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Pineapple Fields Forever

A lot has changed since this photo was taken. My hair is longer; my waistline a bit thicker (insert sobbing emoji), I no longer own that sweater…and I don’t live in Georgia any more!

But, the outfit is still cute and in-season again, so here we go.

I so love a good pineapple. It’s always so weird to me what shapes become trendy. A couple years ago, everything had swallow (the birds) on it. Then we went through a really big owl phase. Cherries have had their moment. Now it’s pineapple’s turn.

And I can’t explain why I love them so much – is there anything inherently cute about a pineapple shape? Honestly, not really. But, I do. Marketing gets me every time.
1 - pineapple shorts, white cardiganDo you get into particular objects as trends? What are some of your favorites? In 6th grade, I went an entire week wearing a different smiley-faced theme outfit. Just because I could. Have you ever done anything similar?

The Simple Life

Guys, I don’t really have a ton to say about this outfit.  I just found it in my “unblogged” folder, and I liked it, despite the fact that I waited to take the pictures until all of my make-up had melted off my face (apparently).

I love how a jacket (even a casual, cropped one) can automatically amp up the “put-together” factor of an outfit.  Although at the core I’m just wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops, the jacket makes it look intentional.  And the embellishments on the flip flops make me look less lazy.  Plus, I like the 3rd color they introduce into the outfit (if you can’t tell, there are still some flecks of blue and yellow in the shimmer, so it’s not TOTALLY ignoring the rest of the look).

1 - cropped jacket, flip flopsDo you have any tricks to make something easy look like you really worked at it?  Hair, make-up, clothing…let’s share some “life hacks” (which, btw, is the most annoying phrase in pop culture right now), and make all of our lives more simple and more beautiful at the same time!

P.S.  My earrings are from Rahab’s Rope.  We don’t sell that particular variety any more, but we’ve got tons of other cute stuff if you haven’t checked out the site lately!

Hashtag Sari Not Sorry

Although there are many things about big cities that I miss, sometimes small towns have their perks, like on Friday when the downtown gave way to hundreds of little Elsas and Avengers of all types. Our store is right on the downtown square, so we gave out candy and I got to dress up again!

As much as I loved my Cinderella costume, it wasn’t really appropriate for daytime with children (also, it didn’t exactly fit our store theme). So, instead, I got to wear this beautiful sari, which actually, I loved just as much.

I’m not sure how Indian women wear these everyday. For one thing, I don’t know how they get in them. It took a friend who has lived in India and a YouTube video to get me in mine, and I’m pretty sure even if I’d known how, I don’t have enough hands to do it all myself.  But for another, they’re really hard to move in.  Mine wasn’t wrapped quite tight enough so I was afraid if I moved too much, it would fall.  But, if they’re wrapped as tight as they’re supposed to be, you still can’t move because you legitimately can’t move – so tight.  So, hats off, Indian women!

imageIsn’t that pretty?  I wished for a minute I’d bought one in India, but then I remembered I would never actually wear it here, so it was probably better I saved my money.  But, if we could somehow Americanize these, I’d be grateful.  Beautiful fabric with a flattering/forgiving silhouette?  Yes, please.

imageI chose to wear my authentic Indian sandals (by authentic, I mean I bought them in India) to go with the sari, and then jewelry from our store.  If I really had wanted to be authentic, I would have worn matching bangles on both wrists (and a lot more of them), but this was close enough.  The under garments also made me think for a second I could pull off the cropped top look that’s in right now.  But, then I remembered I’m a self-respecting almost 30 year old and dismissed that idea.

What do you think?  Should we start a movement to bring saris to America?

80 Days of Shoes: Summer’s Last Hurrah

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it suddenly got cold here in Georgia! I mean, not actually cold. But, I was sweating in my shorts and tank top (at the Big and Rich concert!!!) Saturday evening, and by the time I walked out of church on Sunday, I needed to change into jeans and a sweater. So something changed, and I’ve got the incessant itchy nose and sneezes to prove it.

In light of that, I’m going to try to clear out any remaining summer outfits before I get too ridiculously out of season.

These shoes are about as summery as they get – jelly plastic, embellished flip-flop, neon yellow. They’re really kinda difficult to walk in; my foot slides out. But, they’re so pretty, aren’t they?


I suppose this outfit is pretty self-explanatory – a very casual, Saturday look, made a little more exciting by lime shorts and sequins. Sequins make everything more exciting.
1 - lime shorts, sequin tankHow’s the weather where you are?  Are you ready for fall, or still hanging on to your summer wardrobe, hoping for an Indian summer?  (Also, is that a politically incorrect term?)

80 Days of Summer Shoes: Flip Flops?

First of all, I do want you to know that since the fourth of July, I have given myself another pedicure.  I’m sure you’re sick of this one, but we’ll cycle through all these pictures from the past month eventually and then you’ll see the one I have now, which is super cute.

