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Two-fer Tuesday: Jailhouse Stripes

It’s been a while since I’ve done a twofer Tuesday, but no time like the present!

I really like these jailhouse stripes (or maybe more accurately, train conductor – they’re probably too narrow for jailhouse). Regardless, I think these highwaisted, cropped striped jeans are the best.

However, I wasn’t sure about them when I bought them, because in the artificial light of the dressing room, they really played with your eyes. I mean, in general, I try to wear clothes that don’t make people want to look the other way.

In the natural light, though, they seem to be okay, so I think I’m good. Except the camera doesn’t love them, either…you might have to zoom in pretty close to get an accurate look. Oh well.

In this first look, I’m combining another one of my favorite spring trends – off-the-shoulder – with my cute pants and some flats that actually hurt my feet more than most of the heels I own, but they’re so cute and universally functional, that I keep them. I ran some errands on Saturday in this outfit, then popped on some black heels for dinner with a friend that night.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention my pink lipstick; as much as I enjoyed the dark berrys and browns this winter, I’m seriously so happy bright is back in season!

Next up is another casual outfit (I did wear it to work, but in hindsight, it might have been TOO casual). Anyway, a simple soft turquoise tee (you’ll have to take my word for it being that color, I guess), with a black scarf (I don’t have a cat; that’s all just my hair…) and some silver accents to complete the look. Easy, but still put together. Scarves are helpful in that way.
So there you have it – the return of Twofer Tuesday, thanks to my new favorite cropped jeans.

Which of these looks would you rather wear? And what’s the verdict on these stripes – delightful or dizzying? Let’s talk!

Berry Kiss

One of my favorite trends right now is dark lipstick. I’m not bold enough to go REALLY dark (yet, anyway), and I might be too fair to pull it off without looking total vintage goth. But I’m really into a good berry – especially when it matches my shirt PERFECTLY.


This outfit is a great example of how to take something really casual – a t-shirt (that I wear all the time, btw, because it is so comfortable!) and jeans – and spice it up a little with very minimal effort. All I did was add a scarf (tied at the ends to make it a faux infinity scarf) and a choker, some booties, and I was chic and on-trend, but comfortable enough to run errands or whatever else.

1-butterfly-scarf-choker-polka-dot-jeansAlso, not pictured are my earrings because, well, I forgot to take a picture of them.

Do you like to dress up your casual wear? What are some of your go-to outfit boosters?

(Oh, and total bonus points if you know what movie this post’s title is taken from!)

NYE 2017

Well, we have arrived in 2017, y’all! I’m excited for the new year, as I am every January. I don’t have anything in particular that I know will happen this year – but I have hopes for lots of good things!

One of those good things is to grow this little blog of mine. I love it so much, and I’ve heard from many of you who read it, that you love it, too. (Thank you for that!)

To that end, I’ve launched a new Instagram account, dedicated solely to all things fashion. I’ve long thought hashtagging my way to a wider audience was the best method of growth for me, but I didn’t want to annoy other friends who aren’t as interested in that aspect of my life.

Now, I don’t have to worry about irritating those people, while I can also focus on meeting more insta friends who share my interests!

So, if you’re in the not-likely-to-be-annoyed category (as you probably are, if you’re reading this), please feel free to add me: Tastefully Trendy. Should be pretty easy to remember.

Now, to the matter at hand. New Year’s Eve! In my adult life, NYE has become one of my favorite holidays – in part, because it is such an optimistic night. In full reality, because I get to wear sequins.

This year, I couldn’t find ANYTHING shiny in stores. I guess I waited too late and all the sparkles sold out. So, I was forced to wear one of the three sequin skirts I already owned…and I actually was very pleased with the result.

dsc_0029-2Off-the-shoulder: check. Choker: check. Cute furry hot pink clutch (that’s actually an Ipsy makeup bag): check. And of course, sequins and shiny shoes: check and check!!

Here’s a close-up of the off-the-shoulder detail (and my makeup! My secret is great highlighter and NYX’s matte setting spray!).

1-nye-off-the-shoulderAnd the rest of the outfit (sans ring, because I forgot to take a picture of that).

1-nye-sequinsSadly, one of those cute pearl earrings were a casualty of the evening. I somehow still had the back, but the pearl itself was nowhere to be seen (insert sobbing emoji). Oh well. On a happier note, can we talk about how good my new camera is? I mean, look at those silver shoes sparkle!

Did you all have a good New Year’s Eve? Any fun plans? My party was Y2K themed, so you know it was amazing. I hope yours was, too, and that it sparkled and shined with all the magic and promise of a new year! Send me your outfit pictures – I’d love to see your shimmer!

