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Totally Turtleneck?

If you follow me on my new/additional Instagram account (Tastefully Trendy!), then you probably know I’m doing a style challenge again! I’ve done these in the past, and they’re a great way to stretch my creative muscles, as well as to meet other fashion lovers.

Today’s prompt is Totally Turtleneck, which was tricky for me, since I don’t a) wear turtlenecks, or b)have anything with turtles on it…  So, I’m choosing to focus on the “neck” part, and wear an outfit that has a lot happening around my neck.

dsc_0011I’ve talked a lot (probably ad nauseum, at this point) about my love for chokers. Well, one of my favorite things about the current version of the trend is layering. Whether I combine it with a longer necklace(s), or add a scarf as pictured here, my choker usually has a friend. I’ve never been what you might call a minimalist…so this trend works out great for me. 1-blanket-scarf-and-chokerHow do you feel about layering your chokers? Is too much of a good thing, a good thing, or are you of the less-is-more camp? Also, how would you interpret “Totally Turtleneck”? Am I the only short-necked person not wearing these??

Two-fer Tuesday: Blue Stripes

First of all, I joined Bloglovin’, guys. I’m trying so hard to think of ways to grow my network beyond just my facebook friends (although I do love and appreciate all of you so much), and I’m hoping this might help…who knows. But, if you’d like, you can follow me here: Bloglovin.

Second of all, how about a little Two-fer Tuesday! One of these looks is very summer (RIP), but the other is from last fall/winter, so it’s seasonally appropriate again. Hooray!

This dress is a super cute Old Navy Christmas gift last year. I actually worked with a girl at my last job who had the same dress, and I just knew we were going to wear it on the same day. We finally did – 5 days before I left. Almost made it! Ha.

Being much more hipster/artsy than me, my coworker styled it very differently than me, but here are two approaches I took. How would you style it?

1-blue-striped-dress-yellow-belt(Let’s not talk about my hair in this second picture; this was just post-unemployment and I didn’t have money to fix it. Instead, let’s focus on the perfect blanket scarf.)

Summertime Blues

Guys, I’ve gained weight since I moved to Nashville, and it’s starting to stress me out.

In most of my winter clothes, I’m fine. Of course. But, now that I’ve started bringing out all of my summer shorts and t-shirts, I can no longer deny the reality. Things do not fit the way they used to.

I’ve observed about myself that when I’m busy with fun things and friends, I tend to gain weight. Perhaps that’s counter-intuitive but I a) have less time to work out, and b) most hanging out revolves around eating. Being depressed and lonely for two years did have its (one) perk…

So, as I work to get back in my summer clothes, here’s a picture from last summer when I still did fit in them. I’m using it as motivation for myself. Honestly, few things are as motivating as your clothes not fitting (she says as she finished her s’mores frappuccino).

1 - red tee, patterned shortsHave any of y’all gained the Nashville Five (or, you know, the winter/friends equivalent wherever you live)? How are you coping??? Is getting back to my normal size before a wedding in two weeks realistic? Let’s just agree that it is, k? Thanks. xoxo

Luck of the Irish

Kiss me, I’m Irish!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying celebrating today.  I am legitimately a little bit Irish (and about every other Western European nationality you can think of), so I always enjoy wearing green on March 17.  Also, it’s a theme.  You know I never pass up a theme.

My plan for today was to wear my favorite green pants, but unfortunately, I forgot to pick them up at the dry cleaner (aka the bane of my existence, hashtag first world problems).  So, I’m wearing some other green concoction which you’ll probably see sometime next week.  In the mean time, here is an older picture I found that happened to fit the occasion perfectly.

You can tell this is an old picture because my hair is that perfect shade of blonde – not whatever weird color it is now because the last girl I went to did not listen to me when I said my hair takes a long time to set…but, whatever.  I’m obviously totally over it.

Things I love about this outfit:

1) My hair.  The headband curling trick at it’s finest prep stage.

2) Gold braided headband.  Gold braided belt.  Symmetry.

3) Bare arms and bare legs.  Summer cannot get here fast enough for me!

4) Cowboy boots.  They make everything more fun.

