People should wear hats more often. Seriously, why don’t they?  Especially on Easter when it’s the most socially acceptable.  Yesterday, I wore a hat to church, per my Easter usual, and I was literally the only woman out of 1,300 people in two services to wear one.  And we’re a multi-cultural congregation, y’all.  I was disappointed.

However, I don’t mind standing alone, so in celebration of Jesus’ sacrifice and victory over death, I donned my hat with pride. 

In the picture below, you will see half of my face – shocking, I know.  The reason the other half is covered is not because I have a Wilson from Home Improvement  mouth complex, but because I literally don’t know how to take a normal selfie.   However, the hat was very important to this whole look, so half-face is what you get.

I love my mint green straw cloche hat from DSW.  You can’t really tell in the picture, but it has an irregularly shaped brim, which adds to its character.  I decided first to wear the hat, and then added the dress (my Easter dress from two years ago, but I styled it differently, so it’s ok.  Also, Kate Middleton rewears things all the time, and she’s a princess, so it’s really ok.).  My shoes tied the two together as they have a mint stripe in them (I know it’s not really visible – you can kinda see it at the bottom, near the ball of my foot), as well as muddy yellow/tan.  I chose a brown belt, to match the more earthy feel of the shoes, and found the perfect cream, yellow, soft green bracelet (Forever 21, I think?) to complete the look. 

Unfortunately, my sunny dress did not prompt the actual sun to shine, but at least I felt Easter-y, even if the weather did not cooperate.