DSC_0458Second of all, I don’t know if I’ve ever made it abundantly clear on my blog, but I really hate flip flops. I try not to be a fashion snob about most things, but I have to draw a line somewhere, and this is it.  Flip flops are the lazy man’s shoe, and with rare exception do they belong anywhere outside of the pool or locker room.

But, I am willing to concede that rare exception, provided the flip flops are cute (see glitter sandals above), the feet are in reasonably good condition (I inserted the word reasonably b/c I don’t really think mine are all that much to brag about), and the rest of the outfit warrants the casual footwear.

In my case, I was going for the ethereal, cool-girl look, so metallic flip flops both matched my jewelry and tank embellishments, but also maintained the casual vibe.  And, maxis are actually really hard to pair with shoes.  I’m short, so my skirts are often too long for flats.  But they look funny with heels (or just too dressy), so wedges are usually the way to go. Fortunately, this skirt belonged to my grandma who was tiny and wealthy enough to have her clothes tailored, so I could get away with the flat shoes.

1 - orange maxi, gold tank

How do you feel about flip-flops?  Am I being too hard on them, or do you mostly agree with my rules?

80 Days of Summer: Bows for Dayz

Today’s outfit is a premature celebration of my favorite holiday – Independence Day (you probably saw that coming).  Fireworks, barbecues, cold drinks, and America – there’s nothing better.

I bought these cuties a year or two ago right before the 4th, and they’ve been a staple ever since.

DSC_0145This casual look was my choice when I went to get a pedicure last week.  It’s not patriotic per se, but anchors and bows are still American in my book.

1- Anchor tank, bow shoesUnfortunately, this picture has made me realize my skirt is past it’s prime.  Too bad – I really liked the train conductor pinstripes.  But then again, I’m probably too old for skirts this short, anyway.  A moment of silence for my youth, please.

I hope y’all are okay with the ol’ red, white, and blue, because this is a preview of my suitcase for the next 4 days…
imageWhat I lack in creativity, I make up in zeal.  Happy birthday, America – we love you!

80 Days of Summer: India Pretty

If you’ve ever traveled to another country and bought a lot of souvenirs, you may have noticed that some look a little bit different when you return home.  The novelty and glamour of being in another location sometimes overshadow your otherwise good fashion sense.  When I got back from India, I referred to some of my purchases as “India pretty.”  You can substitute in the country of your choice.

20140516_091643Fortunately, these sandals are both India and America pretty.  I needed another pair of flip-flops like I need another hole in my head, but I just had to buy some shoes.  You know how people don’t count having visited a place unless they ate a meal there or spent a night?  I don’t count it unless I’ve bought some shoes.

The necklace I’m wearing is from Rahab’s Rope – so you know, you can get one and support a great cause…just sayin’. And my skirt is sheer from above the knee to the floor – I just don’t have photography skills advanced enough to capture that.  The t-shirt is from Wal-Mart – and honestly, not the best pairing with the skirt, but it is what it is.

Have you ever bought some souvenirs you didn’t like quite as much when you returned home?  Tell me about them and all their Eiffel Tower keychain glory!

Floral maxi and India flip flops

Warehouse black shirt
$20 – warehouse.co.uk

Long skirt

Kenneth Cole flip flops

Blu Bijoux gold earrings

Eye of the Tiger

I know I promised this post yesterday, but I was having blogger issues yesterday and traveling…but, good things come to those who wait!

As I promised, this post is all about Tigers…specifically Bulldog-eating Tigers!  Saturday was the first full-day of college football, and how lucky for me that I was supporting the best team of the week!  Now don’t get me wrong, I like UGA.  I’m an SEC girl, except for LSU and Texas A&M (sorry, Kitty Cat – get your QB under control!).  But, my brother goes to Clemson, so my blood loyalty trumps my artificial ones.

Clemson’s colors are orange and purple, as my shirt and jewelry demonstrate.  But, in the absence of purple shorts (which, now that I think about it, would be a great addition to my wardrobe), I veered off the beaten path and added my new $6 Forever 21 lime green ones.

Side note: these shorts are sized S/M/L.  How is that possible?  Does Forever 21 expect only three sizes of people to buy these particular shorts?  Or, did they get mislabeled like elastic gym shorts?  It’s odd to me. 

Of course, me being me, I still wore a jeweled bracelet and bow flip-flops, and in true Clemson sorority girl fashion, purple pearls.  Just because you watch with the guys doesn’t mean you have to look like them. 

Saturday’s game was awesome, but Thursday begins the real excitement….NFL kickoff!  Get ready for a lot of white and blue.  The Colts are back in business, and I still wear my Peyton jersey for Broncos games.  It’s gonna be a great season!

Prediction: Peyton gets his second ring this season, Colts win the AFC South.  Watch it.

T-shirt and tank: Hamrick’s
Sorority girl pearls:  cheap jewelry distribution store in college
Shorts: Forever 21
Bracelet: Macy’s (it was a gift)
Shoes: Express

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