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Inspired Looks: Wendy

I’m very happy to feature today one of my sweet Virginia Beach friends (come to think of it, all of my Virginia Beach friends were pretty sweet) – Wendy.

Wendy and I went to church together and I was always impressed with her sense of style and her hair – especially her hair (hair envy is a real struggle for me, y’all).

A couple weeks ago, Wendy sent me two different outfits she’d picked out, and they were both such perfection, I asked her if I could feature them here.  She kindly agreed.

First up is a great going-out look:
I don’t think I can say enough good things about this dress.  First of all, a good long-sleeved dress is hard to find and this one’s fantastic.  Second of all, I love black and brown together intentionally.  And most importantly, Wendy perfectly struck that elusive balance of highlighting her curves, not overemphasizing or hiding them.  I wish she would give lessons. 

One more point on this look – those shoes!!!  I don’t always like matching so closely, but when it’s this perfect, you kind of have to go with it.  The clutch is a great coordinating statement piece.

For her second look, Wendy went a little more casual but still trendy and flirty:
I love wine – it’s one of fall/winter’s best colors.  Again, this shirt fits Wendy so well, and the shoes give the overall look a great finishing touch.  Mono-chromatic is coming back in again, anyway (I’ll never fully say good-bye, Color Blocking!), so everything about Wendy’s outfit is perfectly on trend.

As a bonus, and the one of which I’m most personally proud, is Wendy’s headband look.  She told me she’d read my post about “owning it”, and boy, did she ever!  She looks great – retro, but still completely modern.


Thanks for the great outfit ideas, Wendy – you look superb!

If you would like to be featured on an Inspired Look post, send me a picture – I love getting ideas from my friends!

Inspired Looks: Jack Frost

Okay, so this look really isn’t inspired, any more than any of my other outfits are.  But, I want to keep my Wednesdays consistent.  Just go with it.

It’s COLD, y’all!  I’m not used to this in November in Virginia.  I should still be wearing a light jacket, not bundled up in a coat, scarf, and gloves!

Of course, my office does have heat.  But, subconsciously, when the temperature suddenly dips, I feel the need to bundle up as much as possible.  Even if I then end up sweating most of the day.

This bulky sweater is one of my favorites – not only because it’s so warm and cozy and because grandma sweaters are in right now – but also because it legitimately belonged to my grandmother.  You know wearing her clothes is one of my joys in life.

I wore this on a gray day, so I decided to bring some color with my pants and scarf.  This scarf makes me feel a bit like the Chiquita banana girl, but I’m okay with that.  I wore a gray shirt underneath the sweater and gray pumps, since I had so much else going on with the pants and scarf, and I kept my accessories simple, so as not to compete.

Oh, winter.   My dry hands hate you, but my romantic heart loves the coziness that you bring.

Sweater: Grannie (I think from JCP originally
Pants: Kohl’s
Shoes: Payless
Scarf: Rue 21 (I know, it’s a cheap store – but, you can find really great accessories (especially scarves) for super inexpensive prices…so it’s worth a look now and then)

Inspired Looks: Cat 2.0

Remember that time my friend Cat was a guest contributor to my blog? Of course you do – her satirical post was one of my most widely read of all time.

Well, Cat is back, but since I’m writing this post, it will be decidedly less amusing.  Sorry.  But this time, Cat has a great outfit I wanted to show you all for realsies.

First, polka dots.  You know how I feel about polka dots.  Cat’s dress is polka perfection, and the skinny black belt accentuates her waist nicely.  To make this dress more office appro, Cat paired it with a white blazer – a trendy must-have, which I, as of yet, do not have.  Adding that to my shopping list now.  The gold sandals add a touch of shine – Stacy and Clinton would be so proud.

What I love most about this outfit, though, is Cat’s ingenuity.  You’ll notice in the second picture, if you look very closely, a binder clip.  The straps on this dress are a little too long, so Cat did what any smart, lazy girl would do – used office supplies.  I heartily approve.

Do you have an outfit you would like featured on the blog?  Email/text/fb me and I’ll be sure it happens!

Inspired Looks: Liz

Today’s inspired look is by my fun friend Liz.  I don’t generally post about gym attire – mostly because mine is high school cheerleader shorts and an NFL t-shirt almost exclusively.

But when Liz sent me this picture, I realized it was perfect for an inspired look: gym edition!  Where do I start?  First of all, she’s wearing a Clemson shirt.  That alone warrants a blog post.  I love Clemson’s purple and orange colors.  Such a weird combination, but so fun regardless.

