A few weeks ago, I went up to the local radio station to record an ad and an interview for work (you can listen to them here and here).  I knew it was very unlikely that my face would ever be shown (I mean, I guess they could have done a promotional shot or something), but it was a big deal for me, so I wanted to look the part.

Of course, “the part” for radio is probably whatever you feel like wearing.  And I felt like wearing a dress.  I didn’t want to go over-board with a business suit, or look like I was trying as hard as I was, so I added a cute, denim-striped, cropped jacket to tone it down, but still look professional and put-together.

1 - floral dress, cropped jacketDon’t you just love my cute envelope cross-body bag?  I bought it at a fun little boutique in Maryland earlier this year.  It’s hard for me to be minimalist enough to use something this small (I realize this is about the biggest fold-over bag known to man, but still) – however, it’s so cute, I make it work.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  And, in case I don’t say it enough, I do love seeing your looks – regardless of whether they were inspired by me or not.  So, please send them my way so I can feature you sometime!