I was pretty excited when I found these shoes again.  I’ve had them for many years, but I rarely wore them – I think I bought them either before the style had matured or before I had.  Either way, these shoes and I were now a perfect match…
DSC_0878And then this happened:
DSC_0879oddly, on both shoes. I suppose I could have taken them to a cobbler, but I didn’t think whatever I’d paid for shoddy Charlotte Russe construction justified it.  C’est la vie.

I know I’ve talked a lot about transition pieces, but really, I think dressing for those no-longer summer, not quite cool/fall/winter days/weeks/months (depending on which part of the country you’re from), is one of the hardest parts of fashion.

Which is why I’m glad these long sweaters are back in style.  They’re the perfect layer – keep it light underneath, as I did with one of my fave sequin tanks and silky India pants.  Or, bundle up with a long-sleeve tee, jeans, and boots.  Whatever the forecast, you’ll be cozy and seasonally appro. 1 - indian pants, long sweaterP.S. My necklace is a product of Eternal Threads, a great non-profit doing all kinds of different types of work throughout the world. My necklace is made by women in Mongolia who have been rescued from sex slavery and reads, “Free Her.” It’s a beautiful way to support the organization and raise awareness about human trafficking.