Yesterday I went shopping again.  Now, before you judge me, let me say I hadn’t been in several weeks – maybe a month, actually – and I had an official purpose for going.  I need some stuff for India.
Of course, I bought nothing for India, but I did get this cute sweater at Old Navy.  The nautical look has been in for about a year or so, which means that it’s now all over the budget-friendly stores.

I sometimes wonder what people think of my financial situation.  I do have a lot of clothes, and it would probably be pretty easy to assume I am up to my eyeballs in credit card debt from all the shopping I do.

But, this sweater was on sale for $12!  I also bought a cute tank for $7, and then I had a gift card, leaving my grand total at 13 cents.  The girl asked me if that would be cash, credit, or check. Fortunately, I had 13 cents in cash.

It’s shopping that way which allows me to accumulate so many things and still do Dave Ramsey (kinda)proud.

The blouse is one that belonged to my grandma.  It has cross-stictched hearts all along the front, so I’ve obviously never worn it.  However, it fits me very well and it was hers, so I’ve always kept it.  I’m glad now that I did, because it goes perfectly with this sweater.

I do wish I had my better-than-Sperry boat shoes to wear with this look.  They’d be much better than my little worn moccassins. Unfortunately, they, along with all of my summer clothes and shoes, are tucked away somewhere in a pod, never to be accessed until I unpack at my new home.  Let’s all pray that I find said new home before I have to buy a whole new summer wardrobe.

On second thought, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.

  • Sweater – Old Navy (they even styled it similarly.  Except, probably not that many people have coral jeans…)
  • Jeans – J.Crew sample sale (similar here)
  • Shoes – DSW, I think?  A million years ago.
  • Watch – NY & Co.  (similar here)