5) The little splash of yellow in my bracelets.  Full-on color blocking isn’t really that big anymore, but I still love combining colors whenever possible.  The bright accent adds a fun pop.

1- Green dress, gold braidDid you remember to wear green today?  Or, do you go the Protestant orange route?  Send me some pictures of your green outfits – let’s be festive together!

#FBF and the 90s

While I’m no longer 15 and thus not up on the latest lingo, I’m pretty sure #FBF actually means Follow-Back Friday, rather than Flashback Friday.  We already have #TBT – why would we need a second retro day, immediately after the first?

However, I saw an article on Buzzfeed yesterday that HAD to be shared, and Flashback Friday seemed highly appropriate.  Guys….JNCO’s are coming back!  Yes, that extreme wide-leg fashion staple of middle school that we’d all thought was buried forever – it’s making a comeback!  Or at least trying to.  I personally don’t think it will happen (or should), but the trip down memory lane was totally worth it’s weight in marketing dollars.  Check out the awesome photos on Buzzfeed here.

And then, let’s do a Tastefully Trendy flashback to when I still had my Christmas tree up.  Which wasn’t all that long ago, let’s be honest.  But, still.

My favorite thing about this outfit is the way the necklace and scarf lay against each other.  I don’t usually wear both, but I really liked the detail in this case. And my hair is in the pre-curl stage of my no-heat wrapping.  When I wear it during the day, I’ll use a pretty headband, and usually push it up higher on my head (or wherever it looks cute and won’t give me a headache).  This headband is actually pretty stretched out, so it’s hard to get my hair to stay in it long enough to curl.  I just keep tucking throughout the day.  #worthit

1- Scarf and necklaceWhat about you?  Flashback Friday or Follow-Back Friday?  JNCOs back in style: do or don’t?  What fashion trend from the 90s do you miss – and wish would come back?  Any you hope never do?  Let’s reminisce together!

Very Pinteresting

I read an article a few weeks ago about a lady who spent 30 days living according to Pinterest’s Most Popular page – an interesting concept that maybe some time I’ll try when I’m a little bored or short on blog topics.

But, my favorite part of her article was when she was talking about clothing.  She said all the Pinterest outfits were so cute, but when she tried them, she felt like she was wearing SO MANY CLOTHES!  I started thinking about it, and that’s really true.  Trendy Pinterest outfits really are all about the layers.  So, I decided to create my own version of a Pinterest outfit, and see how many layers I could put on my body without looking absurd.

1 - pinterest outfitOn top, we have a shirt, a vest, and a scarf – so, three.  If I’d wanted to really go crazy, I could have added a statement necklace, but the scarf was just a little too blousy for that.  On bottom, I have jeans, boot socks, and then boots, of course.  If I were basic, I would not have worn my cowboy boots – they’re not really the ideal boot sock boots.  But, I’m not and I prefer a little variation in my looks, so I wore what I wanted.

The one thing I’m doing here that’s not very Pinterest-y is wearing a simple gold cuff.  Pinterest girls would have multiple bangles, a watch, and who knows what else going on.  But for my real life, the cuff was much more practical.

So what do you think?  Pinterest worthy, or not enough layers?  Would you wear an outfit like this – what spins would you put on it?

(Oh, and side note, my puffy vest – which I love – is from Belk.  If you snag one, you can match me and the two senior citizens I’ve seen wearing the exact same one…)

Hat Trick

I really love hats.  I always have, I think, but it wasn’t until the past few years that I developed enough courage to wear them (and to all of you who think you can’t wear hats, I firmly believe that’s all you need: courage.)

So, whether it’s a beret, a baseball cap, a Colts Santa hat, a cloche hat (think 1920s – the round ones), or something that would make Pharrell and/or Smoky the Bear proud, I’m all about it.

The unfortunate thing, though, is that I cannot for the life of me get a good picture of myself wearing a hat!  I’ve tried several times before, but I’ve never blogged those outfits because the pictures looked ridiculous. It’s the weirdest thing – I look fine in the mirror (and, according to people who see me, so it’s not just in my head), but on camera, I look straight out of the tacky store.

1-navyrangerhatThis is honestly the best I could do.  You should know that I wear this hat backwards, because worn correctly, it looks straight up Canadian Mountie.  But, in real life, it did not sit this far back on my head, nor look quite as witch-esque as it appears here.  No explanation.

