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Trendy Tuesday: Tees

I had so many choices for today’s alliterative title, particularly considering the subject of my t-shirt.  But, Trends and Tees won over Tebow Time.  For perhaps the first and only time in my life.

Anyway, t-shirts are having a moment.  Which seems odd since, aside from jeans, t-shirts are probably the one staple of the American wardrobe that never goes away.  Functional, usually free, and long-lasting (well, at least if you’re my dad – he has t-shirts from college still.  Even if I’d been born while he was in college, that would still be 30 years ago.  I was not.)

But instead of being relegated to family reunions, youth group fundraisers, and the gym, t-shirts are now finding places in high fashion (or at least, street style of the rich and famous).  Of course, these are not the ill-fitting, over-sized, company logo shirts I’m talking about, but rather a cute graphic tee (like the bubble gum machine shirt I wanted to buy at Walgreens in Orlando.  I didn’t even care that it said Florida on it.  It was cute!), or a shirt with a witty phrase (most of which are really not that witty). And they’re being paired with all kinds of things as part of the high-low fashion trend that’s been going on for a while – and which my mom simply does not understand.

Right now, I’m obsessed with this company I just discovered on Facebook the other day called Litographs – they take classic books, print the entire text in super tiny font all over the shirt, and then add an iconic image from the story.  It might be easier if I show you.  This is the one that I want.  You can feel free to buy it too – I don’t mind being twinsies.  Just make sure they don’t sell out.

Alas, that kind of creativity isn’t free, and these tees are a cool $34.  Not a lot for a dress or shoes in my economy, but a little much for a t-shirt.  I’ll keep thinking about it until a) they run a sale; b) I can’t resist anymore; or c) one of you buys it for me! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (A woman’s small or medium would be great…)

So, I’m on the hunt for some more cute tees.  In the meantime, I think my Tebow shirt will be getting a lot of wear.  Which is fine with me.  It may be in Jets colors, which is completely irrelevant now, but the man himself will never be irrelevant.  Ever.

1 - tebow teeHow do you feel about the super casual mixing with the more dressy?  Have you tried it, or are you more like my mom and just don’t get it?

Oh, and my earrings are from Rahab’s Rope, btw.  We don’t carry this particular style anymore, but you can always order something else pretty!

Inspired Looks: Carrie (almost)

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a little obsessed with Carrie Underwood.  In a completely non-creepy way, of course.

She’s just so lovely and her fashion taste is impeccable.  I can’t remember something she’s worn post-American Idol that I haven’t liked.  But, my favorite of all of her looks was the whimsical cotton candy dress she wore to the 2012 Billboard Awards.  It’s perfection.

For some reason, though, while I remembered loving this dress, I remembered it looking very different.  So, when I saw the dress I’m wearing below on clearance at JCP, I believed it to be a red, cocktail-length version of Carrie’s dress and just HAD to try it on.  Obviously, I was mistaken.  It’s nothing like Carrie’s dress.

I knew going in that this wasn’t one of those “made for me” dresses.  But, since I thought I would match Carrie, I had to at least try (I’m still not sure why I thought that – maybe it matches another celeb dress I’ve seen, and I just got them mixed up).   Regardless, I kinda liked it.  Yes, it’s a little loofa-ish.  But, it’s a pretty color and the twirling action of the skirt was awesome.  Alas, although the front view was tolerable, the side view was decidedly unflattering.  Without a guarantee that no one would ever approach me from any direction except straight on, I knew I wouldn’t feel very pretty or confident wearing it, so I put it back.  With great mourning.

Someday, I will achieve my goal of having a fun, poofy party dress like Carrie’s.  Today is not that day.

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