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Check Her Out

By October, I think everyone can agree that it’s fully fall.  However, if you live in the South, it still may feel a little summery – it’s going to be 79 here tomorrow, y’all!

So, I get creative by mixing plaid long-sleeve blouses with shorts.  As long as the colors aren’t bright and summery, and the temperature matches, I’m a fan of shorts for way more than just the 3-4 officially “summer” months of the year.

I originally bought this shirt as a Halloween costume – I went as an “Occupier” one year (remember that movement?), so I tried to look as homeless as possible.  I rarely wear it now, but when I had a prompt for last month’s instagram challenge of “Check Her Out”, I realized that I didn’t have a lot of checks in my wardrobe to choose from (or any, really – hence the plaid).  Something to work on this season.
1 - check her outHope you’re all having a great week!  I hear the sun has finally started to come out along the East Coast, so let me see what cute clothes you’re wearing in celebration!

80 Days of Shoes: BOGO

Football season is here, y’all! To celebrate, I’m showing you two looks today: two shoes, two teams, two ways to celebrate – all for the price of one. It’s a big day here on my little blog.

My explanations will be minimal – for one, the outfits pretty much speak for themselves. A) Go Tigers. B) Go Colts. But, really, if I say much more than that, this post will be too long, and none of you will read it. So, you’re welcome.
DSC_0896These fake Sperry boat-shoes are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I actually prefer knock-offs to the originals in this case because they’re more feminine. The toe on an actual Sperry is too long to be classified as “cute” – and of course, everything I wear has to be “cute”.

Why Clemson, you may ask? Because that’s where my brother went. Good enough reason as any, I think.
1 - ClemsonNext, these shoes are from Target, so I see someone else wearing them almost every day. They’re about the only pair of shoes that I’ve ever bought without trying on, though, and I don’t really like them on my feet. Too Biblical.
DSC_0967Why Colts, you may ask? Because Peyton Manning. And Tony Dungy. And Andrew Luck. Classiest organization in football.
1 - Luck jerseyI’m a little sad I forgot my blue and silver nails in this picture, but I’m sure you can imagine them.

How do you celebrate your favorite teams with fashion?

Rubber Ducky, You’re the One

I don’t really even know what to say about this outfit.  I think a duck sweater completely speaks for itself.  I mean, really – have you ever seen anything cuter in your life?

This sweater is so adorable that when I saw it on the mannequin in the store window, I marched right in and asked where it was in the store, bought the last one, and most shockingly – paid full price for it.  I never pay full price, even if full price is only $25.

Also, lime green is quickly becoming my new neutral.  It just complements so many things in such an unexpected way!

Bonus: over the next couple months, I’ll be on the road a lot for work.  I hope you will forgive any delays/missed posts, because I do get pretty busy.  But, your patience will be rewarded with new carpet to look out and a cleaner room as a background.  Hotels are delightful.

Sweater and shorts were both bought on my last magical shopping trip
Sweater: Love Culture
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: DSW

Keep it under your hat

I’m a big hat fan.  I wish sometimes that I worked in a cool, “creative” job where I could wear hats to the office, because otherwise, they’re basically relegated to the weekends.  And I can’t wear one every Saturday, because then I become the “hat girl”, and I don’t really want to be known for that.

So, I wear them sparingly, but with great affection!  In building this outfit, I started with the fedora and added on until I landed at a casual almost-fall-but-not-ready-to-embrace-it look – which I love from the waist up.  

Unfortunately, I don’t love my shoe choice.  Don’t get me wrong – I think my fake Sperry’s are great (better than the real ones because the toe is shorter and more feminine).  But, with these jeans, I look a little weighted down.  I would have preferred heels, but I couldn’t mentally rally around them – I really did want to be comfortable.  Practicality won for maybe the first time ever. 

Also, I went shopping right after I took this picture and found bracelets that matched even better than the ones I’m wearing.  So now it just kinda bugs me that this outfit isn’t AS perfect as it could be.  Oh well!

Now, it’s the weekend – where comfort clothes, going-out clothes, and church clothes collide!  What’s your favorite weekend look? 

I Heart TBow

I know its hard to believe, but I do own t-shirts. Most are sports-themed (I have a whole method/theory on meeting men by wearing sports paraphernalia – I’ll tell you about it sometime).  Also, most are relegated to the gym and/or moving days.  

Except one.  If you know me at all, you know that I’m in love with Mr. Timothy Richard Tebow.  Or Timmy, as his mother and I like to call him.  Apparently, I post about him a lot on facebook, as one of my facebook friends – who I don’t know super well in real life – sent me a link last year to buy the amazing t-shirt I’m wearing below.  Unfortunately, I bought this shirt before I knew that Timmy wouldn’t play a lick for the Jets, and now that they’ve released him, I’ll have to get a new t-shirt (unless he ends up on the Packers or Eagles; unlikely, but I’ll hope for it, so I can keep my shirt.  I already have a useless Broncos Tebow shirt.  A third one would just be excessive.)

If you’d like to get your own I <3 TBow tee, you can check them out here.  I wanted to keep my weekend look casual, but still put together, so I wore my fake Sperry’s (I really like them better than the real thing, actually – they are a little more feminine with a shorter toe), a watch, and some cute earrings that have a touch of green, but also add another color to the outfit.

Shirt: online; see the link
Shorts: no idea
Shoes: DSW
Earrings: gift
Watch: Wal-Mart before I started boycotting them

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