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50 Ways to Wear a Skirt

Hey y’all, I’m out of town for the next two weeks – mostly for work, a little for fun.

This means two things: one, I’ve preloaded my blog posts so I’m sure to have something available.  Two, my wardrobe is all over the place and probably not of interest to you, anyway.

So, for the next two-three weeks, the typical pattern of posts you’ve been so accustomed to (ha, ha, ha) may be a little disrupted, starting with today’s just normal Wednesday fashion post.

But, I promise that once my life is a little more routine again, so will be my blog, and life as we all know it will be restored.

In the meantime, here is a cute outfit I wore a few weeks ago, but hadn’t blogged yet.  I know the lighting is weird.  If it comes out of the camera bad (as it often does), I really have no idea how to fix it.   But, I try.

I really thought for sure I’d blogged this skirt already.  I was going to talk about mixing and matching, but I can’t find the original.  So, I guess I never did.

Regardless, I’ve definitely worn this skirt before.  I love pieces like this (not only because I got it for about $7 at Loft and it’s a super small size – I’m telling you, guys, shopping there is the key to self-confidence), but more significantly because with all the colors in it, you can wear a million different tops and have a legitimately different outfit each time.  I’ve worn it before with a bright blue tank and a black cardigan.  I’ve also paired it with my mint green tee, playing up the highlights on the leaves.  On this day, I chose to bring out the light pink in the flowers, and accent it with navy flats (the background is one of those ambiguous dark colors that goes with whatever you put against it).

1 - floral skirt, navy flatsWhile I love dresses and other one-piece items, they are much harder to make unique each time, so I get sick of them quicker.  Skirts or other patterned, interesting pieces can give you so much more bang for your buck, though, as the options to mix and match are limitless.

How would you style this skirt?  Do you like mixing and matching, or do you consider each of your pieces of clothing as one hit wonders?  Let me hear from you!

Two-fer Tuesday: Floral Jeans

Let me begin this post by saying if you’re ever feeling badly about yourself, go shopping at Loft.  Their sizes run so ridiculously big and their mirrors are slanted at such an angle, you’ll leave feeling like you could give Heidi Klum a run for her money.

And, if you’re really lucky, you may end up with jeans for $10.  That, combined with an unbelievably low number on the tag, is sure to boost your mood!

Here are those aforementioned jeans, which have quickly become one of my favorites.  Although they are patterned, the pattern is small enough to function more as a neutral.  Still, I haven’t gotten super crazy with my patterns or color mixing yet.

Which of these stylings do you prefer?1 - floral jeans, chambray shirt
1 - floral jeans, striped shirt(Um, so lessons from this bottom picture – don’t keep your phone in your back pocket when you’re taking pictures.  Also, my camera has been randomly taking blurry pictures lately that I can’t figure out how to fix.  But, I liked the blurry one so much better than the clear one, so I included it, anyway.  Third, apparently coral and blue is a favorite color combination of mine.  Odd.)

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