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All that’s missing is Bruiser Woods

Over the weekend, I went shopping – of course – and I discovered my new favorite department store: Belk.  If you live north of the Mason-Dixon line, you might not have heard of this magical place.  So, you should come south – first to visit me, second to eat Chick-Fil-A, and third to shop at Belk.

I am not really a big purse person because I am lazy – changing them requires effort.  But, I’ve been looking for a new bag for some time now, and when I found the one below – on sale – I just couldn’t resist.  For the purpose of this blog, I matched my outfit to the purse.  That will likely never intentionally happen again.  I also should have taken a side photo of the bag so you could better see the shape.  It’s basically the type of bag perfectly suited for a little dog.  And now I want one.

Also, pay no attention to the suitcase behind me.  Sometimes unpacking takes time, but fashion waits for no man.

Cardigan:Wet Seal (which is why it’s lost most of it’s shape.  Sadness.)
Tank: hand me down from my sister, I think?
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Plato’s Closet (I’m not too proud)
Earrings: Anne Klein, by way of my grandmother’s jewelry box
Purse: Belk 

Nailed It.

My boss and I have a great relationship. She had me over for Thanksgiving one year, we actually enjoy going on work trips together, and going to Chick Fil A is one of our favorite pastimes. Basically, we love each other.

But there is one thing I do that she does not care for – follow nail polish trends.

I’ll be honest – my nails are not often pretty. I’m too lazy/busy to keep up with always chipping polish, and I’m too practical/poor to justify regular shellac manicures. Every once in a while, though, I get inspired, usually by new colors. And sometimes, I can’t decide which color I prefer, so I use both.

This is the trend my boss hates. Every time I do it, she asks if I got confused. And it is a bit of an odd trend, I suppose. But I embrace it because it allows me to have even more color on my body – and you know there’s nothing I love more than lots of color.

Nail Polishes: China Glaze, Keep Calm and Paint On (green) and Orly, Boho Bonnet (blue) – both on clearance at Sally Beauty Supply
Necklace: gift from Macy’s
Cardi: gift from my sister
Matchstick trousers: H&M
Earrings: a Christmas gift from the aforementioned boss
Shoes: DSW

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