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80 Days of Summer Shoes: Flip Flops?

First of all, I do want you to know that since the fourth of July, I have given myself another pedicure.  I’m sure you’re sick of this one, but we’ll cycle through all these pictures from the past month eventually and then you’ll see the one I have now, which is super cute.

DSC_0458Second of all, I don’t know if I’ve ever made it abundantly clear on my blog, but I really hate flip flops. I try not to be a fashion snob about most things, but I have to draw a line somewhere, and this is it.  Flip flops are the lazy man’s shoe, and with rare exception do they belong anywhere outside of the pool or locker room.

But, I am willing to concede that rare exception, provided the flip flops are cute (see glitter sandals above), the feet are in reasonably good condition (I inserted the word reasonably b/c I don’t really think mine are all that much to brag about), and the rest of the outfit warrants the casual footwear.

In my case, I was going for the ethereal, cool-girl look, so metallic flip flops both matched my jewelry and tank embellishments, but also maintained the casual vibe.  And, maxis are actually really hard to pair with shoes.  I’m short, so my skirts are often too long for flats.  But they look funny with heels (or just too dressy), so wedges are usually the way to go. Fortunately, this skirt belonged to my grandma who was tiny and wealthy enough to have her clothes tailored, so I could get away with the flat shoes.

1 - orange maxi, gold tank

How do you feel about flip-flops?  Am I being too hard on them, or do you mostly agree with my rules?

I’m On a Boat

Yesterday I went shopping again.  Now, before you judge me, let me say I hadn’t been in several weeks – maybe a month, actually – and I had an official purpose for going.  I need some stuff for India.
Of course, I bought nothing for India, but I did get this cute sweater at Old Navy.  The nautical look has been in for about a year or so, which means that it’s now all over the budget-friendly stores.

I sometimes wonder what people think of my financial situation.  I do have a lot of clothes, and it would probably be pretty easy to assume I am up to my eyeballs in credit card debt from all the shopping I do.

But, this sweater was on sale for $12!  I also bought a cute tank for $7, and then I had a gift card, leaving my grand total at 13 cents.  The girl asked me if that would be cash, credit, or check. Fortunately, I had 13 cents in cash.

It’s shopping that way which allows me to accumulate so many things and still do Dave Ramsey (kinda)proud.

The blouse is one that belonged to my grandma.  It has cross-stictched hearts all along the front, so I’ve obviously never worn it.  However, it fits me very well and it was hers, so I’ve always kept it.  I’m glad now that I did, because it goes perfectly with this sweater.

I do wish I had my better-than-Sperry boat shoes to wear with this look.  They’d be much better than my little worn moccassins. Unfortunately, they, along with all of my summer clothes and shoes, are tucked away somewhere in a pod, never to be accessed until I unpack at my new home.  Let’s all pray that I find said new home before I have to buy a whole new summer wardrobe.

On second thought, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.

  • Sweater – Old Navy (they even styled it similarly.  Except, probably not that many people have coral jeans…)
  • Jeans – J.Crew sample sale (similar here)
  • Shoes – DSW, I think?  A million years ago.
  • Watch – NY & Co.  (similar here)

Twas the night before Christmas

I love dressing up for a Christmas Eve service (even if this year I was tired and feeling uninspired).  Of course, society is such that I’m now usually in the minority of those not wearing jeans, but that’s never stopped me before.

imageI had the added chore this year of having to pick from the clothes I’d haphazardly thrown into a suitcase while moving AND trying to match my brother so we could take a picture together (more on that on Monday).

Neither was an easy task, but after only two trips to my loaded-up car to look for things I’d actually already brought into the house, I managed to put together the festive look you see above.  Not too shabby, eh?

A special acknowledgement is due to the beautiful bracelet I’m wearing – a going-away gift from a dear friend in Virginia.

Do you dress up for Christmas Eve?  What did you wear, and what is your tradition for the night before Christmas?

  • Blouse: Granny
  • Pants: Target
  • Shoes: Ross
  • Bracelet: Macy’s
  • Scarf: gift
  • Pearl Earrings – my mom’s dresser

All that’s missing is Bruiser Woods

Over the weekend, I went shopping – of course – and I discovered my new favorite department store: Belk.  If you live north of the Mason-Dixon line, you might not have heard of this magical place.  So, you should come south – first to visit me, second to eat Chick-Fil-A, and third to shop at Belk.

