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Sweaters in Summer

I’ve been into this whole “not-washing-your-hair-too-often”, thing. They say it’s better for your hair (not sure why, but “they” say it, which is good enough for me), and I think it probably helps my color last a little longer. Also, hashtag lazy.

But, now and then I stretch it a little too long… even the headband isn’t helping hide my poor decisions today. Oh well.

I can’t tell you what prompted this outfit inspiration, except to say that the dress isn’t work appropriate without a sweater (too much shoulder), so I went trolling my closet for something that wouldn’t look frumpy, and I kinda love the long-cardigan-over-a-dress look. I don’t think I’ve ever tried it before, but this one is a winner!
1 - white dress gray sweaterHow do you style long sweaters, or are you not into that trend? What do you think of them over the dress? I’m really into it, but also open to differing opinions. Let’s talk sweaters in summer!

Spring Fever

Keeping with my a-seasonal decor as I clear out my backlog of outfits, here is another Christmas tree picture with an outfit more seasonally appropriate in color for spring. But, the skirt was new, as were the bracelets, so I had to break them out early.

I’m a fan of wearing colors whenever you want, honestly – particularly if the weather where you live warrants it (none of this saving white for after Memorial Day when it’s already been almost 90).

But, it is important not to get too carried away, and at least anchor the pieces with something more appropriate to the weather. In my case, I did that with leggings and boots. I added my fun purple bangles, and kept the rest of the jewelry rather simple to let them carry the weight of the attention. And with that, I was ready to bring some color to an otherwise dreary season.
1 - purple shirt, yellow skirtHow do you feel about wearing colors out of season? Do you try to reserve spring colors for spring, etc, or just mix everything up? What about red/green when it’s not Christmas or black/orange when it’s not Halloween? Let’s talk color!

American Fall

Yesterday, we talked about my Rue 21 finds, and here’s another that I just couldn’t pass up.  Actually, I almost did miss this one and was about to put the other items back (I have this thing sometimes when I’m shopping that if I don’t REALLY want it, I’m too lazy to stand in line, even if said items are only $3 and $5 respectively).  But, as I was walking to the racks to put those items away, I came across this cardigan which was just too perfect to pass up, even with a steep $11 price tag.

So, I gathered my other clothes again, waited in line, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the tag was wrong, and this adorable baby was only $3 too!  My high-waisted button shorts (buttons not pictured) were also from that magical shopping day ($5), and of course, my Sam Moon America necklace perfected the ensemble.  With my over-the-knee boots, I was ready for a fall evening that really felt more like summer.
1 - American flag cardiganWhat do you think of this patriotic look?  Or boots with shorts?  I’m a fan of that trend, but it can look tacky if not done properly.  Have you tried it yet?

Pleats a Plenty

As I’m going through these prompts, I’m trying also to get one more use out of my summer clothing before retiring it for the fall/season (and shedding a tear…).  So, I was glad I had a summer pleated skirt for today’s prompt.

If you’ve been following my blog very long, you know I’m not usually very matchy-matchy.  I prefer to do more unexpected things with colors.  However, when you have something that matches as perfectly as this scarf does to the skirt, it’s really hard to pass up.  At least my polka-dot shoes mixed it up a little. 1 - Pleats a plentyHope you’re having a great day!  Let me know what you think about color combinations, polka dot shoes, or anything else you’d like to talk about.   Can’t wait to hear from you!

80 Days of Shoes: Mock-Croc pt. 2

I guess since it’s after Labor Day, I can’t call this 80 Days of Summer Shoes anymore…it’s just 80 Days of Shoes (which, of course, is laughable, because we won’t hit all 80 until probably sometime after Easter).

These shoes are a little more actually professional than I prefer my footwear to be.  But, gray is a perfect color for so many things, the croc print and patent leather make them interesting, and they’re actually super comfortable.  So, three out of four ain’t bad.

DSC_0752A lot of people talk about not wearing scarves in summer because it’s too hot.  I’ve never really understood that.  Yeah, summer is hot.  I live in Georgia – I know this as well as anyone.

But, really, how many of us who could wear scarves are going to be in a place that does not have air conditioning?  We’re not talking about construction workers or life guards sprucing up their outfits – just office workers or SAHMs going from their home to their cars to their A/C’d activities.  I’m just saying is I think summer scarves deserve a second chance.

I decided to pair my scarf with a very light and breezy dress, so everything else I was wearing would keep me cool, if I did have to walk outside for any reason.  And, the scarf is draped so loosely, it’s not going to add significant weight to any part of my body, including my neck.  1 - blue dress, scarfIf you’re really nervous about scarves, there are many light-weight, almost gauzy and open-weave scarves available that add some more interest to a basic look.  Maybe I’ll post a video sometime, too, about how to tie scarves, as I also regularly hear people say they just don’t know how to wear them.  I’m convinced scarves are a year-round, universal look, and that’s a soap-box I’m just not willing to climb off.

What grade are you in?

I just never know which outfits are going to be popular – or with whom.

I wore this outfit on Sunday, and I liked it.  I felt cute and fairly trendy, although, sadly (or fortunately, for those who forgot that they weren’t pants) I think leggings are on their way out.  Or should we say, on their last leg… (ba dum cha!)

Anyway, it was cute, but I didn’t think it’d be one of my most popular looks.  It was, though – with the high school set.  Since I’m 2? years old now, I probably shouldn’t be dressing like a high schooler.  But, you know, it keeps me young and relevant.  So, that’s something, right?

Upon further review of my outfit’s origins, the only thing adult about this look is my Macy’s shoes.  Oh well.