Bachelorette in the City

This summer is a busy one for me, as I’m in two non-local weddings. So that means flights, showers, bachelorette parties, and pretty things galore. (It also means two of my single girl hold-outs are abandoning me (insert sobbing face emoji x3)).

Anyway, the first bachelorette party was this weekend, and I didn’t even have to go anywhere. If you didn’t know, Nashville is, without hyperbole, the bachelorette party capital of the US (Vegas is the guys’ version). So, this weekend I got to play tourist in my own town (coming up on 6 months living here, y’all, so I’m definitely a local now), and it was so fun.

Of course, as every good bride (and bridesmaid) knows, every bachelorette party must have a theme, and ours was Bachelorette in the City. So, we got to go the classy route, wearing black and white with pink accents.

I didn’t have a chance to get a full-length picture of my outfit by myself, but I’m sure you’d rather see me with the bride, anyway. She looked so pretty in her sparkly, white dress, didn’t she?

1- bachelorette partyAt the beginning of the season, I always feel a little “over-exposed” wearing strapless things or shorts, but I do love this romper so much, and since most of my closet is a little more colorful, I had limited black and white options, anyway. Tack on some pink earrings, pink pumps, and some complimentary gold accessories, and I was on-theme and ready to take over Broadway.

Below are some of the details for a closer look. I also really liked my makeup, but I haven’t figured out a way to accurately capture it on camera (suggestions?). In the meantime, I included this picture because you can kinda tell what it looked like, and I thought maybe you’d also like to see my wrinkles…

1 - bachelorette detailsWhat was the theme of your bachelorette party? Or what would you like to do when the time comes? Let’s chat!

Two-fer Tuesday: Decade Parties

Y’all I’ve been busy, lately! I know I say that alot, but this time it’s been with fun things. Thank you, Nashville!

Two back-to-back weekends, I had decade-themed parties to attend, and if you know anything about me, you know I love dressing up for a theme!

The orderly side of my brain really wants to show these chronologically, but instead, I’m going to buck that instinct and save the better outfit/decade for last. So, first up – the 90s!

Even though I was in middle/high school during the 90s, I really had to do research to know how to dress for this party. As I googled, I realized why I remembered so little about the decade of my youth – fashion was AWFUL. Literally nothing about the 90s – from hair, to makeup, to shoes, to clothing – was flattering. Or even pretty. It’s one thing to look back and laugh at what you used to wear. It’s another to look back and want to immediately re-block everything from your memory.

I went the grunge path for my look. Some others at the party took the Blossom route, and that was cute, but would have required way more investment then I was willing to give.  With butterfly(esque) clips in my hair, dark lipstick, a plaid skirt, and the requisite shirt tied around my waist, I looked almost terrible enough to have stepped straight out of the 1990s. All I was missing were true combat boots. Oh, and a scowl.

1 - 90s plaidNow that’s out of the way, let’s focus on the 80s! This party was much more fun to dress for, as I could use a lot of my real life clothes, and I’m always a fan of bright colors. Also, can we bring back the 80s eye shadow? I literally had turquoise, purple, and pink (I used blush, so it was bright enough) on my eyelids, and it was the most fun ever!

Here is the headshot, complete with teased hair, popped collar, and the appropriate sideways glance:

80s headshotBesides the aforementioned tri-color eye shadow, my makeup for this look included bright pink blush in a streak on my cheek, and hot pink lipstick to match. None of this current tasteful balancing of subtlety and bold statements for the 80s – bright everything!

My favorite parts of this look are the details – all denim, in differing washes, a slap bracelet (an ode to the many taken from me by my kindergarten teachers), and the geometric earrings. Plus, Keds, tight-rolled jeans (hard to do on skinny jeans, btw), and the side pony. So, basically I love everything and would totally dress like this again if I could get away with it. I mean, these were all my regular clothes, anyway – I just don’t usually combine them this way.

1 - 80s neon with makeupOh, and can we talk about that jazzercise leg pop? Even the posing was fun!

So, now that I’ve made it very clear which decade I prefer, let’s talk about your favorite. Are you a grunge chick or a neon babe? What were your favorite childhood trends? How do you feel about bringing back the bright eye shadows…?

Let’s be nostalgic together!

My perfect date is October 15 – not too hot, not too cold

Before I moved from Georgia, I actually had a couple of last minute dates.  I really don’t know why – they all knew I was moving, and for the two years I’d lived in Georgia, pretty much the entire male population hated me.  But maybe that competitive gene kicked in when they knew they had to act fast, because suddenly I was quite (relatively speaking, of course), popular.

