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Don’t DIY

First of all, I’m kinda obsessed with these cropped orange/tomato red/I-don’t-actually-know-what-to-call-this-color pants of mine. You can’t really wear orange pants every day because people would notice, but it’s quite tempting.

Second, I love the scallop detailing on this blouse. It’s one of my yard sale finds from a few weeks ago, that I’m pretty sure I paid $2 for. Worth it.

However, whether it was because the top was previously worn, or whether it’s just cheap, or whether my washing machine eats buttons, I’m not sure…but, for whatever reason, the buttons on the back of the blouse (there are about 4 from the neck to mid-back) have popped off. Because I’m not very domestic and sewing takes a long time, I fixed them with safety pins and glue. That was fine until I went to my chiropractor and he made fun of me (I didn’t realize you could tell my shoddy DIY job when I was lying down. Standing up it was fine, I swear!). So…I guess that’ll teach me to cut corners.

I also learned that day not to ask out your chiropractor, but that’s a story for another time.

1 - orange cropped pants, scalloped topSorry my hair is in my face in this picture. I had another where I looked a little less like a 1930s pin-up girl, but my lipstick in this picture is so on-point! It is straight-up orange lipstick that I bought because it was on clearance at Target and I’m a sucker. But, I actually really love it!

Have you ever had a DIY job go terribly wrong – or terribly right? What are your biggest victories and failures, fashion or otherwise? I’d love to hear your stories! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Inspired Looks: Cat 2.0

Remember that time my friend Cat was a guest contributor to my blog? Of course you do – her satirical post was one of my most widely read of all time.

Well, Cat is back, but since I’m writing this post, it will be decidedly less amusing.  Sorry.  But this time, Cat has a great outfit I wanted to show you all for realsies.

First, polka dots.  You know how I feel about polka dots.  Cat’s dress is polka perfection, and the skinny black belt accentuates her waist nicely.  To make this dress more office appro, Cat paired it with a white blazer – a trendy must-have, which I, as of yet, do not have.  Adding that to my shopping list now.  The gold sandals add a touch of shine – Stacy and Clinton would be so proud.

What I love most about this outfit, though, is Cat’s ingenuity.  You’ll notice in the second picture, if you look very closely, a binder clip.  The straps on this dress are a little too long, so Cat did what any smart, lazy girl would do – used office supplies.  I heartily approve.

Do you have an outfit you would like featured on the blog?  Email/text/fb me and I’ll be sure it happens!

Do-It-Yourself…as lazily as possible

The other day, one of my friends started a conversation on facebook about office-supply clothing repairs.  For example, she often uses binder clips to shorten straps under jackets.  Another friend staples the hem of her pants; I usually tape mine.

Today’s outfit is brought to you not by office supplies, but by glue and a patch from Jo-Ann’s Fabric.  See what had happened was…

I bought this super cute dress at Forever 21 a few weeks ago.  It was on clearance, and it’s adorable.  It’s what I might wear to a football game if I were a sorority girl at the University of Florida (the back is sheer, so I wear an orange tank under it and my orange jewelry.  Also, go Tim Tebow!).

Well, I’m not much of an iron-er.  I do it because I have to, but I never adjust the settings and I’m bad about refilling the water, etc.  So, when I went to iron this sheer, cheap, synthetic dress, my iron was still on cotton – and, you know what happened next.  I set down the iron and immediately heard a sizzle – to the tune of a plum-sized hole in my dress.

I would have cried, but fortunately, I had at least had the sensibility to turn the dress inside out to iron it, and since there are two layers of sheer, I only burned through the inside layer.  So, being the non-crafty, non-sewing person that I am, I headed to Jo-Ann’s, bought a blue patch and glue, and glued up that bad boy.  I can tell it’s there, but unless I pointed it out to someone (which, of course, I do because that’s me), you’d never know.

Yay for not wasting a dress! (Oh, also, I included a face selfie in this one because my hair looked so great.  Don’t mind my crazy cross-eye.)

Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21 (it came with another dress)
Bracelet: H&M
Earrings: gift
Sandals: TJ Maxx
Hair: courtesy of an all-day/all-night sock bun. 

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