Second, if you’re familiar with Pinterest at all, you can tell that Liz took a big boring t-shirt and made it into this cute, fitted tank.  I tried that once.  Unsurprisingly, I failed abysmally.  She did a great job.

Lastly, her shoes.  I’m not sure if they’re purple and orange or blue and orange.  For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to assume the former and that they perfectly match her tank (and water bottle!)  Regardless, I love fun colored sneakers – they bring spice to an otherwise pretty plain scene.

So there you have it – Liz’s fantastic gym look.  I’m now inspired to get some cute gym clothes myself, or at least to retry that Pinterest thing.  Here goes nothing…

Inspired Look: Me

I meant to post this yesterday, since Wednesdays are actually my Inspired Look days, but I had a heck of a time getting blogger to work.  So forgive the out-of-sequence post.

Anyway…today, I was inspired by my own lack of creativity. Or maybe motivated is a better word. I started looking back through my posts and I noticed a whole lot of cardigans and blazers and I wanted to fall asleep. Not that there’s anything wrong with cardigans or blazers. I think they should be essential components of every woman’s wardrobe.  And I do work in a professional environment which largely dictates the parameters of my fashion.  Nevertheless, I wanted you to know that I do have other clothes.

So, I’m showing you an outfit with a cardigan.  But look, it’s different!  At least this time, it’s a trendy, long sweater, with trendy stripes, and a trendy chambray shirt underneath!  And, I’m wearing skinny jeans.

Joking aside, this was a really fun casual look, and I got lots of compliments on it.  So, hopefully, rut avoided.  I’ll try to come up with some other non-cardigan/blazer looks again soon.

Not-stuffy cardigan: Old Navy (I think?)
Jeans: Kohl’s
Chambray shirt: TJ Maxx
Shoes: I’ve had them forever; I think Charlotte Russe

Inspired Looks: Amanda

I’m very excited about today’s inspired look post! Meet Amanda, a friend of mine from the church I attended in grad school.  Amanda is a lovely person (more about that in a minute), and when she instragrammed this outfit the other day, I immediately wanted to feature her on the blog!  Look how cute she is!

This outfit is the perfect example of how you can easily look put together, even while being casual and comfortable.  By adding a skinny belt (you know how I feel about those) and some bangl-y bracelets, Amanda effortlessly dresses up the classic black-shirt and jeans look, and her cute sandals tie everything together perfectly. 

There’s another reason I’m excited about this post, though – it’s doubly-inspiring!  While Amanda says I inspired her look, she inspires me, too!  This girl made a New Year’s resolution this year to get fit, and she’s actually kept it (inspiring point #1: I know very few people who do that).  Inspiring point #2 – look how great she looks!  As one who has tried countless diets and exercise plans with various levels of success, I know Amanda worked hard to reach her goal, and I’m so proud of her!  When I grow up, I want to be more like Amanda! 🙂

On another note, I’m going to get on a soap box for a minute and defend New England.  I think, in a lot of ways, the Northeast gets a reputation for being kinda snobby and into themselves.  I know that’s what I feared when I moved up to Rhode Island for school.  But, never in my life have I been treated so well by a population as I was by the New Englanders.  Even if they were complete strangers in a New Hampshire chowder shop.  Even when I was dressed in Colts gear at a Patriots game.  Even though I’m not Catholic.

While I only lived there for a year, I made friendships that continue to grow and which I will likely have for the rest of my life.  Amanda is just one example of someone who really didn’t know me ALL that well during the year I was in town, and yet she still maintains a relationship with me.  It really touches my heart to know that I always have a “home” among friends in the Northeast.

So, if anyone ever tries to say that the landscape is the only beautiful thing about New England, you tell them to shut their mouths.   The people are even more beautiful.

End soap box.

Inspired Looks: Tabitha (Update)

Remember last week when Tabitha sent me a picture of her necklace, and I came up with a few different ways to style it?  

Well, since then, Tabitha has taken a couple of my tips and brilliantly translated them into her own look.  She was kind enough to let me show you her take, which I’m very excited about!  

In Tabitha’s own words,

So took your last suggestion and wore it today to church. When I put on the white shirt, I realized that the v-neck part was too closed and it wouldn’t show the necklace, so I wore a cami that brought out the same color in the wedge heels I was wearing.

