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Go Dawgs (j/k…)

As of yesterday, it’s finally starting to feel like fall in North Georgia. I wore this outfit on Friday – so, still not fall. But, I tried to pay homage to the season with the boots, at least.

I call this my UGA outfit. I cannot foresee a time when I will ever need to support the Dawgs again – especially living in Vols territory. But, in case I end up marrying Todd Gurley or something, it’s good to have on hand.

My post last week about boot socks turned out to be one of my most controversial writings. So, to the two guys who said they don’t like them – sorry.  They’re here to stay.
1 - red tee, shorts, bootsI’ve realized I’ve been wearing about the same 3 tops over and over lately. I really have no explanation for this; I’m just warning you, in case you’re prone to get bored.

How was everyone’s weekend?  From my instagram feed, it would appear everyone in the United States went to a pumpkin patch.  I did – did you?

It’s a Crazy Town

On Monday, I teased a major announcement coming to the blog. In hindsight, I might have made this seem a bigger deal for you all than it actually is, but when have you ever known me not to  be dramatic?  While the announcement is big to me, it honestly won’t probably affect most of you in any way.  Nevertheless, since you’re all my friends and I like to keep you informed of my life, with no further ado…

I’m moving to Nashville!

Yes, that’s right.  Soon, I’ll be living in the land of barbecue, country music, and hipsters. So, if you see my style evolve (again), at least you’ll know why – I’ll probably have to trade in my puffy vests for floppy hats, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Also, I may now wear a little more orange – you know, Peyton Manning’s school and all.

There are quite a few reasons for this move, which I won’t elaborate on at this point.  Suffice it to say, I’d been praying about this door for a long time (like 4 years long time), and I’m so excited that God has opened it!  (I don’t have a job lined up yet, though, so if you hear of anything, please let me know!)

I’ll probably share more over the next few weeks about God’s faithfulness, but for now, I hope you’re encouraged that God cares about what we care about, and while I did have to pray for 4 years, He didn’t forget me and gave me this particular desire of my heart.

Oh, and moving date is October 25…”Hollywood with a touch of twang” is about to grow by one more petite blonde.  I hope they’re ready!

1 - burnt orange dress, leapord shoes(Throwback picture because I really don’t actually own that much orange…)

The SEAL and I

Yesterday, I was very encouraged to read that J.J. Watt, arguably the best defensive player in the NFL (and whom I disliked until yesterday, because he plays for one of the Colts’ rivals, the Texans), has a hard time finding dates, despite his best efforts.  If a 6’5″, attractive man who makes over $16 million a year has trouble dating, it makes me feel a little less bad about my own failed attempts.  (Sorry, J.J., but misery loves company.  And so do I, btw, should you ever somehow read this.)

Anyway, lest you think I ONLY meet inmates and rehabbers, let me assure you that – well, actually, that is true in the state of Georgia.  Elsewhere, though, I do sometimes meet guys that I genuinely like.  Like, Navy SEALs for instance.  One of my most favorite nights was spent dancing with a SEAL at my beloved honky tonk, the Banque, in Norfolk, VA.  I was determined to ignore him because although he was beautiful, obviously (every SEAL is beautiful), he knew it, and I knew he knew it.  Plus, he had tattoo sleeves and was wearing a shirt with a stupid joke on it, and I was not about to indulge his ego.

But, SEALs aren’t used to rejection, and he persisted until I finally granted him one dance…and spent the rest of the night being twirled around by big Navy SEAL arms.  For the sake of any male readers, I won’t gush further.  But, girls – it was magical.

Of course, he was being sent on a secret mission somewhere two days later, so we were relegated to texting (he somehow still had phone signal, and I’m choosing to believe that he wasn’t just hanging out in Norfolk, pretending to be in the jungle with a nearby Verizon tower). And naturally, when I got my hair done a few days later, going from a dark blonde/light brown to a brighter/more Sarah Beth blonde, I sent him a picture.

His response: “I prefer brunettes.”

So, that was the end of the SEAL.  Sad day, but marriage to the special forces is not for the faint of heart.  Nor is marriage to a blonde, I suppose.

Have you ever had “one enchanted evening” with a stranger?  Did it turn out like a perfect rom com, or more like my life? Let me hear some stories so I know I’m not alone! And have a great weekend, everyone!

1 - bling ring

Tailgates & Team Colors

It’s that time again, y’all!  You know this is my favorite season of the year: football season!

While this prompt makes me think more of college, I’ve always been an NFL girl, and my love for the Indianapolis Colts runs deep.

A few days ago, I had my fantasy football draft.  Most everyone else in the league is from Rhode Island, so I got to skype in.  I could have worn whatever I wanted, of course.  I chose to wear my team colors – no time like the present!  And since it isn’t often anymore that I get to wear my Peyton jersey (it’s been mostly retired in favor of Andrew Luck), I thought it appropriate to pull out for this occasion.

