Happy Independence Day, everyone!  I hope y’all had a really great time celebrating the ol’ US of A this year, but I also hope you aren’t ‘Merica’d out (now or ever), because this week on Tastefully Trendy, we’re going to keep the celebration going a little bit longer…

Last week, you saw my ridiculous packing.  A 3-day trip had about two weeks worth of patriotic clothing.  I’ve never claimed to be subtle.


One of the five pairs of shoes I brought were the white ones you see pictured above.  They are still white, despite having owned them for about 8 years, because I clearly never wear them.  They are from Wal-Mart, and although I love a good bargain, sometimes you get what you pay for when it comes to comfort.

But, I keep them around because they are a great summery looking shoe, and in this case, provided the perfect compliment to my retro-feeling get-up.  With my pearls, polka-dots, scarf, and sunglasses, I was heralding one of my favorite eras in Americana – the 1950s.  Of course, the hemline and wrapped skinny belt kept the look current and not too costume-y.

wpid-wp-1404783006778.jpeg By the way, my hair is a Pinterest or Buzzfeed ‘do and super easy – your basic sock-bun, with a thin scarf (in this case, a long rectangle, but I’ve also used a rolled-up square) tied around the bun.  I like the fresh take on the easy-to-do hair trend.

Did you all embrace the red, white, and blue this weekend?  Show me your looks, so I can feature other fun patriotic ensembles!