You may remember from the necklace close-up last week that there are specks of blue and green in the necklace so the teal cami/wedges were a perfect choice!  Tab looks so put together, and you know without me saying it that I love the skinny belt as a finishing touch!

Love the outfit, Tab, and thanks so much for sharing with us!  You look great!

If you would like me to style one of your pieces, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments, or by sending me an email at inhershoes77 AT gmail DOT com.  I’ve had issues with the comments that I thought were fixed by removing the “captcha” thing, but then I got all kinda of spam comments, so I put it back on.  Hopefully, you all can get through to me if you want to.  If not, then please do email – I love to hear your feedback!

Inspired Looks: Tabitha

My lovely friend Tabitha posted this picture on my facebook wall yesterday:

It’s a necklace she got as a birthday present, but she wasn’t sure how to style it.  Sometimes statement jewelery can be a bit tricky, but I was happy to come up with a few different looks that might work, thanks to my good friend Polyvore

Since this necklace speaks for itself, I didn’t want Tabitha’s clothes to compete for attention, so I kept them a bit more subdued.  I also tried to stick with pieces that someone would be likely to have in her closet (or that are easy to find).

Look 1: Boat neck tops work well for statement necklaces, as the high neckline allows the necklace to hang over the shirt and be highlighted against the background of the cloth.  The gold watch coordinates with the gold mother of pearl specks in the necklace, and the black sandals brings this casual look together.

Look 2:  I always like an open neckline as a backdrop for a bold necklace, so in look two, I chose a wide V to show off the accessory.  I would put a black belt on the sweater, but unfortunately, Polyvore wouldn’t let me change that part.  You know I love mint green, and the jeans bring out the hints of green in the necklace, with the gold accessories tying all the pieces together for a clean, not-quite-hipster ensemble.

Look 3: Finally, I chose a dressier look.  The beads give this necklace a more casual feel, but it can still be a dressier piece if necessary.  For this outfit, I went with a strapless dress (Tabitha totally has the frame to pull one off) that would again allow the necklace to be a focal point, added some neutral accessories so she wouldn’t look like she was going to a funeral, and because I can’t live without color, popped on a green bangle.  A sky blue would also have worked well for the bracelet.

And there you have it.  Three different ways to wear a great necklace!  I intentionally avoided earrings in any of these outfits, as they could easily compete with the necklace. With some trial-and-error, though, it might be possible to wear both. I hope that was helpful, Tab – thanks for asking! 

If you have any pieces you’d like me to style – whether you just don’t know how to wear them or you need a fresh idea on an old faithful – send them my way!  I’d love to help!

Inspired Looks: Princess Kate

Today’s featured guest is none other than the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. Why? Well, I’m kinda obsessed with her.  I mean, really – look at her.  She’s perfect.  No matter the occasion, Kate is always dressed appropriately and with impeccable taste, her hair is amazing, and she looks beautiful.  Even pregnant, she’s putting the rest of the fashion world to shame.  In my mind, she is the epitome of Tastefully Trendy.

However, the real reason Princess Kate is on my blog today is because you are not.  I need more submissions for Wednesdays’ Inspired Look features!  Whether my blog actually inspired you, or you just have a really great outfit you want to share, send it my way! 

I’d also love to hear from you hair and make-up pros out there – what are your greatest tips or go-to looks?  While I’m passably decent at both (although today’s look may get me some, “Hey the 80s called and they want their make-up back” jokes), I defer to the expertise of my friends to educate the world on those other aspects of looking put-together. 

So, let me hear from you!  You can email me at inhershoes77 AT gmail DOT com, or if you know me in real life, send me a text or facebook message.  I look forward to seeing how fabulous you are! 

Inspired Looks: Catherine

Today’s Inspired Look is brought to you courtesy of my friend Cat.  If you don’t know Cat, you are missing out, because she’s awesome.  And clever and funny.   And awesome.

Because she is so clever, I’m going to let Cat describe her ensemble to you herself, rather than me spoil it. Enjoy!

I wanted to go with a more casual look when I walked Corpy [Corpus Christi – her dog] in the spring flurries. I started with classic Ugg boots that I found when we moved out of the beach house and paired them with sweatpants from high school and a hoodie from college (this season it’s all the rage to mix clothes from different periods of your life). I finished it off with chipped Chinchilli nail polish to complement the grey sweats. Corpus only leaves the house with matching pink lobster collar and pink leash (shown here wearing her ears up). 

*Editor’s Note: Uggs are only acceptable when worn in satire. Or while walking a dog.

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