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June Cleaver 2.0

I really love this dress.  I’ve blogged it before and don’t really have much new to say about it.  I call it my June Cleaver dress, and I think that’s fairly accurate (well, except for the length).  But, as I talked about last week with mixing and matching separates, dresses are a lot harder to keep fresh.  I don’t wear this one a ton, so I’m not sick of it yet.  However, I do still try to switch up my accessories and shoes so it looks a little different (even if the overall impression is still basically the same).

Pink and purple is not a normal combination for me, but the polka dots on this dress seem to have a bit of a pink tint to them, which inspired me to try.  The plum keeps me from looking too much like a kid’s Valentine card, and the leopard print belt adds a bit of edge – not only because it’s leopard, but because the print and polka dots are a bit unexpected.

Adding in a 3rd print is generally not advisable, but the floral earrings don’t compete with the polka dots and they’re far enough away from the belt (which is pretty subtle, anyway), to work.  And I finished with bow flats that complement the bow tie at the neck, and the feminine feel of the whole outfit.

1- polka dot dressWhat do you think? Are pink and purple too elementary, or just unexpected enough to be interesting?  Do you have any other good ideas on how to keep dresses fresh and new?  Give me some of your mix and match tips!

50 Ways to Wear a Skirt

Hey y’all, I’m out of town for the next two weeks – mostly for work, a little for fun.

This means two things: one, I’ve preloaded my blog posts so I’m sure to have something available.  Two, my wardrobe is all over the place and probably not of interest to you, anyway.

So, for the next two-three weeks, the typical pattern of posts you’ve been so accustomed to (ha, ha, ha) may be a little disrupted, starting with today’s just normal Wednesday fashion post.

But, I promise that once my life is a little more routine again, so will be my blog, and life as we all know it will be restored.

In the meantime, here is a cute outfit I wore a few weeks ago, but hadn’t blogged yet.  I know the lighting is weird.  If it comes out of the camera bad (as it often does), I really have no idea how to fix it.   But, I try.

I really thought for sure I’d blogged this skirt already.  I was going to talk about mixing and matching, but I can’t find the original.  So, I guess I never did.

Regardless, I’ve definitely worn this skirt before.  I love pieces like this (not only because I got it for about $7 at Loft and it’s a super small size – I’m telling you, guys, shopping there is the key to self-confidence), but more significantly because with all the colors in it, you can wear a million different tops and have a legitimately different outfit each time.  I’ve worn it before with a bright blue tank and a black cardigan.  I’ve also paired it with my mint green tee, playing up the highlights on the leaves.  On this day, I chose to bring out the light pink in the flowers, and accent it with navy flats (the background is one of those ambiguous dark colors that goes with whatever you put against it).

1 - floral skirt, navy flatsWhile I love dresses and other one-piece items, they are much harder to make unique each time, so I get sick of them quicker.  Skirts or other patterned, interesting pieces can give you so much more bang for your buck, though, as the options to mix and match are limitless.

How would you style this skirt?  Do you like mixing and matching, or do you consider each of your pieces of clothing as one hit wonders?  Let me hear from you!

Inspired Look: People who Pack Well

The last time I blogged…seems like ages ago.  Well, I guess Monday counts, but the last time I blogged about myself was 2 weeks, 4 states, 2 countries, and countless cities ago.  So, it seems like it’s been a really, really long time.

In that blog, I promised you a look at my attempt to be a good-packer for my 12 day marathon journey through the Northeast.   I couldn’t figure out the best way to show you my packing list, so I just took a picture of my screen.  If you click on it to make it bigger, you can kinda read it.

The point is, I outlined every single day and tried to mix and match as much as possible.  It’s probably the most organized I’ve ever been for a trip, at least in terms of my packing (I left all of my flight confirmations on my desk…)  Yes, this list took forever to make, but I managed to stay at the weight limit of my suitcase – no small feat (technically, it was 51.5 pounds, but the guy was nice).

Here are a few of the outfits that came from my mixing and matching.  There are not more because I was lazy and didn’t take more pictures.  But you get the idea.

Below is one of the two suits I brought – I wore the suit itself twice, and I wore the skirt another time or two.

Next you’ll see one of those times were my suit skirt did double-duty.  Apparently, I took this picture before I’d ironed.

Here, you see my gray cardigan again, combined with the skirt for my other suit (one which you’ll recognize from my grandmother’s closet.)

That skirt and suit also got worn at least two other times.  However, as you can tell, I’m still not very good at mixing and matching my shoes…but 4 pairs of dress shoes for a 12 day business trip seems pretty reasonable, don’t you think?

