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Two-fer Tuesday: Blue Stripes

First of all, I joined Bloglovin’, guys. I’m trying so hard to think of ways to grow my network beyond just my facebook friends (although I do love and appreciate all of you so much), and I’m hoping this might help…who knows. But, if you’d like, you can follow me here: Bloglovin.

Second of all, how about a little Two-fer Tuesday! One of these looks is very summer (RIP), but the other is from last fall/winter, so it’s seasonally appropriate again. Hooray!

This dress is a super cute Old Navy Christmas gift last year. I actually worked with a girl at my last job who had the same dress, and I just knew we were going to wear it on the same day. We finally did – 5 days before I left. Almost made it! Ha.

Being much more hipster/artsy than me, my coworker styled it very differently than me, but here are two approaches I took. How would you style it?

1-blue-striped-dress-yellow-belt(Let’s not talk about my hair in this second picture; this was just post-unemployment and I didn’t have money to fix it. Instead, let’s focus on the perfect blanket scarf.)

Spring Fever

Keeping with my a-seasonal decor as I clear out my backlog of outfits, here is another Christmas tree picture with an outfit more seasonally appropriate in color for spring. But, the skirt was new, as were the bracelets, so I had to break them out early.

I’m a fan of wearing colors whenever you want, honestly – particularly if the weather where you live warrants it (none of this saving white for after Memorial Day when it’s already been almost 90).

But, it is important not to get too carried away, and at least anchor the pieces with something more appropriate to the weather. In my case, I did that with leggings and boots. I added my fun purple bangles, and kept the rest of the jewelry rather simple to let them carry the weight of the attention. And with that, I was ready to bring some color to an otherwise dreary season.
1 - purple shirt, yellow skirtHow do you feel about wearing colors out of season? Do you try to reserve spring colors for spring, etc, or just mix everything up? What about red/green when it’s not Christmas or black/orange when it’s not Halloween? Let’s talk color!

You seem tall

A surprisingly common misconception about me on dating sites is that I’m tall. I finally asked someone why they thought that, and he said I was almost the same height as the Christmas tree in one of my pictures. Valid point, except my tree is short, and my heels are high. It usually gets awkward after they learn that. Oh well.

Obviously, this is not a current outfit, but I liked it and haven’t blogged it yet, so here we go. I bought these “slips” online a year or two ago to go under a sheer dress, and they’re basically just a super stretchy, long tank top. I really love them as a base layer with leggings – and in this case, boot socks. There are a lot of bottom half layers happening in this look, and I say the more the merrier.

That’s about all I have to say on this one: all neutrals, but enough going on with details to make it interesting. And a touch of pink in my jewelry – naturally.
1 - black and boot socksHappy Monday, everyone! Let me know if you think I look tall, or have any other comments at all. I love hearing from you!

The Great Debate: Solved

I know you’re all dying to know about my secret life as a star of the silver screen (aka an extra…aka “background”).  However, I’m not allowed to talk about it. I could probably get away with talking about the details that were posted on facebook (i.e., wardrobe requirements), but I’ll just save all that for when the show actually airs.  So, stay tuned until probably some time in March!

In the meantime, here is an outfit which will never make it to television… But, it was cute enough for running around town in Georgia.

I don’t know why my camera stops focusing sometimes. Whenever that happens, it gets stuck that way for a while, and I don’t know how to fix it.  But, no matter.  I like the soft focus anyway – imperfections erased!

I read something recently that said leggings ARE pants, and I was afraid that once again, my age had caught up with me and the world had changed for the worse.  But, then I got my wardrobe requirements for Nashville, and the costumers said, and I quote, “LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS”.  Now that I am vindicated, and since they are not pants, I added this slip dress under my tunic sweater and was all set.
1 - turquoise and polka dot leggingsHave I finally convinced all of you leggings-lovers of the truth, now that I have professionals backing me up, or are there still some holdouts?  Let the debate rage!

Oh, P.S. – I’m working with a friend/super smart guy to develop an app for my blog.  Would you all use that?  Right now, our rough brainstorming of features would include a way for you to submit outfits for my comments, a blog feed/notifications of new posts, links to social media, our own discussion board-ish thing…and other goodies TBD.

What do you think?  I think it could be super fun and exciting, but I want to know if you agree. Yay, nay, or suggestions for features?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Red, White, Blue, and Black and White All Over

Hey everyone!  I haven’t updated you on my dating life in a while, and I thought it was about time I did.

Short version: nothing has changed.  I’m still single.  And, my friends still never tire of hearing my “hilarious” misadventures.

