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Totally Tan

Today’s Instagram style challenge prompt was Totally Tan, and this one did make me think a little.  Tan is not a color I wear often (mostly because I think it’s pretty boring…), but I did manage to find some khaki shorts and seersucker (both of which have very limited lives left this year), and pulled together a look that didn’t bore me after all.  (Also, sorry about the t-shirt, guys.  At least you were warned!)

1 - Totally TanI’ve noticed I’ve been wearing flats a lot more lately.  I think this is a summer thing – when I’m wearing shorts to work (or for running around), I don’t really like to OVER-emphasize my legs with heels.  Plus, I work in a more casual environment, as you know, and sometimes I get teased for my heels.  So, I just wanted to assure you that I still love them, in case you were getting worried.  Heels will always be my first love in footwear.  Well, maybe 2nd to bows.

Hat Trick

I really love hats.  I always have, I think, but it wasn’t until the past few years that I developed enough courage to wear them (and to all of you who think you can’t wear hats, I firmly believe that’s all you need: courage.)

So, whether it’s a beret, a baseball cap, a Colts Santa hat, a cloche hat (think 1920s – the round ones), or something that would make Pharrell and/or Smoky the Bear proud, I’m all about it.

The unfortunate thing, though, is that I cannot for the life of me get a good picture of myself wearing a hat!  I’ve tried several times before, but I’ve never blogged those outfits because the pictures looked ridiculous. It’s the weirdest thing – I look fine in the mirror (and, according to people who see me, so it’s not just in my head), but on camera, I look straight out of the tacky store.

1-navyrangerhatThis is honestly the best I could do.  You should know that I wear this hat backwards, because worn correctly, it looks straight up Canadian Mountie.  But, in real life, it did not sit this far back on my head, nor look quite as witch-esque as it appears here.  No explanation.

I even tried to take a mirror selfie, thinking maybe I could capture in the photograph of the mirror what I actually was seeing in the mirror. But, taking a selfie with a real camera is no easy task.  Here’s my best effort. Take it or leave it.

My personal preferences aside, hats really are in right now.  When I was in the hipster part of Nashville last week, I counted at least 4 or 5 women out of maybe 50 in a bar wearing them.  So, are you going to jump on the trend?  What kind of hats are your favorite?

Hot and Cold

It’s hot as blazes here in India (I’m assuming, since I’m writing this in advance), but when I wore this I was still in the US struggling through the coldest winter of my life.  Thanks for the welcome, Georgia.
I don’t think I really have anything interesting to say about this outfit.  The jacket wasn’t really supposed to be part of the look, but the blouse was just TOO blousy without it – and my arms too cold – that I kept it on.

The headband is also a Rahab’s Rope product – the girls we work with in India actually make these pretty ribbon headbands.  They’re paid per piece, and then we sell them here in the US to further fund the ministry.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Bomber jacket and white blouse

Black and Brown all over

One of the worst things about working in an office in the spring and summer (warning – what I’m about to write is definitely a first world problem) is the air conditioning. It can be 90 degrees outside, but in my office, I still have to use my contraband space heater to avoid turning into an icicle.  Not only is this a poor use of electricity,  it also makes dressing difficult because I still have to wear layers in the middle of July.

It’s not yet July, though, so I suppose I should temper my complaints and be grateful that cardigans are cute, even if I am just sick of them.

For this look, I started with my shoes (as is often the case).  I’ve hated leopard print for years, but lately, I find myself being drawn to it in more subtle ways, like shoes or a scarf.  I even tried on a leopard print blouse yesterday.  An intervention may soon be necessary.

The shoes were one of my Payless steals ($10, I think, and super comfortable) and those capped toes are very in right now.  I will say these shoes would be slightly more stylish if the toes were pointy, but they still work.

My cardigan is from Gap Outlet, and the blouse is an OLDIE…but goodie from Old Navy (I’ve literally had this shirt since I was a junior in college which, sadly, was a long time ago).  The earrings add an unexpected contrast in color and the brown belt works with a black shirt because the shoes combine both shades.

Maybe I’m not smarter than your average bear

What do you do the day after you fall down stairs? Dress like a park ranger, obvs.

Sometimes, my brain works a little funny. I knew I didn’t want to wear fabric over my knees after my fall, because they were still quite sore from being skinned up.  For some reason, though, it never occurred to me that I could wear a skirt and accomplish that objective until I was already fully dressed and about to walk out the door.  Which is why I wore shorts at the beginning of March in 40 degree weather.

Since I’m not completely crazy, I did add a wool blazer (a gift from my mother from Ann Taylor Loft) and boots (a gift from me from Charlotte Russe) to my ensemble to keep me from totally freezing.  It mostly worked, but it really just made me look like the aforementioned park ranger (or as one friend said, like I was going on a safari).

In theory, I like this outfit.  The colors coordinate well, and I felt very put-together.  In reality, though, I felt very exposed.  It’s funny how you can wear shorts all summer and think nothing of it, but wearing them out of season, you feel completely immodest and like everyone is looking at you in judgment.  Maybe they were just trying to figure out why I reminded them of Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum.

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