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Onefer Tuesday: Army Pink

Guys, I’m running a little low on outfits to show you.  I guess when you don’t shower each day until about 4, and then just put on clothes to meet your bestie for dinner, there’s not a huge incentive to pick out something really cute.  Plus, all my photography space is currently taken over by boxes.

I should be good for a little while longer, but I want to set the expectations up front that Two-fer Tuesdays might be suspended for a bit, starting now.

I really liked this outfit.  I think it evolved from the boot socks – I bought a zillion of them a couple weeks ago at Target, but I realized once I got them home I’m not totally sure how to wear them.  The tall ones are easier, though (there aren’t a whole lot of options), and I like the tan with the army green.  Of course, to show them off properly, I had to wear a skirt (I suppose REALLY skinny jeans might have worked, but remember, this is me we’re talking about), and I just went from there.  I also like the contrast of the feminine details of the dress and pink accessories with the more edgy look of the boots and socks.

1 - white dress, blazer, tall bootsWhat do you think of this pseudo-professional look?  Do you like the style mixing, or do you prefer sticking with all feminine or all edgy?  Regardless, aren’t these socks the cutest?  Have you tried boot socks yet – how do you wear them?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

The times they are a’changing

One of my favorite songs is “Come Over” by Kenny Chesney – it has long held a special place in my heart, and that video is straight up sexy, y’all!  But, as I surveyed my apartment this weekend, I realized that if anyone actually were to come over, I would be so embarrassed.  I had let my carefree (read: messy) lifestyle get to the point of disaster, and it was high time to do something about it.

Often, cleaning makes me feel like I’m a little materialistic (that’s another post), but it also gives me new outfit ideas because I find things buried in my closet (or on the floor) that I’d forgotten about. That didn’t happen this time, though.  Instead, I’ve decided to purge my wardrobe, inspired in part by a book I’m reading called, I’ll Drink to That (the memoir of Betty Halbreich, the personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman), and by catching up on about 5 past issues of InStyle.  While there is nothing wrong with many of my clothes, a lot of them are a few seasons old, I rarely wear them, and/or they are too big on me, as I’ve gone down a couple sizes over the past year or two.  Ms. Halbreich’s book, while about designers and fashion I may never be able to afford (and may choose not to even if I can), has made me yearn for a more sophisticated look.  I’ve always preferred quantity over quality, and that’s probably not going to change – much.  But, maybe because I’m 30 and obviously more mature now, I’ve decided it’s time to wear only clothes that I love, not just ones I like.  And ones that fit me as if they’d been tailored, not as if they were off-the-rack hand-me-downs (which, they probably were, and which is totally fine – as long as no one can tell the difference).

So, you may be witness to a style evolution; I don’t know.  I think it’s important to keep growing and evolving as a person generally, and never get stuck in a rut of any kind (especially not a beauty/style one – here’s looking at you, bright blue eyeshadow and feathered hair!) We’ll see where this new perspective takes me.  But, you may benefit from this purging – after my mom and sister have had a chance to look through my give-away pile (see below; and sorry, family does get first dibs), I’ll showcase all of my good pieces (I’m not going to offer anything that is super worn or out of style; that’s just rude!) here, and for the cost of shipping, you guys are welcome to any you’d like.


In the meantime, it is, of course, business as usual at Tastefully Trendy.  And one thing I will NOT be purging are all of my boots.  After several years of working on it, I’ve finally got a pair for (almost) every occasion (I still need some tan/brown casual ankle boots – very specific, I know), and the pair below is one of my favorite recent additions – favorite because they’re cute and unique, yes, but also because they were only $10.  And they’re wedges, so they’re very comfortable.

1 - layered denimHave you gone through any style evolutions, or have you always stuck with a pretty consistent look?  How would you characterize your style?  Let’s chat!

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