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80 Days of Summer: Set in Bronze

I always feel a little weird writing about fashion right after a tragedy has occurred. I’m talking specifically about the death of Robin Williams, but really, pick something – the Ebola crisis, Iraq, Israel/Gaza…it seems like everywhere we turn, something horrible is happening, and I’m over here writing about clothes.

I honestly don’t know what to do with all of these sad things.  They’re bigger than me.  But, I’m grateful that God’s mercies are new every morning, and that even after something terrible occurs, there is still reason to get out of bed each day, put on pretty clothes, and rejoice.  Because He is still God, He still loves us, and I am here another day to honor Him for that.

Last week, my job had a grand reopening of our physical store (which, if you’re ever in Gainesville, Georgia, you should totally come by and see.  And if you’re not, you should totally shop online).  It was kind of a big deal – the Chamber of Commerce came and cut the ribbon with ceremonial scissors.  The whole 9 yards.

So, I took advantage of the special day to bring out some special shoes.

DSC_0635These 9 West pretties don’t get nearly as much wear as I would like.  Because, honestly, how often do you have need for bronze strappy heels?   (Actually, I wore them a lot at my old job – I defined the term “professional” very loosely.)
1 - Pink leather dress, teal necklaceAnd of course, nothing says non-profit store opening like a hot pink leather dress, right? I should have taken a picture of the back – only because it has an exposed zipper and I think those are cool.  But, alas, I did not, so you’ll just have to appreciate the hot pink leather without seeing the zipper.  It’s a rough life.

My necklace is from Rahab’s Rope, btw.  You can buy one yourself, if you’d like! (I didn’t think I’d plugged my job enough yet in this post.)  And I also didn’t mean to go all artsy on the bracelet shot.  It just happened somehow.

Pajamas in Public

In case you haven’t stepped outside or looked at facebook, it’s cold outside.  Super cold.

So, today, I’m resurrecting an outfit I hadn’t yet blogged about, because there’s nothing like cold weather to make you just want to wear your pajamas all day.
A few weeks ago, I bought myself some pretty pajamas – a t-shirt and pants.  I planned to wear them as pajamas.  But, then when I tried them on, they kinda looked like real clothes, and I thought, I bet I can get away with this!  So, I did.  Or, at least I tried – you’ll have to be the judge.

To make the pants look as little like pajamas as possible, I dressed them up with a blazer, pearls, and heels.  What I didn’t plan on, though, was the pants loosening as the day went on – as cheap cotton tends to do.  The longer I wore them, the baggier they got and the more like PJs they looked.

I knew this was a one-shot deal.  When I washed the bottoms, they pilled and looked even more like pajamas.  But, it was a fun experiment for a day – one that is corroborated in InStyle magazine, I might add.

If you’d like to mimic this trend, I would encourage you to follow the instructions in InStyle’s article and avoid flannel.  Only a couple people called me out, but still; you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed – even if you did!

  • Pajamas – Forever21
  • Blazer – H&M
  • Heels – Ross (Nine West, I think?)

Sometimes She’d Shop

There may be this notion out there that I’m addicted to shopping. I’m not. I really have to be in the mood, because I get depressed when nothing I try on looks good, just like everyone else. But I do enjoy shopping when that mood hits, and I do have a lot of clothes and shoes.

Today I thought I would show you how I shop, though, so you can see why I’m not completely bankrupt, despite my extensive wardrobe.

Below is a picture of my mall finds from a spontaneous shopping trip yesterday (I went to kill time for a few hours by looking and apparently I was in the mood…oops!). You will note the following:

A maxi dress
2 belts
A tank top
2 pairs of heels
2 pairs of earrings
Nail polish
5 anti-bacterial things
The cutest sweater known to man
A ring (unpictured because I’d already put it away and forgot to take it out).

That’s a lot of stuff. Want to venture a guess on how much I paid?  I’ll give you a hint – full price, the dress/gold belt, and two pairs of shoes would have been $140. 

Any guesses?  Okay, time’s up!  The answer is $107.  Yes.  I got all of that for 1/3 less than the price of three of those items.  And that was with paying full price for the sweater, even (I never do that, but seriously – cutest sweater ever). 

Now if you’re a quality over quantity person, my method may not work for you – or may, at least, require a bit more patience and delayed gratification.  However, even at cheapo stores, you can find reasonably good quality things if you are selective. 

Sometimes, my method requires that you buy the belt you mostly like instead of the one you really like because it’s a difference of $1.99 and $4.99 – those $3 differences add up.  But, some other times, if you’re patient, you get the exact shoes you tried on a few months ago when they were full price, for $13. 

Here’s the breakdown of where everything is from, if you’re interested:
A maxi dress – JCPenney
2 belts – JCP (came with the dress) and Charlotte Russe
Shorts – Forever 21
A tank top – H&M
2 pairs of heels – JCPenney (Worthington brand)
2 pairs of earrings – JCPenney (they were free with a coupon!) and Wet Seal
Sunglasses – Charlotte Russe
Nail polish – Forever 21
5 anti-bacterial things – Bath and Body Works.  I now smell like fall.
Barettes – Wet Seal
The cutest sweater known to man – Love Culture
A ring (unpictured)  – Love Culture

She floats through the air with the greatest of ease

It’s Friday, guys! Let’s celebrate the best way I know how – with floral shoes.

I meant to take a picture of these shoes from the side so you could see how absolutely ridiculous they are.  Someday, I’ll remember to do that.  For now, let me promise you, I am too old to wear shoes this high.  Perhaps if they were well-made shoes, I could get away with the height.  The more expensive the shoes, generally, the easier they are to walk in.  These are super cheap, though, so I hardly ever wear them, since hobbling around at a snail’s pace is generally frowned upon.

But, they’re so pretty!  And they were a good deal.  So, to celebrate sunshine and the happy prospect of a weekend, I paired my pretty, impractical shoes from Charlotte Russe (told you they were cheap), with a pencil skirt hand-me-down, and a blouse that was a gift from a friend.  The necklace was an inexpensive boutique find which kinda reminds me of the looking glass from Snow White.  I think I watch too much Once Upon a Time

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