I read on someone’s facebook the other day that capris should be avoided outside of the gym or unless you want to appear like a soccer mom (if this was you, I apologize for a) not giving you proper credit, b) butchering your status, and c) respectfully disagreeing).  I’m assuming this friend was referring to the tapered khaki/olive drab drawstring cargos especially popular among the harried mini-van set.  Because otherwise, I loved a good cropped pant!  This pale pink pair is a staple of mine in the spring/summer time.  They were a hand-me-up from my sister, and the jacket – a pale green and white stripe you can’t really make out in this picture – was a hand-me-over from someone I’ve forgotten now (but seriously, thank you, whoever you were!). 

My earrings are actually clip-ons from my adorable grandma, and I bought my floral top at Plato’s Closet…the more I type, the more I’m realizing this outfit is one of my most thrifty.  My shoes came from JCPenney before they took away their coupons, the jewelry from assorted locations, and my awesome shellac manicure from my new favorite manicurist.  I say that like I’m going to regularly go back.  I won’t.  But IF I did, Cindy would get all my business for sure!