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Don’t Call It a Comeback

Hey, y’all, it’s been a while!

I have had a stressful couple of months. Many of you may know that I teach online part-time, and whenever I’m teaching a course, the life kinda gets sucked out of me. In fact, this course was so stressful, I had two nightmares about it.

Couple that with a few other things that were weighing on my mind, not sleeping great because of said nightmares/stressors, and being tired of all of my winter clothes, and I’ve just had no creativity left to give.

And, if I’m being honest, guys, I’m a little discouraged about my blog. I really enjoy it, and I am so grateful to all of you who have read it – whether for a long time or who have just recently started.  But, I don’t know how to grow it, and I don’t know how to take great pictures. And, I compare myself to so many other bloggers who apparently have professional photographers as spouses, or at least have beautiful back yards in which to take their pictures. Or, even more discouraging, have worse pictures than me (and in my opinion, since I’m being honest and vulnerable here, not as cute clothes), but way more readers/followers/sponsors, etc.

I realize we’re not supposed to compare ourselves. It steals your joy and all of that. But, in the cut-throat world of fashion blogging, it’s pretty hard not to. (I’m just kidding about the cut-throat part. Most of the fashion bloggers I actually “know” (aka, we follow each other on Instagram) are quite lovely.)

All of that to say, I’m having a bit of a blog identity crisis, and I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. But, I’m not quite ready to give up. Also, I just paid to renew my domain, so I’ve at least got to get my money’s worth on that. So, if I seem a little off my game over the next few weeks (months?), please forgive me. I’m trying to re-find my blogging self.

And, if you feel so led to offer any words of advice or encouragement, please know that the floor is always open.

For now, here’s an outfit I wore a long time ago, but honestly, I wear these pants about once a week, so it very well could have been something I wore yesterday. If you ever find orange pants in the clearance section at Target, do not hesitate for one second. You will not regret your purchase, I promise!

When it rains, your pants get soaked

Today’s post is all about real life.  Because, sometimes it rains and you look like this:

1 - hobo sweater, wet jeansBedraggled hair: check.  Soaked jeans: check.  Makeup worn off because I didn’t take this picture at lunch like I usually do: check.  Slightly odd setting/angle because I don’t have a good place to take pictures inside my house: check.  (Side note: who is taking all those other fashion blogger’s pictures where they’re casually walking through the street?  Do they have personal photographers that follow them around?  Or husbands?  Or do they just set up a tripod in the middle of the street, tossing all cares to the wind?  And who is stopping traffic so they don’t get run over?  I feel like I’m missing out on all the industry secrets.)

I’m sure I’ll wear this sweater again soon and then do a cute blog post about it – because it’s a really amazing sweater.  In the meantime, let’s all have grace for ourselves, because, as my first boyfriend’s misspelled tattoo said, “C’este la vie.”

80 Days of Shoes: One and Done

I was pretty excited when I found these shoes again.  I’ve had them for many years, but I rarely wore them – I think I bought them either before the style had matured or before I had.  Either way, these shoes and I were now a perfect match…
DSC_0878And then this happened:
DSC_0879oddly, on both shoes. I suppose I could have taken them to a cobbler, but I didn’t think whatever I’d paid for shoddy Charlotte Russe construction justified it.  C’est la vie.

I know I’ve talked a lot about transition pieces, but really, I think dressing for those no-longer summer, not quite cool/fall/winter days/weeks/months (depending on which part of the country you’re from), is one of the hardest parts of fashion.

Which is why I’m glad these long sweaters are back in style.  They’re the perfect layer – keep it light underneath, as I did with one of my fave sequin tanks and silky India pants.  Or, bundle up with a long-sleeve tee, jeans, and boots.  Whatever the forecast, you’ll be cozy and seasonally appro. 1 - indian pants, long sweaterP.S. My necklace is a product of Eternal Threads, a great non-profit doing all kinds of different types of work throughout the world. My necklace is made by women in Mongolia who have been rescued from sex slavery and reads, “Free Her.” It’s a beautiful way to support the organization and raise awareness about human trafficking.

Let It Snow!

First of all, I’ve discovered that my blogger app eats posts.  Not sure how, but it happens.  Hopefully now that I’ve identified this problem, I can prevent it in the future.  Because I’m not posting about my birthday outfit one more time!

This weekend, Virginia Beach experienced a Snowmageddon of 3 inch proportions!  You wouldn’t think that such a small amount of snow could shut down a city, but when you see how people drive here, you might begin to understand.

So, holed up in my apartment, I broke out my favorite granny sweater (literally, it’s from my grandma – as is most of my wardrobe now) and tried to stay warm. 

This is not the outfit I wore on Saturday – I can’t show you that one because I broke one of my own rules and wore leggings as pants.  Do what I say, not what I do. 

However, this is the sweater I wore, and this outfit deserved to be shown.  I wore this to work (sometimes, I push the boundaries of professionalism) and stayed warm and toasty all day.  I would really like the skirt to be a bit shorter, but there are limits to how many boundaries I can push in one day. 

A chunky sweater may  not be the most fashionable piece of clothing in your closet, but if it’s paired with cute accessories, you can still look stylish while staying warm – which is almost as important.

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