First dates in the fall are hard, I think.  You don’t want to go all out winter with a wool skirt/tights, but you can’t wear the cotton dresses of summer. So, this is what I came up with. A light background floral is still a little un-seasonal, but with black jeans and closed toe pumps, I figured I could get away with it.  Since he wore a t-shirt and didn’t even suggest dinner, despite the fact that we were together from 5:30-8:00 pm, I guess it was fine (more on that tomorrow…)

1 - floral blouse, skinny cropsDo any of you subscribe to ipsy?  It’s one of those send-you-something-fun-every-month services, but for makeup and skin care, and it’s only $10.  Also, it’s amazing…. Seriously, I love it so much.  The fun of opening the package  each month is worth the $10, but I always get at least one or two things (and usually more) that I really like (including a full-sized bronzer from Tarte).  Plus, it comes in a cute little makeup pouch. Since I really don’t need 10,000 makeup pouches, I’ve started using them as clutches, like the one you see pictured.  Cute, right?  You all should totally subscribe.  And this is not a sponsored post, but ipsy, if you’d like to sponsor me, I had to cut back my expenses when my job was eliminated….so, help a girl out!

What do you think of my fall-ish date night look?  Have you ever used something as a purse that really wasn’t?  If you’re an ipsy subscriber, what’s the favorite thing you’ve ever received in your goody bag?  Let’s talk!

Maybe she’s born with it: eye makeup review

Before we go any further, let me say that the dress is definitely blue and black.  To be fair, the first time I looked at it, I did think the black looked a little metallic, but never did it occur to me that the dress was white.  The argument has now been settled, though, thanks to scientists and Photo Shop.  But, the moral of the story is next time you’re unsure about the color of an article of clothing – ask a fashion blogger.

Moving on…

I’m working on a make-up tutorial – not sure exactly how that works with the mirror situation, but I promise to try to figure it out, guys!

In the meantime, I thought I’d review my favorite drug-store eye makeup. I go through stages in being a little obsessed with things. With jewelry, I was really into rings for a while, then earrings. These days, I’m all about bracelets. I was super excited about froyo for a good 3 or 4 years. Now, I can’t seem to get enough of cupcakes.  And so it goes. (I get this from my mother. I remember very distinctly a summer when I was in elementary school when our home was never without Sunkist in the fridge. My mom’s also told me about her Saltine cracker phase and the vending machine PayDay candy bars in college. It’s a family thing.)

Anyway, I’ve done the same with makeup.  Lip gloss had my heart for a while, and then I tried to be a grown up and make lipstick happen (it didn’t).

Its-Not-Going-to-Happen-Mean-GirlsI’m currently infatuated with eye shadow. I don’t know why – maybe it’s because there are so many different colors, most of which are socially acceptable to wear. Or, maybe it’s because the MAC counter lady/YouTube tutorial on Carrie Underwood’s smoky eye have helped me finally get the hang of this thing. Whatever the case, I love, love, love eye-shadow.

My favorite brand is MAC, of course, with Urban Decay coming in as a close second.  There really is a difference between the high end brands and the cheaper ones, in terms of coverage, ease of application, and pigmentation.  But, it’s hard for me to justify spending $40-70 on eye shadow on a regular basis.  So, for the most part, I use the drug store brands.

Enter ULTA.  I love their eye makeup.  I’ve tried a lot of different cheapo brands, and ULTA has consistently proven the longest lasting and the best pigment/strongest color of any that I’ve tried.  It’s not the same quality as MAC/Urban Decay, but it is definitely a good, much less expensive option.

For the look below, I used a compact that came in an ULTA free gift with purchase.  I collect these things like I used to collect pogs – the color combinations are always amazing for a smoky eye, and they don’t sell these pre-made combos in the store (just individual colors).  So, I always make sure I snag the free gift.

wpid-wp-1425055081807.jpegFor my eyeliner, I used an automatic liner in Black Plum from ULTA.  I really like colored eye liner (done in deep, rich colors, it’s a nice accent, not a scary, pre-teen experiment), and ULTA’s automatic liners, as well as their gel pencils, are both easy to use, pretty smooth in application, and long-lasting.  And they can be found on sale for $1 or $2, if you have the patience to wait for it. wpid-wp-1425054397039.jpeg Lastly is mascara.  I actually don’t particularly care for ULTA’s mascara – it’s the one product in their eye line that I’m not impressed with.  I’ve tried a couple different varieties, and it just generally seems pretty dry and ineffective.  But, I do have a favorite cheap brand, and that’s Maybelline’s The Falsies.  I haven’t ever tried expensive mascara, so I can’t really compare.  But, of the many different drug-store varieties I’ve tried, the Falsies is definitely the best.

wpid-wp-1425054821496.jpeg And here is the finished product – don’t mind my hair. wpid-wp-1425002995558.jpegULTA has a great rewards/coupon program, and they are always running specials.  So, if you’re a makeup junkie like me and have not yet signed up, I would recommend doing so ASAP!