I am not really a big purse person because I am lazy – changing them requires effort.  But, I’ve been looking for a new bag for some time now, and when I found the one below – on sale – I just couldn’t resist.  For the purpose of this blog, I matched my outfit to the purse.  That will likely never intentionally happen again.  I also should have taken a side photo of the bag so you could better see the shape.  It’s basically the type of bag perfectly suited for a little dog.  And now I want one.

Also, pay no attention to the suitcase behind me.  Sometimes unpacking takes time, but fashion waits for no man.

Cardigan:Wet Seal (which is why it’s lost most of it’s shape.  Sadness.)
Tank: hand me down from my sister, I think?
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Plato’s Closet (I’m not too proud)
Earrings: Anne Klein, by way of my grandmother’s jewelry box
Purse: Belk 

What to Wear: When You’re Getting Sick

Remember the other day when I was sick but wore an awesome outfit anyway? Yeah, I was really sick. Shortly after writing that blog post, I went home to bed, from which I did not emerge (except to buy popsicles and mac & cheese) for the next 36 hours.  Needless to say, my fashion during that time left much to be desired.

I did promise you, however, that I would show you the outfit I wore while trying to ward off sickness.  It did not work, but I liked the outfit anyway.

This outfit is the spring version of one I wore a few months ago.  You may recall this top is one of my grandmother’s hand-me-downs.  I’ve told you before how much a fan I am – in theory – of mixing patterns.  But, it’s very hard to actually pull off.  I liked mixing the stripes in my blouse with the plaid/floral/fruit pattern in my shoes.  The red and white pull the two together, while the distance helps prevent eye-sore clashing. I finished off with my favorite red button earrings, a simple gold necklace, and my go-to white and gold Wal-Mart watch for an easy, professional spring/summer look.

Blouse: Granny’s closet (so a department store, I’m sure)
Skirt: hand-me-down from another friend
Shoes: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Watch: Wal-Mart
The rest…I don’t remember

Rhapsody in Blue

I’ve often been drawn to blues in my wardrobe.  My mom isn’t a big blue person, but my grandma was – since I think I get a lot of my style tendencies from her, anyway (and now, half of my wardrobe), maybe that’s where it comes from.

Regardless, I have a lot.  And blues are really easy to mix and match – the tones usually coordinate very well without clashing.  So, today is a lesson in wearing as many blues at one time on one’s body as possible!

In outfit one, I’m mixing my royal blue pants with a green-blue striped shirt.  Greens and blues also mix very well, since you have to use blue to make green…it makes sense.  Thank you, kindergarten, for teaching me so many valuable life lessons!

I wore my favorite bluebird necklace from my friend Leah (it’s on backwards, so it looks a little like he’s hiding), and added some multi-hued blue and green bracelets and a navy belt.  Finally, I tied it together with silver earrings and gray shoes – I needed some neutral pieces so I wouldn’t look like I was emulating a bag of Tropical Skittles.  (The shoes do have hints of blue in the fabric lining.)

For outfit two, I combined several shades of turquoise.  When I originally bought this skirt, I thought it was mint green, but upon further reflection, I’ve decided it’s more of a sea foam, a color with more blue then mint has.  My sandals have both green and blue stones, so they can go either way, and the belt and earrings are a deeper hue of the color in the skirt.  In this picture, I’m not loving how bright the turquoise scarf is – it doesn’t blend as well as I’d have liked.  But, it’s not horrible, and I liked it well enough when I picked it out to wear, so I’m showing you, anyway.

What do you think about all those blues?