Again, I tried the arm party thing…I feel like I’m getting closer. And added a long tank under the jersey to make me look a little more feminine/like I have any shape at all.

1 - tailgates and team colorsAre you excited for the start of football season?  If so, who’s your team (any level is fine!), and what are their colors?  If they’re not your favorite colors, have you figured out a way to incorporate them, anyway? (I way lucked out with blue and white.)  Let’s talk football…or the fashion of being a football fan.  Either way.

And be sure to follow me on Instagram for this weekend’s style challenge prompts.  Can’t wait to connect!

Tinder Nightmares

The other day I met a guy on Tinder, and suddenly, last week’s Must Haves/Can’t Stands were tested in a very real way.  See, while this guy lives in the Atlanta area now, he’s originally from New Hampshire.  So, naturally, I had to ask him about Deflategate.  And, like any good Pats fan, he launched into a ridiculous defense that no one outside of the 6-state region of New England believes.

After about 30 minutes of intense texting on the ins and outs of the Patriots cheating scandal (honestly, it was way too much for a first conversation, and I was convinced I would drive him away, but I met him on Tinder, so whatever.  Not a big loss), I realized that I should probably ask him whose jersey he owned.  If it was Gronk, I was going to have to make a hard decision – adhere to my principles, or compromise on something so core to who I am as a person.

Fortunately, he did not own a Gronkowski jersey; Brady’s, which isn’t awesome, but I’ll allow it.  Apparently, I did drive him away, though, (or my living an hour from him did), as I’ve not heard from him since, despite him saying that he appreciated my “knowledge and passion” about football. I guess the truth hurts.  #sorrynotsorry

Speaking of Tinder, though, I heard on the radio from Ryan Seacrest (so it must be true), that 30% of Tinder users are married, and 42% are in a relationship…so, that kinda puts a damper on my favorite sketchy app.  Buyer beware.

On another note, Captain America 3 is filming in Atlanta right now (I know this thanks to a different Tinder guy who works on the crew – supposedly.  So, the app isn’t completely useless; it’s a news outlet!).  This wouldn’t be that interesting to me in and of itself, except that I am going to that music festival this weekend…and according to one of the country radio stations here, there are tickets at will call for one Robert Downey, Jr. and….CHRIS EVANS!!!!  Y’all, I may be in the same half mile radius as Captain America himself for over 16 hours this weekend.  And my friends are going to have a selfie stick (not my idea, but with these current circumstances, I’m not complaining).  So, if I don’t come back, you’ll know I’ve stolen Chris away from Lily Collins and we’re blissfully happy.

Except he’s also a Pats fan…oh dear.

Moving on Up

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new and improved Tastefully Trendy!  If you’re viewing this on a phone, it probably doesn’t look that different or exciting.  Sorry.  But, if you’re on a desktop, your life is kinda changed forever, right?  I thought so.

I was so excited about all my newly acquired HTML knowledge, that I was going to build this site from the ground up.  Then, reality set in and I realized that, with my skill set and depth of expertise, doing so would take me, oh, about 17 years.  So, I still kept a template, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Let me walk you through a few things – just to be sure no one gets lost in the wonder of it all.

First of all, those tabs across the top look pretty snazzy, don’t they?  I’ve decided to branch out a little bit from my daily outfits and include tutorials (I’m going to shoot for once a week…so maybe once a month is a realistic expectation) to product reviews (these will be products I purchase for myself, of course, until I can get someone to send me their items to review for free), and what I’m most excited about, “That Single Life”.    As probably all of you know because you’re my facebook friend or have been following my blog and I hold very little back on either platform, I’m now 30, and still single.  I didn’t choose this life – it chose me.  And, with this position comes great responsibility…to share all the ridiculous stories that happen to me.  Out of respect for those involved, I’ll change the names and maybe some of the details.  But, men, if you recognize yourself, I apologize.  Just think of me as the real-life Taylor Swift.

So, what do you think?  Do you like the new template and/or new direction?  (Don’t worry, I’ll still post about my outfits most of the time – it’s what I do best!)  Do you hate it?  Are you personally offended that I compared myself to Taylor?  Let me hear your thoughts in the comments!

(BTW – I can change that block of text in the center to a logo…if I had one.  If any of my graphic design friends are bored one day and want to just draw me up something pretty, I wouldn’t say no.) 

Oh, and just so this post isn’t entirely text, here’s a selfie of what I wore to watch that horrible Super Bowl last night.  That is all. wpid-wp-1422933388848.jpeg

On the Last Day of Christmas

Last week I promised that I’d get all of the holiday outfits out of my system about the time we all took our decorations down.  Since my tree is still going strong (partly because taking down Christmas decorations is super depressing, mostly because I’m just lazy), I did not lie.  But this one will be it.  I’m pretty sure.

