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Pretend Professional

This is one of those “really too casual for work but it was cold so I wore it anyway” outfits.  I kinda love it, even if I was underdressed (the sparkles help, right?)

What do I love about this outfit, besides the fact that these once tight pants are now almost too big for me?  I love the colors.  Blues are easy to match – these two are different shades, but as is usually the case with blues, they don’t clash, so I went with it.

I’m also obsessed with my earrings, which I seldom wear because they’re pretty dressy.  However, by combining them with the casual look I toned them down a bit (as well as dressed up the overall outfit  a little).

And, I left more of my head in this picture because I was having an awesome hair day.  That’s really just for my benefit.

Scarf: My boss, via a NYC street vendor
Jacket: Rue 21
Pants: Kohls
Shoes: TJ Maxx in Boston (which is obviously cooler than TJ Maxx anywhere else)

Date Night in Winter

Recently, I went on a date that ended in disaster.   Fortunately, the outfit I wore was so awesome, it almost didn’t matter.  Almost.

For Christmas, I got the grey dress I’m wearing below.  It’s a great piece because it is so simple to match – grey is basically a black alternative.  Dressing cute in winter isn’t always the easiest thing – how do you make bulk look sexy?  But, this dress is a light knit – a sweater dress that doesn’t add a ton of bulk.   I belted it to further define my waist, paired it with leggings and ankle strap shoes (ankle strap shoes and leggings are a tricky combination.  They can make legs look very stocky, so ask a friend if it works before attempting), and topped it off with a colorful scarf so I didn’t look like I was going to a funeral.  The scarf has several different colors in it, and I chose to pull out the orange with some dangly earrings.

Tomorrow, I’m going to show you how I made this same dress look completely different two days later.  That’s my favorite thing to do – remix outfits.  I try to seldom wear the exact outfit twice, so I have to get creative sometimes.  You can be the judge tomorrow of how well I did.

Colts Strong

Yesterday was a big day for me – the beginning of the NFL playoffs.  Next to fashion, football is probably my favorite past-time, and I seldom miss a Colts game.  Especially when they’re in the playoffs.

Alas, my boys were one and done, but we have a rookie quarterback phenom in Andrew Luck, so I have full confidence in the future.  And, even if my team were terrible, I do not shy away from showing my spirit.

The no-white after Labor day/before Memorial Day rule is passe, but to pull off white during the winter, you really have to anchor it with some more seasonal items.  I didn’t do this.  I tried with my black boots, but a light-weight t-shirt still made me look summery.  To really wear white jeans in January, you should have on boots and a sweater or jacket.

However, for the sake of being true to my team’s colors, I sacrificed a little on the fashion-rule side.  Do what I say, not what I do.

And since the Colts are out, go Broncos!  I’m just sorry that now I have to wear orange.

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