Let’s revisit my grandmother’s closet, shall we…

For reasons I will leave you to infer, I often have trouble finding button-down shirts that fit me properly.  Usually, they either won’t stay buttoned, or they are so big and boxy, I look like a man (and not in the sexy, Shania Twain, “Man, I feel like a woman” way).

However, my grandmother and I were shaped very similarly, so it only stands to reason that if a button-down shirt fit her well, it would also fit me well.  As was the case here.  While I felt a little bit like the old candy stripers at the hospital, I mostly felt genuinely professional and adult – something that can sometimes be elusive for me.  I can’t be TOO adult, though, so my skirt does have ruffles at the bottom (similar to the skirt from my grandma’s suit in the link above, but this one is a solid black skirt).  

I included a picture with my coat as homage to my New England friends who are about to be buried in snow.  Stay safe and warm, guys!