I went to a Christmas costume party a few weeks ago – I didn’t really know there was such a thing, but apparently there is.  I do love themed parties, but I love sequins and the Colts more.  So, with my Santa hat, I gave a nod to the theme, and wore whatever else I wanted.  Apparently it worked just fine, since Christmas Captain Jack Sparrow (the regular Jack with tinsel in his hair) proposed to me.

1- Colts santaSide note: I think I took this picture at the end of the night, because I’m sure my curls looked better than this when I left the house.

And that about wraps up the holidays for me.  But don’t worry.  You’ll still see more of my tree because it could be a while before it comes down, and it’s too cold right now to take any pictures outside.

Happy 2015, everyone!

80 Days of Shoes: BOGO

Football season is here, y’all! To celebrate, I’m showing you two looks today: two shoes, two teams, two ways to celebrate – all for the price of one. It’s a big day here on my little blog.

My explanations will be minimal – for one, the outfits pretty much speak for themselves. A) Go Tigers. B) Go Colts. But, really, if I say much more than that, this post will be too long, and none of you will read it. So, you’re welcome.
DSC_0896These fake Sperry boat-shoes are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I actually prefer knock-offs to the originals in this case because they’re more feminine. The toe on an actual Sperry is too long to be classified as “cute” – and of course, everything I wear has to be “cute”.

Why Clemson, you may ask? Because that’s where my brother went. Good enough reason as any, I think.
1 - ClemsonNext, these shoes are from Target, so I see someone else wearing them almost every day. They’re about the only pair of shoes that I’ve ever bought without trying on, though, and I don’t really like them on my feet. Too Biblical.
DSC_0967Why Colts, you may ask? Because Peyton Manning. And Tony Dungy. And Andrew Luck. Classiest organization in football.
1 - Luck jerseyI’m a little sad I forgot my blue and silver nails in this picture, but I’m sure you can imagine them.

How do you celebrate your favorite teams with fashion?

Inspired Looks: the Super Bowl Edition

Last night’s Super Bowl was completely and utterly depressing.  Not only was it incredibly boring to watch a totally lopsided game, but the ads weren’t good, and my beloved Peyton Manning missed out on possibly his last chance at earning a much-deserved second Super Bowl ring.  It was rough.

Fortunately, there’s always fashion to cheer a girl up.  You’ve seen my Manning jersey before, but for this occasion, I repurposed the Colts blue jersey by pretending it was a Broncos Navy, and pairing it with an orange tank to really give it the Broncos’ feel.

I wanted to also show you my cute former roommate, Anne. Anne is from Washington, so I can’t blame her for rooting for the wrong team in last night’s game.  She recently bought the cute top you see her wearing here, and it perfectly goes with Seattle’s colors and is a great choice for the fashion-minded fan. I would normally reserve this post for a Wednesday Inspired look post, but clearly, it fit with this Monday’s theme.

What are some of your game-day fashion ideas?

Georgia Peach

Today’s post is a little different than my usual fare because I have a major announcement to make.  I figured by putting it on my blog rather than writing it all out on facebook I could accomplish two things at once: a) write as much as I want (we all know I’m wordy), and b) entice more traffic to my blog where you will just fall in love with everything I stand for and come back day after day for more.

Rather than an outfit, I give you a simple picture as a hint of what’s coming next.   Any guesses?

Bring on the pearls, sweet tea, and Bulldogs – I’m moving to Georgia, y’all!

Yes, you read that right.  In a very quick turn of events, I’ve accepted a position at a non-profit in Gainesville (about an hour northeast of Atlanta).  The organization is Rahab’s Rope and they work against human trafficking in India.  For those of you who know me well, you know that this cause is one that I care about greatly, so I’m very excited to be on board.

The job is a great fit for me in so many ways – I won’t bore you with all of those details now.  But, one of best parts is that I get to sell jewelry.  Among my responsibilities will be attending conferences for the organization, at which they sell goods made by the women in India who were formerly trafficked.  We help teach them a skill (in this case, making jewelry and home goods) so they can be financially independent.  In turn, the money from the sale of their products goes to fund the ministry so that greater good can be accomplished.

If you’re like me, when you think of goods sold for a benefit, you think of beaded key chains or salvation bracelets.  I made sure this wasn’t the case before I even took the position (if I have to sell this stuff, then I need to like it).  And I legitimately do – check it out here. (I promise that my blog will not become an advertisement, other than the fact that I’ll likely be wearing a lot of the jewelry and scarves myself.)

So, I’ll be finishing up my job here in Virginia on Dec. 20 and headed down to Georgia that weekend (my parents live an hour away, so that’s convenient for the holidays).  I already liked the Bulldogs (hence the shirt), but I guess I’ll have to be a real fan now – with the permanent caveat that if I marry Tim Tebow I will forsake all other allegiances and only be a Gator forevermore.

I’m going to miss so many things about my current job and my life here in Virginia, but I’m excited about this next chapter.

And you should be, too – I can wear jeans to this new job.  Tastefully Trendy is about to get revamped!

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