Perhaps not my most exciting outfits, but it got me through until I was safely reunited with my full wardrobe.

Do you have any good mix-and-match tips?


I’m not too proud to admit I work the same dress twice this week.   I am just proud enough, though, to give the disclaimer that I wore it around different groups of people so no one would judge me.

I found this dress on the clearance rack at Target for about $10.  A word about Target.  They have cute stuff.  I like shopping there.  But, I rarely find good deals.  I know people who routinely get shirts or skirts for $3 or $4.  I’m not one of those people.  To me, $17 for a shirt on clearance at Target is not a good deal.  Maybe if it were $17 from Bergdorf’s or something.  But not Target.

But this one time, I happened to find a great deal on this cute denim dress – those white dots, in case you can’t really tell, are stars.  It’s a perfect Fourth of July/whenever you feel like wearing stars dress.

In the first look, I kept it simple, wanting the colors to really do most of the hard work.  I’ve told you before how much I love green and purple together.  Lavender and mint are a pretty variation of that theme.  And I added star earrings just because sometimes I still feel like I’m in 8th grade.

In this next look, I kept with the semi-nautical theme I’ve been feeling lately and added a rope belt to my hot pink sweater.  I also mixed my stars by wearing the Star of David necklace my mom got me in Israel.  No rules.

Dress: Target
Cardigan 1: Old Navy
Cardigan 2: H&M
Knock-off Keds: H&M

More than one way to wear a jacket

When I was growing up, my mom would often get on food kicks. I remember a summer where we drank Sunkist soda every day (this summer was also marked by copious amounts of the Price is Right and Goldfish crackers – we had a Sam’s Card that summer).

She also tells the story of being in college, hooked on Pay Day candy bars.  Or when she worked at a restaurant in her 20s, living off of packets of saltine crackers.  Don’t worry; we’re much healthier in my family now.

I think I’m that way with clothes.  I get a new piece that I really like, and I wear the heck out of it.  You may remember this jacket from my weekend outfit I blogged on Monday.  I’d like to say these looks were all very spread out; I guess three times in an 8 day period is kinda spread out.  But, I was on my kick and not to be dissuaded.  Hopefully, the mixing and matching sufficiently masked my obsession.

Look 1
Dress: Ross, maybe?
Jacket: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Hamrick’s (I’m embarrassed to say I’ve ever been in that store, but they actually have some cute things)
Necklace: Leah

Look 2
Dress: Ross (of TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross, Ross definitely has the best dress section)
Shoes: Charlotte Russe – these are on their last, dying, crippled leg.  But, I love them.

Inspired Looks: Tabitha

My lovely friend Tabitha posted this picture on my facebook wall yesterday:

It’s a necklace she got as a birthday present, but she wasn’t sure how to style it.  Sometimes statement jewelery can be a bit tricky, but I was happy to come up with a few different looks that might work, thanks to my good friend Polyvore

Since this necklace speaks for itself, I didn’t want Tabitha’s clothes to compete for attention, so I kept them a bit more subdued.  I also tried to stick with pieces that someone would be likely to have in her closet (or that are easy to find).

Look 1: Boat neck tops work well for statement necklaces, as the high neckline allows the necklace to hang over the shirt and be highlighted against the background of the cloth.  The gold watch coordinates with the gold mother of pearl specks in the necklace, and the black sandals brings this casual look together.

Look 2:  I always like an open neckline as a backdrop for a bold necklace, so in look two, I chose a wide V to show off the accessory.  I would put a black belt on the sweater, but unfortunately, Polyvore wouldn’t let me change that part.  You know I love mint green, and the jeans bring out the hints of green in the necklace, with the gold accessories tying all the pieces together for a clean, not-quite-hipster ensemble.

Look 3: Finally, I chose a dressier look.  The beads give this necklace a more casual feel, but it can still be a dressier piece if necessary.  For this outfit, I went with a strapless dress (Tabitha totally has the frame to pull one off) that would again allow the necklace to be a focal point, added some neutral accessories so she wouldn’t look like she was going to a funeral, and because I can’t live without color, popped on a green bangle.  A sky blue would also have worked well for the bracelet.

And there you have it.  Three different ways to wear a great necklace!  I intentionally avoided earrings in any of these outfits, as they could easily compete with the necklace. With some trial-and-error, though, it might be possible to wear both. I hope that was helpful, Tab – thanks for asking! 

If you have any pieces you’d like me to style – whether you just don’t know how to wear them or you need a fresh idea on an old faithful – send them my way!  I’d love to help!

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