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Black and Blue All Over

I travel quite a bit for my job, but if you saw me in the airport, you’d probably never know.  I’m not one of those cool, efficient travelers, like George Clooney in Up in the Air. (Terrible movie, by the way, but his packing skills are amazing.)  I never pack light.  I just seem to be incapable of it.  I seldom wear flats, even though I promise myself every time to never again wear heels in the airport.  And, I choose my bags poorly.

This past weekend, I went on a business trip to Philadelphia, and I took this beautiful purse my mother gave me for Christmas.

Isn’t it cute? I get compliments on it almost daily.  I knew better, though, than to take it with me when I was traveling, because cute as it is, those wooden handles are heavy.  And when you add in phone chargers, snacks, and all the other essentials I must have when I fly, this is what happens:

If you can’t tell, those are bruises (and Channing Tatum in the background, but let’s focus on the bruises).  I have these on both arms from jostling a heavy purse around all weekend.  It looks like my husband beats me.  I don’t have a husband.

It’s probably a little absurd to suffer bruises for fashion.  My feet would insist that all I put them through for fashion is completely absurd.  But, I am a slow learner.  I may not use this purse when I travel again next – maybe.  But, I am almost certain that I will find something else cute and impractical to take it’s place.  It’s a cross I willingly bear.

Fashion Matters

A friend of mine sent me an article yesterday that I found very interesting.  Christians and hippies often say that fashion doesn’t matter – it’s a trapping of the world or no one cares or be your own person, or whatever.  Even I have wondered sometimes why I have a fashion blog – aren’t there more important things to talk about, like human trafficking or starving children or the plight of American civilization? 


But, fashion isn’t irrelevant, and thanks to this article, I feel a bit vindicated.  And maybe a bit convicted…

I’m definitely guilty of a few of these – good and bad.  Do any sound like you?

* Did you receive numerous lectures about the importance of wearing a dark suit for job interviews?
* Did you ever buy a certain piece of clothing because you were convinced it would help you fit in?
* Did you ever feel pride in wearing your team’s jersey on Friday at school?
* Have you ever written off a bar as “too hipster” only because of what its patrons wore? [or church – I’m looking at you, Wave]
* Have you ever felt humiliated because you realized your shirt was sheer?
* Have you ever felt superior because you knew you were the most stylish person in the room?
* Did you ever feel the ecstasy of wearing an affluent friend’s hand-me-downs?
* Have you ever enjoyed a party mostly because you liked your outfit?
* Have you ever been turned away from a restaurant because you were wearing shorts?
* Have you ever worn a miniskirt to a funeral?
* Did you go through a rebellious phase that manifested itself in wearing clothes your parents hated?
* Were you ever embarrassed by your mother wearing clothes that were too frumpy/too tight when she picked you up from school?
* Have you ever been called a gay slur because your pink shirt was deemed insufficiently masculine?
* Have you ever been called a “slut” because your boat neck shirt was deemed insufficiently modest?
* Do you ever judge racial minorities by their clothing?
Yes, fashion matters.

(Thank you to Lauren Rambo at Patheos.com for this article.  You can find the original here.) 

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