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A LBD and A French Braid

Finally home…I love traveling, I really do.  And this past week, I was in my favorite place in the world: Nashville, Tennessee.  But, it’s always good to get home and back into a routine.  I’m a creature of habit and glad to be back in the saddle.

A couple of weeks ago, I wore this look, and ended up really loving it, although it evolved almost by accident from a simple black dress. I was speaking for work again, so like the look I showed you last Tuesday, I started with something basic so I could add some Rahab’s Rope accessories.  All of the jewelry I’m wearing, plus the headband, are from my work (which, if you don’t know, is a nonprofit that works with women and children in India who are at risk or have been victims of human trafficking; you can order some pretty things here.)

I really love this for two reasons:

1) My red lipstick actually looks good.  Almost every time I wear red lipstick, I think I look like a clown or a 5 year old who got into her mom’s makeup bag.  But this time, it miraculously worked.

2) My hair.  I could not get this headband to work for me and not make me look like a complete flower child.  But, necessity (and pinterest) are the mother of invention, so in part inspired by some old pins I’d seen, in part just plain experimentation, I ended up with this awesome braided look.  If you can tell from these pictures (don’t mind the note on my mirror; it’s just a love note one of my besties left me recently, and I like it, so it stays), I wrapped the front of my hair around the headband twice on each side (like I do when I’m curling it), and then I French braided it from there, and voila.  It’s probably my new bad hair day go-to.


1 - black dress, headbandHave you ever invented a new hair style?  Share your secrets in the comments; I’m always looking for new tips!

80 Days of Summer: Embellished Sandals

I promised that I’d give you all my excuses for being a bad blogger lately.  Well, I really only have one legitimate excuse – I’ve been traveling for work a lot.  Like 3 out of the last 4 weeks a lot.  So, it’s about all I can do to even keep my clothes washed, much less photographed and blogged.

Excuses out of the way, I thought I’d give you an insight into how I dress for my work travels these days. We talked about this a little bit last fall, but since my job has changed, I thought the topic could stand to be revisited.

First of all, my shoes.  Not exciting, but cute, embellished sandals that I paid about $2.50 for because I had a $10 coupon at JCPenney and they were on sale for $12.50.

DSC_0207More relevantly, I tend to wear pretty basic outfits when I’m traveling for this job (I realize my definition of basic is a little different than many).  Here’s an example:

DSC_0212Yes, the skirt is a light blue, but that can really go with a lot of different things.  So, I’m calling it a neutral.

The reason I’m wearing something so basic is that my job when I’m traveling is to sell products, so I try to model as many of them as possible.  It’s really fun dressing (and redressing) myself every day!  Here is an example of the finished product:
1- Peach scarf blue skirtThe scarf, 3 bracelets, and a headband (not pictured) are all Rahab’s Rope items.  Everything we have is so pretty, so I like to wear neutrals so I can mix and match anything that strikes my fancy for the day.

You can model similar items yourself! Check out our website for all the pretty goodies and help end human trafficking in India at the same time.

How do you dress for work?  I’d love to see some of your looks!  Please send them my way so I can feature you in a future post!

I am currently away from the office

Today, let’s take another look at an out-of-office outfit.

For some reason, I’ve lately been living in flat shoes.  I think it’s because I need new heels (like, for real – I have 70 pairs of shoes, but a lot of them, especially my staples, are really old and need to be replaced stat).  Unfortunately, my legs are really too short to wear flats well. You can see how I look a little stumpy in this picture, even though where my top hits and the dark wash of my jeans give me longer lines.

Alas, my feet, knees, and sometimes practical nature will not always allow me to wear heels, even when I am well-stocked in shoes (plus, I was on my way to BWW to watch basketball and I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard). So flats sometimes win, short legs and all.

Starting from the bottom, my shoes are from Forever 21, where I paid, I believe, $4 for them. The jeans are from Old Navy (and they are not the Rock Star fit. There seems to be a prominent misconception that, that style looks good on everyone. It does not.) My top is from Marshalls, and it makes the former French major in me very happy. And per usual, my jewelry comes from a variety of sources…

It may be weird to wear an Eiffel tower shirt to a sports bar to watch a basketball game, but when your team didn’t even make the tournament (I’m looking at you, Kentucky!), you have the luxury of dressing however you’d like.  It’s the silver lining. 

You look like a grandma

This ain’t your grandmother’s suit.

 Unless, of course, your grandma happened to be Millie R., in which case – it actually is.

My grandmother was awesome.  She lived to be almost 92, and was one of the most dedicated Christians I know, always reading her Bible and praying for our family.  She was a world traveler.  She always carried that cool breath spray stuff.  And, she had impeccable taste.

My grandfather was the Clark Gable-lookalike mayor of the town; my grandma, the fashionable first lady.  Here’s a picture of them when they were dating…they’re beautiful.

Over Christmas, my mom let me sort through some old clothes from my grandmother, and I found lots of great things, including this seemingly never-worn suit.  You can’t really tell from the full-length picture, but in the side picture with the shoes, you can see it’s a grey pinstripe with cute little pleats on the skirt.  Perfect for me – professional, yet flirty – and I needed a new suit, anyway.

So, thank you, Granny, for being so classy and sassy.  I aspire to be half the fashion icon you were.

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