only statement necklace I had that would fit with the two necklines.
1 - pink and black professionalI think these cap-toe shoes might be on their way out; or maybe they’re already gone.  But I still love these shoes, so I’m not ready to let go.  Yet.

Do you like pairing brights with black and white or are you a purist?  Which is your favorite combo?  Let’s talk!

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