I probably should mention that neither ULTA nor Maybelline has paid me or in any way even knows about this review.  If they learn about it and want to pay me to review their products, awesome…but if not, consider this my contribution to society for today.

Have you all tried ULTA – what do you think?  What’s your favorite drug-store brand eye makeup?  Let’s talk in the comments, and have a great weekend everyone!

Painting the Town Red

A couple weeks before Christmas, I took myself on a date to a Christmas concert.  I thought this would be fun – I love Christmas music, and no one judges you for going alone to an event at a church.

So, I got myself all dressed up, curled my hair around my headband (because I was going somewhere more interesting the next day, and needed time for the curls to set), sprayed on my new Dolce & Gabbana big girl perfume, and took myself out on the town.

Only the concert was actually really disappointing – so flat and emotionless.  So, then I thought about taking myself out for drinks but figured that was taking all of this a little too far, and decided instead to go put on pajamas and watch the Good Wife.  All’s well that ends well.

I did really like this outfit.  As we’ve talked about before, the monochromatic look is making a come-back and for some reason I can’t quite identify, I’m all about it.  With some red accents (including my beloved almost-ornaments necklace), some red lipstick, and eyeshadow that I included in this picture just because I thought it looked really cool, I was ready to go.

1 monochromatic ChristmasWhat do you think about the mono-chromatic look?  Are you all about the vanilla, or do you miss the neapolitan color blocking of a few years ago? Also, do you think I should always use ice cream metaphors in my writing, because I really like the direction this is heading.

  • Blouse: my granny’s closet
  • Shoes: Macy’s
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Belt: Wet Seal or somewhere like that
  • Headband: Rahab’s Rope


IBTLALC, pt. 3

Round 3 of “all dressed up with nowhere to go” brings me to my favorite type of gown – the formal one.  You’ll notice I’m wearing a fake engagement ring.  That’s because I’m beginning to think both black tie party invitations and marriage proposals are mythical creatures, so while I’m pretending, I might as well shoot for the moon.
1 - navy formalBelieve it or not, I’ve never actually worn this gown.  My mom picked it up somewhere – probably a thrift store – and kept it for a special occasion.  I inherited it to keep for my own special occasion when I tried it on and it somehow fit like a glove.  I really love its simplicity – as much as I adore sequins, there is something so elegant about a beautiful, rich, solid-colored fabric in a flattering cut.  (But, don’t be fooled – my shoes still have sequins.  You can take the girl out of the bling, but you can’t take the bling out of the girl.)

For my makeup, I wanted to do a contrasting lip to really make a statement, since the rest of my look (sequin shoes notwithstanding) is pretty understated.  My red lipstick was perfect for the occasion, coupled with a subdued neutral eye to keep from looking like a clown.

Thus concludes my study on holiday attire.  But, that is not where the conversation ends!  I want to hear all about your parties – and more importantly, your party clothes!  Write soon, send pictures! xoxo!

IBTLALC, pt. 2

Yesterday’s trendy party was super fun, but for today’s Christmas party look, let’s turn toward the holiday dinner party or firm/hospital party (i.e., a swanky office party – my office parties are generally just sweater/jeans attire).  I have a lot of disclaimers about this outfit, actually, but first, let’s talk about why it works.

I’ve never quite understood the idea of getting plastered with your coworkers at the holidays – I think it would just make for a very awkward Monday the next week.  Wearing too-revealing clothing follows along those same lines.  This dress works – it is a modest length (really, too long on me, but we’re jumping ahead to the disclaimer section), has a flatteringly deep V neckline without showing too much, and offers just the right amount of sparkle and movement.  Plus, black is always appropriate, and the touches of red make for festive accents.

1 - black party dressI also love, love, love my hair and makeup here.  I don’t know how it happened, but while this is my least favorite of my three holiday clothing looks, it’s definitely my favorite hair/makeup combination.  I went for a bold eye, with shimmery gray/black shadows and a forest green eyeliner (I really love colored eye liners).  To avoid competing with my eyes, I then opted for a neutral lip, even putting foundation on my lips to tone down the color (I read that’s a thing).

DSC_1487Now, for my disclaimers.  I’ve lost a little weight since I bought this dress a few years ago, so, in addition to being really too long for me (I think just above the knee is more flattering generally, but especially on my short frame), it just doesn’t hang right anymore.  Also, I would have worn different shoes if this were real life – I love my suede red pumps, but they’re a little too practical for a Christmas party – something taller, strappier, and/or sparklier would have been better.  Alas, they were the best I had for a pretend outfit.

All that to say, stick with more traditional and conservative lines and colors for formal (in the sense of traditional, not in the sense of black tie) dinner and office parties.  And if  you’re a little taller than me and you’d like a size 6 (maybe fits more like an 8) black dress, please let me know.  I’ll send it to you (seriously).

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