Outfit 1:
Pants: Kohl’s
Top: H&M (I think?)
Shoes: JCPenney
Necklace: my lovely friend Leah

Outfit 2:
Scarf: a gift
Top: t-shirt from Wal-Mart, and it’s the best t-shirt ever
Skirt and earrings: Francesca’s Boutique
Sandals: LOFT
Bracelet: gift
Belt: NY & Co. (I think)

Capri Sun

I read on someone’s facebook the other day that capris should be avoided outside of the gym or unless you want to appear like a soccer mom (if this was you, I apologize for a) not giving you proper credit, b) butchering your status, and c) respectfully disagreeing).  I’m assuming this friend was referring to the tapered khaki/olive drab drawstring cargos especially popular among the harried mini-van set.  Because otherwise, I loved a good cropped pant!  This pale pink pair is a staple of mine in the spring/summer time.  They were a hand-me-up from my sister, and the jacket – a pale green and white stripe you can’t really make out in this picture – was a hand-me-over from someone I’ve forgotten now (but seriously, thank you, whoever you were!). 

My earrings are actually clip-ons from my adorable grandma, and I bought my floral top at Plato’s Closet…the more I type, the more I’m realizing this outfit is one of my most thrifty.  My shoes came from JCPenney before they took away their coupons, the jewelry from assorted locations, and my awesome shellac manicure from my new favorite manicurist.  I say that like I’m going to regularly go back.  I won’t.  But IF I did, Cindy would get all my business for sure!

Orange You Glad it’s Spring?

So, spring is here. For real this time.  To celebrate, I pulled out an orange maxi skirt and wedge heels – because does anything say spring more than an orange maxi and wedge heels?

As you know, I love that I have clothes from my grandmother’s closet – a totally trendy thing to do right now, btw.  Thanks, Macklemore. This skirt was my grandmother’s.  I know, it’s hard to picture a sweet old lady wearing a bright orange maxi skirt.  Since she probably wasn’t wearing it at 90, right before she passed away a few years ago, I’m thinking this skirt comes from the last time maxis were in style – the 1970s.  So, it’s authentic vintage, y’all!

My denim jacket is from Ann Taylor Loft – which probably means my mom bought it for me.  The shoes are from Charlotte Russe, which means I bought them more than six months ago, when I decided I needed to start buying adult shoes. 

The sleeveless top underneath is not exciting in the least.  What is exciting, though, is I took off my jacket while I was outside for most of the afternoon and I got sunburned!  Ordinarily, I feel guilty about not taking care of my skin when I get burned; the first burn of the year, though, I’m simply too happy about sunshine to care. 

Thanks for joining the party, spring – never leave us again!

The Candy Man Can

Let’s revisit my grandmother’s closet, shall we…

For reasons I will leave you to infer, I often have trouble finding button-down shirts that fit me properly.  Usually, they either won’t stay buttoned, or they are so big and boxy, I look like a man (and not in the sexy, Shania Twain, “Man, I feel like a woman” way).

However, my grandmother and I were shaped very similarly, so it only stands to reason that if a button-down shirt fit her well, it would also fit me well.  As was the case here.  While I felt a little bit like the old candy stripers at the hospital, I mostly felt genuinely professional and adult – something that can sometimes be elusive for me.  I can’t be TOO adult, though, so my skirt does have ruffles at the bottom (similar to the skirt from my grandma’s suit in the link above, but this one is a solid black skirt).  

I included a picture with my coat as homage to my New England friends who are about to be buried in snow.  Stay safe and warm, guys!

Let It Snow!

First of all, I’ve discovered that my blogger app eats posts.  Not sure how, but it happens.  Hopefully now that I’ve identified this problem, I can prevent it in the future.  Because I’m not posting about my birthday outfit one more time!

This weekend, Virginia Beach experienced a Snowmageddon of 3 inch proportions!  You wouldn’t think that such a small amount of snow could shut down a city, but when you see how people drive here, you might begin to understand.

So, holed up in my apartment, I broke out my favorite granny sweater (literally, it’s from my grandma – as is most of my wardrobe now) and tried to stay warm. 

This is not the outfit I wore on Saturday – I can’t show you that one because I broke one of my own rules and wore leggings as pants.  Do what I say, not what I do. 

However, this is the sweater I wore, and this outfit deserved to be shown.  I wore this to work (sometimes, I push the boundaries of professionalism) and stayed warm and toasty all day.  I would really like the skirt to be a bit shorter, but there are limits to how many boundaries I can push in one day. 

A chunky sweater may  not be the most fashionable piece of clothing in your closet, but if it’s paired with cute accessories, you can still look stylish while staying warm – which is almost as important.

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