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Gilded Glory

There are a few items in my closet that I really like, but I never wear – either because I just forget about them, or because I’m not sure what to wear with them.

This golden skirt is one of those. I don’t know what to wear with it, SO I forget about it. But, whenever it does resurface, I really like it.

Gold skirtReally, I like it because it makes me feel like a Grecian goddess. I don’t know why – I don’t think they wore gold-threaded maxi skirts. Maybe it’s the column silhouette.

Regardless, I went a little more mono-chromatic with this outfit than I usually do. Or, rather, I should say more neutral. The gold is consistent throughout, but I let the metallic color do the heavy lifting, and kept everything else toned down. Except my lipstick, of course. 1 - gold skirt, olive shoesAlso, how cute are my little bumble bee earrings? I bought them at Christmas time because they were too adorable to pass up. I thought I’d find someone to give them to. Obviously, you can see how well that went.

Two-fer Tuesday: Coral Jeans

In looking back over this week’s outfits, I realized that I wore a LOT of duplicates.  I’m not sure if I was in a funk (or just very creative with my mixing and matching), or if I was distracted and forgetful about what I’d worn earlier, but I had my pick of outfits for today’s two-fer Tuesday post (side note, I really kinda hate that title for these posts, but in the absence of something better and since I’ve stuck with it this long, it remains).

I decided to go with my coral jeans, mostly because I have had an outfit in my folder to blog for months and never got around to it.  It’s cute, though, so no time like the present.

You’ve probably heard me gush about these jeans before.  They’re the only thing I own from JCrew, and I bought them for $17 at a sample sale in NYC…so I feel pretty cool whenever I wear them.  Plus, CORAL!

The first outfit is the one from a few months ago.  You can tell by the cardigan.

1 - coral jeans, ankle wrap wedgesPerhaps not super relevant in August (unless you work in an office that blasts A/C…I do not have that problem), but this is a great way to transition from winter to spring/summer clothes.  The wedges are obviously summery (both because they’re open toe and espadrilles, but also because they are a striped/nautical cloth), and the color of the jeans automatically evokes happy warm weather thoughts, while the cardigan keeps you from actually freezing!  I liked the red accessories with the coral for a bit of an unexpected color combo.

Outfit two is much more seasonally appropriate.

1 - coral jeans, white blouseStill going with the wedges and cuffed jeans look, the strappy tank obviously adds a late-summer feel.  I just wore this outfit to Starbucks (I’ve told you before about my dressing up for Starbucks thing), but I loved the elegance my gold wedges added, and the sophisticated (but super easy) feel of the whole look.

Which of these combinations is your favorite?  Do you have a pair of jeans you can count on to always make you feel good?  Tell me what you love about them!

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas, pt. 1

Last week, I told you guys I had some surprises for this week, and I didn’t lie.  First, yesterday’s post was pretty fun, right?  (This is when you agree with me, regardless of your personal opinions).

Well, the next three days are going to be even more fun, because we’re going to Christmas parties!  And by we, I mean you so that I can live vicariously.  My social calendar in Georgia has a few more holes in it than it did in Virginia Beach, and I have no fancy parties to attend this year.  What I do have, though, is fancy dresses!  So, this past weekend, I pretended I was going to parties, planned out three totally different looks – complete with hair and make-up changes – and had a grand old time.

If you’re looking for something to wear for your parties, allow me to make some recommendations.

First up, the trendy Christmas party.  This is the party with your hipster friends, the office party if you work in marketing and the party is at a loft bar in the gentrified part of town, or any sort of holiday cocktail party (would also work for NYE).

1 - trendy party dressYou can also wear this dress to hang out with your brand snob friends and let them know it’s Kate Spade, omitting the fact that you bought it at Marshall’s for $30.

All you need for this party is a cute little mod dress with trendy booties.  Add some sparkle (because, Christmas), and you’re ready to go!

I wanted to show you my makeup too, just because I think makeup is super fun. But, capturing the colors accurately, while also not making an expression too embarrassing for public display, is not as easy as one might think.  So, this is the best we have.  I went for a mostly monochromatic look – pink eyeshadows (cream and powder), burgundy liner, and raisin (maybe more like Craisin) lipstick.  And here is the bathroom selfie:

PhotoGrid_1418175404733One party down…too more to go!

80 Days of Summer: Boots with the Spurs

It’s going to probably take every ounce of restraint in my body to not blog these babies multiple times this summer.  For one thing, I love them.  For another, I live in Georgia.  But here we go right out of the gate:
Now, I don’t know what “real” cowboy boots look like, but I think this Bakers version is probably pretty close. I always got lots of compliments at my Virginia line dancing hot spot.

Speaking of which, my recent visit to VB coincided with my friend Vivian’s birthday, so we got to celebrate at said hot spot.  I always try to see how dressed up I can be and still not look ridiculous with my boots on.  Hence, the brocade shorts.  I was pleased with the result.

Also, can we take a moment just to talk about my hair?  It’s rare that it really looks that awesome, but I just had it done that morning, so I was still working off my beloved hairdresser, Christy’s, magic.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Hope y’all get a chance to kick up your boots this weekend!

Cowboy boots and brocade shorts

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