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A Valentine Reflection

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Whether you’re madly in love, happily celebrated Galentine’s Day, or were a proud participant in Singles Awareness Day, I hope you had a great day.

Before we get to my Valentine’s Day outfit, some real talk.  Being single at 30 is not what I would have picked for myself.  They say if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.  Well, I don’t know if I ever explicitly told Him, but I’m pretty sure He was aware that I was supposed to meet someone my junior year of college, get engaged right after graduation, and then be married at 24 – that seemed like a very respectable timeline to me; not too quick, not too young.  Still plenty of child bearing years.

As you know, I didn’t even date in college, much less meet the love of my life.  Here I am, 6 years past my mental expiration date, and it seems like I’m no closer to marital bliss than when I was first entering college at 17 years old.  There are days that’s hard for me.  Really hard.  But there are other days when I can see God’s grace, even in the midst of a season I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen.  In those moments, I like to pause and think about how green the grass is on my own side of the fence, being grateful and content in all things. (Lest you think I’m super holy, let me assure you I’m writing this on a “good” day.)

One of the things I’m most grateful for is that in every phase of my life, I have always had lots of single friends.  Please don’t misunderstand – I don’t mean that in a “misery loves company” kind of way at all.  I’ve just been very appreciative to have people around me who are in similar positions of life.  I love my married friends, but their priorities are different – as they should be.  Plus, being a 3rd, 5th, or 7th wheel is really not fun. I know that single friends are a rare commodity in your late 20s-mid 30s, especially among Christian circles, so I don’t take it for granted that even when I feel alone, truly, I am not alone.

Valentine’s Day is often hard for people not in a committed relationship.  This year, though, it wasn’t even a little depressing for me because I had fun things to do with fun people.  There was no reason to feel sorry for myself.  Would I have loved to go on a romantic date with a beautiful man?  Of course.  Did I have a great time dressing up, getting sushi, and dancing with some of my girls?  Absolutely.

wpid-wp-1424049099150.jpegSo be encouraged by my good day post.  Whatever stage of life you’re in – married, single, family of 5 – appreciate the people God has placed in your life to encourage, uplift, and support you in your current season, and make the most of every day, not wasting one more moment in fruitless wallowing.

Then, grab some of those friends, dress up fancy and, in the emotionally, if not fiscally, wise words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, “Treat yo self.”

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Mr. Bluebird’s on My Shoulder

Everyone should have a friend like Leah.  Leah and I met through my job about four years ago, and after losing touch for two years, we were reunited and have had a special bond since.  She is kindhearted and encouraging, and willing to give you the necklace off her neck.

I had lunch with Leah on Saturday, and the whole time I was admiring the bluebird necklace she wore.  As we were about to leave, I said something about it, asking where she got it in hopes of buying one of my own.  As is often the case with these things, it wasn’t available anywhere because Leah had made it herself.  But, without a moment’s hesitation, she took it off and offered it to me.  The necklace has a sweet family story behind it, which Leah shared with me as she insisted that I take it. Her generosity and willingness to share a part of her family’s history with me was very special, and I’ll think of her every time I wear this adorable bluebird.  

Skinny jeans – Kohl’s. Black patent wedge – Payless.  Cardigan – Old Navy.  Scarf – Rue 21. 

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