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Baby’s First Review!

One of my good friends from Virginia Beach has recently started selling Arbonne, the skin, beauty, and healthy-living products with which many of you are probably familiar. Normally when I hear someone is selling something, I RUN the other way. I’ve had too many experiences where potential-friends have turned into actually-just-salespeople, and where real-life friends became consumed with hocking their wares. Or people I’ve not talked to in years are suddenly sending me facebook messages inviting me to parties in states I left over a decade ago.

But, Joyce is a good friend that I trust – and knew long before she started selling anything – so, when she asked me to review some Arbonne products on my blog, I was happy to help.

Joyce sent me some tea from Arbonne, a couple fizzy drink add-ins, and most exciting, a sample of the full RE9 Advanced Skincare line. One of the things I really like about this line is the convenience. Order everything at one time, and you’ve got a full line of morning and evening products to take out the thinking (I’m definitely a routine person; I don’t like to have to think about something as mundane as washing my face).

The set includes cleanser, toner, a serum, eye cream, and day/night moisturizers – 5 steps to better skin! Most of them have a delightful creamsicle scent. I can’t use the full-line; it wasn’t quite the right fit for my skin. However, the cleanser is HANDS DOWN the most thorough cleanser I’ve ever used. I wear two kinds of mascara, and taking it off at the end of the night is an impossible task that, even with eye makeup remover, leaves my washrags permanently stained. This stuff made eye makeup remover superfluous and left my skin so clean and refreshed.

Arbonne boasts natural ingredients, which I didn’t research enough to comment on. But, if you like a full no-thinking routine, it might be a great fit for you. Or, if you like a very thorough clean, the RE9 cleanser might be just what you’re looking for. Or, if you just like creamsicles. Regardless, Joyce would be glad to help you find the best products for you at www.joycereddinger.arbonne.com.

If you sell something you’d like me to review, please feel free to send me a sample or something, and I’d be glad to try it. But, keep in mind, that I might not buy your product myself because I’m cheap. And please don’t try to befriend me solely to get me to buy/sell something. That’s just rude.

Now, here is my own version of a (now out-of-season) creamsicle. Have a good Monday, y’all!


80 Days of Summer: The Simple Gift

Hey, a pair of shoes I haven’t blogged before, guys!  These cute wedges were a gift from one of my friends in Virginia Beach.  I’m not a big gifts person – I mean, I appreciate them, but that’s not usually the way to my heart.  But, when someone just sees something out of the blue that makes them think of me and picks it up, it really means a lot.

DSC_0624These shoes were one of those kinds of gifts.  So, while yes, they’re cute, and go with a ton of things, they are even more special just because they’re from a friend.
1-Horseshoe blouse, white skirtThis outfit is pretty all-American (except I did buy my skirt in France), so obviously, that earns it automatic points.  Also, while I’m quickly falling out of love with wide belts, they are still sometimes the perfect accessory to help elongate a short waist and/or pull an outfit together, and in this case, my tan belt did both.

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.  ~Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur

Yesterday Revisited

You all know how much I love to mix and match. As if there were not enough clothes in my closet already, by wearing them in a totally re-invented way, I expand my wardrobe exponentially – an important skill, I think, for anyone on a budget.  Or who bores easily.

You may recognize this shirt from yesterday’s post.  It was one of my four dollar finds.  Since I’ve been on this red-lipstick kick, I wanted to wear a more neutral outfit that would really allow my makeup to shine.  I tucked the shirt in to a linen skirt I bought in France years ago (that makes me sound so fancy, but I’m pretty sure it was at H&M in Paris), added my cool new 80’s-throwback belt (also from Body Central for $2), some gold jewelry, and a couple splashes of red in my earrings and shoes to coordinate with the lipstick (which I didn’t show you, because one face selfie a week is more than enough).  The result: an outfit that I loved and felt so classy in, and a completely different look for my $4 blouse.

P.S.  I know I am blogging the same shirt two days in a row, but I promise I did not actually wear it two days in a row. 

Blouse: Body Central
Skirt: somewhere in France
Belt: Body Central
Jewelry: assorted cheap stores
Shoes: Macy’s

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