Long version: it’s not for lack of trying.  I am one of those people who believes in making yourself available so God has opportunity to bring the right guy along. I don’t want to make it any harder on Him (or him) than it needs to be, so I go to church, hang out at Starbucks, go dancing, try all the online dating apps (currently, I have 5 on my phone…don’t judge).  Yet, no luck.

Well, I shouldn’t say no luck…there is one particular demographic that LOVES me here in Georgia.  I’ll give you a hint: they look great in stripes.

That’s right, y’all – I am a big hit with the inmates.  A few months ago, I went to scope out a venue before a speaking engagement, and all the employees there were on work detail from the local prison. I had no idea, until a couple weeks later, word got back to me (by way of my boss…) that I had made quite an impression on the guys from Hall County Correctional Facility, prompting lots of jokes around the office about creating an InmatesOnly.com… (Little did anyone know that in college, my bestie and I had lamented the absence of Christian bad boys and came up with the obvious solution of starting a prison ministry.  We were only half joking.)

It’s not just prisoners, though; I could also have my choice of all the men in rehab in my area – and there are plenty.  They don’t tell you this in the brochures, but Gainesville is actually a big hub for drug rehab programs.  On two separate occasions, I’ve been talking to a group of guys at the pool or lake, wondering how all these seemingly random people were friends, only to discover that they weren’t really, and they also didn’t sound drugged because their accents were so thick…they sounded drugged because, well, they were.  The first time it happened, the guy told me they weren’t even supposed to be talking to girls.  Oops!

So, that’s the update on my dating life in Georgia, guys.  I’m basically the belle of the dysfunctional ball.  Take from it what you will – discouragement on my behalf, encouragement that your life isn’t like mine, good medicine in the form of laughter at my expense. But, remember me the next time you meet a single man not in rehab/jail.  At this point, that might be enough.  (Just kidding.  Kinda.)

And just for fun, today’s style challenge prompt is Red, White, and Blue – of course I wear patriotic clothing all the time (see my necklace below).  But, this time, I’m paying tribute to the queen of angry relationship songs – Miranda Lambert.  Fitting, I thought.

1 - red white and blue2Are you in the dating scene now?  How’s your jail pool looking?  Non-incarcerated prospects?  How much do you love my Miranda tank?!  Let’s have a Friday chat to help the day go by!  Whether you’re married, engaged, dating, or wading through the treacherous waters of being single like me – I hope you have a great weekend!

Moving on Up

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new and improved Tastefully Trendy!  If you’re viewing this on a phone, it probably doesn’t look that different or exciting.  Sorry.  But, if you’re on a desktop, your life is kinda changed forever, right?  I thought so.

I was so excited about all my newly acquired HTML knowledge, that I was going to build this site from the ground up.  Then, reality set in and I realized that, with my skill set and depth of expertise, doing so would take me, oh, about 17 years.  So, I still kept a template, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Let me walk you through a few things – just to be sure no one gets lost in the wonder of it all.

First of all, those tabs across the top look pretty snazzy, don’t they?  I’ve decided to branch out a little bit from my daily outfits and include tutorials (I’m going to shoot for once a week…so maybe once a month is a realistic expectation) to product reviews (these will be products I purchase for myself, of course, until I can get someone to send me their items to review for free), and what I’m most excited about, “That Single Life”.    As probably all of you know because you’re my facebook friend or have been following my blog and I hold very little back on either platform, I’m now 30, and still single.  I didn’t choose this life – it chose me.  And, with this position comes great responsibility…to share all the ridiculous stories that happen to me.  Out of respect for those involved, I’ll change the names and maybe some of the details.  But, men, if you recognize yourself, I apologize.  Just think of me as the real-life Taylor Swift.

So, what do you think?  Do you like the new template and/or new direction?  (Don’t worry, I’ll still post about my outfits most of the time – it’s what I do best!)  Do you hate it?  Are you personally offended that I compared myself to Taylor?  Let me hear your thoughts in the comments!

(BTW – I can change that block of text in the center to a logo…if I had one.  If any of my graphic design friends are bored one day and want to just draw me up something pretty, I wouldn’t say no.) 

Oh, and just so this post isn’t entirely text, here’s a selfie of what I wore to watch that horrible Super Bowl last night.  That is all. wpid-wp-1422933388848.jpeg

Black and Tan

First of all, before everyone starts staging an intervention, I HAVE taken down my Christmas tree.  It is still sitting in my spare room, waiting to go in the closet, but it is down.  However, since I took such an inexplicably long break from blogging this month, some of these pictures are old.  So, sorry about that.