Time for Leggings!

One of my favorite things about fall is leggings.  In my opinion, they’re one of the greatest style inventions ever – a way to keep your legs warm, extend the life of your dresses, and be way more comfortable than if you were wearing tights.

Now, you know I do not support leggings as pants.  I’m sure before the season is over, I’ll get on that soap box again.  For now, thought, let’s focus on how cute this dress is.  I think it was intended to be a summer dress – it’s sleeveless and has a summery cut.  However, the forest green color and the bird pattern look Christmas-y to me, so I paired it with some more fall-appropriate pieces and it worked.

I did wear this to the office, which is probably not technically appropriate for my profession.  However, blazers and pumps give the impression of business, so I pushed the envelope a little and I think largely got away with it.

Dress: Target clearance rack – I was on a spree.  I think this was $7.
Blazer: H&M
Leggings: DSW, maybe?
Bracelets and earrings and bow ring: that same awesome Boston boutique
Shoes: Payless

Wanna See Some Magic?

Last week’s lace shorts outfit (which was one of my highest read posts ever, btw – y’all must have either been super bored last week or enticed by me teasing that it was an inappropriate outfit and using the word lingerie in the title…) inspired me to find a work appropriate version.  Also, these shoes inspired me to find an outfit to match.

So, when those two motivations collided, I reached the following result.  Ordinarily, I would prefer heels with this skirt, due to it’s length and style.  However, my new bow jellies (I really am a sucker for anything with a bow on it!) were still dressy and cute enough to get by with the lace.  It’s hard to tell, but the shoes are a blush color with a cream bow, so they paired perfectly with my off-white lace skirt and pink top.  I wore pink, lavender, and “diamond” jewelry, and tied it all together with a wide grey belt.

A note on wide belts – I don’t know that I’ve ever really addressed the magic of this accessory.  They really do cover a multitude of sins, particularly if you’re a person who carries weight in their mid-section (that’s me).  Skirts are also magical because they can be worn higher or lower on your waist, depending on the size of the burrito you ate the day before (or have eaten for the month before…)

But, say your skirt fits a little snug at whatever position you choose – in the case of the outfit below, mine’s sitting at the true waist.  Without the belt, you can tell that I’m a little squeezed in.  Pop on a wide-belt, and my waist looks intentionally cinched, rather than unavoidably squished.  Plus, the belt really just finishes the look.  Like a chair rail on a dining room wall (that’s a really weird analogy, but it just came to me, and I’m going with it).

Flattering belt widths and positions do vary by person, so be sure you’re playing around with what works for you.  But, they really can be the best thing for not only polishing off a look, but also hiding or distracting from things you may want hidden or distracted from.

Skirt: H&M
Top: somewhere cheap…
Shoes: Chinese Laundry by way of DSW
Rings: H&M
Earrings: Christmas stocking
Belt: NY & Co. 

Rhapsody in Blue

I’ve often been drawn to blues in my wardrobe.  My mom isn’t a big blue person, but my grandma was – since I think I get a lot of my style tendencies from her, anyway (and now, half of my wardrobe), maybe that’s where it comes from.

Regardless, I have a lot.  And blues are really easy to mix and match – the tones usually coordinate very well without clashing.  So, today is a lesson in wearing as many blues at one time on one’s body as possible!

In outfit one, I’m mixing my royal blue pants with a green-blue striped shirt.  Greens and blues also mix very well, since you have to use blue to make green…it makes sense.  Thank you, kindergarten, for teaching me so many valuable life lessons!

I wore my favorite bluebird necklace from my friend Leah (it’s on backwards, so it looks a little like he’s hiding), and added some multi-hued blue and green bracelets and a navy belt.  Finally, I tied it together with silver earrings and gray shoes – I needed some neutral pieces so I wouldn’t look like I was emulating a bag of Tropical Skittles.  (The shoes do have hints of blue in the fabric lining.)

For outfit two, I combined several shades of turquoise.  When I originally bought this skirt, I thought it was mint green, but upon further reflection, I’ve decided it’s more of a sea foam, a color with more blue then mint has.  My sandals have both green and blue stones, so they can go either way, and the belt and earrings are a deeper hue of the color in the skirt.  In this picture, I’m not loving how bright the turquoise scarf is – it doesn’t blend as well as I’d have liked.  But, it’s not horrible, and I liked it well enough when I picked it out to wear, so I’m showing you, anyway.

What do you think about all those blues?

Outfit 1:
Pants: Kohl’s
Top: H&M (I think?)
Shoes: JCPenney
Necklace: my lovely friend Leah

Outfit 2:
Scarf: a gift
Top: t-shirt from Wal-Mart, and it’s the best t-shirt ever
Skirt and earrings: Francesca’s Boutique
Sandals: LOFT
Bracelet: gift
Belt: NY & Co. (I think)

Let’s do the polka!

Few things say spring as clearly and adorably as polka dots. Always in style, polka dots are really having a moment right now, particularly on more unexpected items – like jeans.  I incorporated the trend by adding a polka dot belt (which is actually reversible and black on the other side.  I’m easily impressed) to my silky dress-turned-top and my favorite blue jeans-that-I-pretend-aren’t, for a more casual office look.  To keep from looking too casual, though, I made sure to add a dressy statement necklace and some patent wedges.  And of course, some funky rings, because nothing says responsible adult like wearing large pieces of plastic on your finger.

Dress/top: JCPenney before I was mad at them
Pants: gift from Kohl’s
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Charming Charlie
Necklace: gift
Bracelet: gift
Rings: H&M

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