I even tried to take a mirror selfie, thinking maybe I could capture in the photograph of the mirror what I actually was seeing in the mirror. But, taking a selfie with a real camera is no easy task.  Here’s my best effort. Take it or leave it.

My personal preferences aside, hats really are in right now.  When I was in the hipster part of Nashville last week, I counted at least 4 or 5 women out of maybe 50 in a bar wearing them.  So, are you going to jump on the trend?  What kind of hats are your favorite?

Save a Horse

I may have lied on Wednesday when I said that was my last summer outfit.  My bad.  But for real this time – here is my last nod to that blessed season (I think.)

The occasion for this unintentionally patriotic outfit was a Big and Rich concert, so patriotism was in order, even if it was accidental on my part.

If there were ever a time that red cowboy boots were appropriate, it was this concert, so starting with the boots, I built my look from the ground up, ending with a statement necklace to tie it all together.  I should wear statement necklaces more often because they’re really fun and add interest to any simple look.  Also, my hair was completely flat by the end of the night, a testament not to the failure of my beloved headband trick, but to just how hot and muggy it was outside that night.  And how gross and sweaty I got.  Totes worth it.

1 - blue tank, red bootsI’ve wanted to see the Big and Rich guys in concert since for about 10 years, so this event was definitely a bucket list item checked off.  The fact that it was free made it even better.  And they were just as delightfully rowdy as I expected.

I’ve still got Carrie Underwood on my must-see live list.  Do you have bucket list concert(s)? Have you checked any off yet?  Let me know, because if there’s one thing I love as much as fashion, it’s music.  Let’s chat!



80 Days of Summer: These Boots Were Made for Walking

I’m so far behind in blogging, y’all – I’m sorry!  I’ll give my excuses tomorrow.  For now, let’s wrap up the patriotism, since I’m sure you are getting tired of the same color palette.

While I was in Knoxville, I went to the “world famous” Cotton Eyed Joe to go line-dancing.  My first thought while there was, “OMG, I bet Peyton Manning has danced here!”  My second thought was, “Why am I getting so old – everyone here is like 12 years old.” But, ultimately, my outfit did help me feel a little better.  Because, red boots.
The next day, we ran errands and took things slow, so this was my simple, casual outfit, appropriate for the day’s events. Horseshoes and red, white, and blue.  All together now: Merica.

And thus concludes my marathon of 4th of July looks.  Hope you had a great one!  Until next year…God Bless the USA!

Outfit one:

  • Boots: gift from my mom – probably originally from a flea market
  • Chambray Shirt: Old Navy
  • Shorts: Charlotte Russe (but, I don’t recommend them – I got what I paid for)
  • Wrap bracelet: Francesca’s Boutique

Outfit two:

  • Blouse: Old Navy
  • My bad – I don’t remember any of the rest

Sundress and cowboy boots

I was going through my phone to see what outfits I’d recently worn that still needed blogging, and I found this one from quite a few weeks ago.  I can’t believe I never posted this look – I did really like it.
A debate remains between my mother and me about what color the stripes are on this dress.  I think they’re navy, she says black.  But, with my blue accessories, I was obviously treating them as navy; with colors that are so on the fence, I think you can really make them go either way, depending on what you put with them.  Which is handy.

I love my cowboy boots, but surprisingly, I really haven’t had as much opportunity to wear them in Georgia as I did in Virginia.  I need to find the honkytonks soon!  In the meantime, I’ll wear them to work.  Because I can.

A couple notes on the accessories: my belt is actually on backwards.  The front is really blingy and would have looked funny with this outfit.  But, it looks just fine backwards and no one would suspect it wasn’t supposed to be that way (this is where confidence comes in – own whatever you do and no one will question you).

The headband also requires a bit of confidence.  The hippy look is back, and I like it, but at first I was afraid I couldn’t pull it off.  I’m guessing probably a lot of you would think the same, but if you just do it, you’ll find that people admire your courage which will only further boost your self-assurance.  (Having said that, the headband should probably be slightly lower on my forehead…but you get the idea.)


Yellow dress and boots
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