I’ve been taking a class online in web design and it’s got me all fired up to create my own template (or at least pick one that requires some more tinkering than the standard WordPress template), so be on the lookout for changes over the next few months!  (But don’t look too closely…this may take a while.)

Anyway, this outfit.  I bought this MASSIVE sweater dress from a rummage sale to benefit Beloved Atlanta, an anti-trafficking organization.  I think it’s originally from Anthropologie, and it was $10, so I bought it – even if it is a large, and I’m not.

Honestly, I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with it.  I wanted to wear it as one of those cool, long, open cardigans I see everywhere, but it’s just too big for that.  And then there are buttons in weird places.  So, this belted look is the best I could do, but I think it works.  And y’all, this is the warmest thing I’ve EVER put on my body.  Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear unless I traveled outside of Georgia, but I guess my blood has thinned, because I’ve worn it several times.

1 - blacksweaterdressI realize I’ve yet to show you these over-the-knee boots actually over the knee.  I really prefer them that way, but with the length of this skirt, they had to be folded over.  I did take two pictures for you of the detailing, though, so you could see the super cute zipper down the backs and the super fuzzy buckle on the sides.

Stay safe, friends in the snow!  And send some my way, if you think about it.  I asked my boss if we could have a sympathy snow day this week…he didn’t think that was as good an idea as I did.

30, Flirty, and Thriving

Here we are, mid-January, and I’m a little older, a little wiser, and a little bit more fashionable.

Actually, I’m not sure if any of that is true, except the first one. The first one is, unfortunately, definitely true. I’ve hit the big 3-0 and while I don’t feel different, surely I’ve become more mature or something, right?

Because I’m still in a bit of denial, here is a picture from when I was MUCH younger.  Like two weeks ago.
1 - chambray and leggingsI actually really, really love this outfit and I hope I remember to wear it again.  Let me break it down for you.

First, the leggings are fleece lined.  If you don’t have any of those yet, you need to buy them right now before they are replaced by all the spring clothing.  They will change your life.

Of course, I don’t think it’s generally considered acceptable to wear heavy socks with leggings and booties, but it was super cold, so whatever.

Next, you know I don’t believe in leggings as pants, even if they are super thick, fleece-lined wonders.  So, I looked in my closet for anything long enough to cover me and found this black tank dress.  I’d bought it and a hot pink one on Ebay for like $8 each to go under a sheer dress, and I think I’ll now buy one in every color – they really are the perfect accessory, and fit just like a really stretchy tank. (They are called “slips” on Ebay, but there is nothing slippery about them.)

Because they fit like a really stretchy tank, though, they’re not appropriate alone.  Plus, that would be boring.  So, I layered with my chambray shirt (which was ALMOST long enough on its own), and then added a cardigan – because it was REALLY cold two weeks ago, guys.  Finally, I finished off with these fun earrings my sister gave me for Christmas, and my go-to gold cuff.

How did you all stay warm in those frigid days last week and the week before? Let’s get some ideas, because none of us are so naive to think that these beautiful spring temperatures are already here to stay in January.

Black all over

I’ve been wearing a lot more neutrals lately.  Whenever my style shifts a little, I wonder exactly what to attribute it to.  A more neutral palette is in style right now, so are my choices subconsciously being swayed by the latest trends?  Or are my color (or lack of color) decisions reflective of my mood? Just sheer laziness?

Whatever the reason, black is becoming one of my go-to’s, something that’s probably not weird for most people, but I have traditionally only worn it on rainy days.

I call this outfit my hairdresser look.  I mean, really, between my sequins, leggings, and booties with sassy zippers, don’t I look like I work at a fancy salon?  My hair might not be trendy enough – but it is on point, if I do say so myself.

1 - black shirt, black leggingsHave a fun, sparkly weekend, everyone!  I’ll be back next week with a couple fun surprises, so see you then!

What grade are you in?

I just never know which outfits are going to be popular – or with whom.

I wore this outfit on Sunday, and I liked it.  I felt cute and fairly trendy, although, sadly (or fortunately, for those who forgot that they weren’t pants) I think leggings are on their way out.  Or should we say, on their last leg… (ba dum cha!)

Anyway, it was cute, but I didn’t think it’d be one of my most popular looks.  It was, though – with the high school set.  Since I’m 2? years old now, I probably shouldn’t be dressing like a high schooler.  But, you know, it keeps me young and relevant.  So, that’s something, right?

Upon further review of my outfit’s origins, the only thing adult about this look is my Macy’s shoes.  Oh well.

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