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Preds Pride!

I need to learn hockey lingo, because y’all, Nashville is a hockey town, and our Predators are on fire!

I freely admit that I am a bandwagon fan. In my defense, though, I’ve never followed a hockey team before, except the US in the Olympics, and I think it’s perfectly acceptable to jump on the bandwagon of your home-town team.

So, disclaimer out of the way, since my boys are in the final games of the Western Conference Finals – just one or two steps away from the Stanley Cup games! – I figured I should go buy a t-shirt. Since I waited until the Western Conference Finals, though, the choices were a little limited…

After striking out at Target and one Walmart, I headed to a 2nd Walmart and ended up in the kids section. While I don’t normally like how kids’ shirts fit, since I am not, you know, a 14 year old boy…I did like the $12.88 price tag. And, I liked it even better when I got to the checkout counter and it rang up as $1!

I asked twice if that was the correct price, because honestly, even on clearance, how could it be one dollar? But, it was, and so for that, I could make anything work.

And, make it work I did by cutting a v-neck into the shirt to give it a more modern, feminine, less little boy look, and pairing it with striped pants and a jacket because I wanted to show my (newfound) pride at work. I swapped out the jacket and pants for shorts later, when I went to watch the game in the park, surrounded by 1000s of my closest friends. And food trucks, because this is Nashville!

Unfortunately, we lost that game in overtime, but it was a great evening nevertheless, and I’m sure this $1 purchase will be used many times over in the coming days/weeks and future seasons.

And now with the jacket…
Go Preds! Pluck the Ducks! Smashville! (That’s all I’ve got…)

Just Peachy

I know we’re all busy today, shopping, making cookies, decorating for cookies, and obviously watching the Gilmore Girls revival!!

So, in the interest of all of our time, I thought I’d post just a quick thing today with few words. I really liked this outfit – partly because I’m obsessed with my two peach shirts and basically just alternate between them every day (slight exaggeration), and partly because yellow and peach is an unexpected color combination that works so well here because of the other colors in the scarf.
1-yellow-scarf-peach-shirtI hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that you find some great deals today, with minimal hassle.  Or just stay home and enjoy a peaceful day with your loved ones. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Creative Professional

So, here it is, January 13, and I still have my Christmas tree up. I at least unplugged my lights so my neighbors wouldn’t think I was crazy, but y’all – I have just not had any time to take it down!  At least I did take a few ornaments off today, so maybe with the long weekend, there’s hope.

But, I say all that just to say, get used to seeing my tree, as I’m not only catching up on life, but also my blog posts.  We very well may be seeing that tree into March.  Sorry…

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago when I went in to fill out some paperwork for a subbing job I never actually got to do (I’m glad about full-time work, of course, but I do really enjoy subbing).  Anyway, I’d already been offered the position, but I still wanted to look professional.  So, I danced on the line by wearing bright colored pants with an elastic ankle (does anyone know what this style is called?) and a tribal patterned top, toned down by a conservative navy blazer and gray patent (and mock croc) pumps.
1 - tribal print, green pantsHow are you doing on life in 2016?  Generally, I am really enjoying this year, but I’m just so far behind!  Have you at least gotten around to taking down the Christmas tree?  Sometime soon, I’ll write a reflection on 2015 that will be inspirational and poignant…or something.  But, it may actually come closer to 2017…we’ll see.  Let me know how things are in your world!

The SEAL and I

Yesterday, I was very encouraged to read that J.J. Watt, arguably the best defensive player in the NFL (and whom I disliked until yesterday, because he plays for one of the Colts’ rivals, the Texans), has a hard time finding dates, despite his best efforts.  If a 6’5″, attractive man who makes over $16 million a year has trouble dating, it makes me feel a little less bad about my own failed attempts.  (Sorry, J.J., but misery loves company.  And so do I, btw, should you ever somehow read this.)

Anyway, lest you think I ONLY meet inmates and rehabbers, let me assure you that – well, actually, that is true in the state of Georgia.  Elsewhere, though, I do sometimes meet guys that I genuinely like.  Like, Navy SEALs for instance.  One of my most favorite nights was spent dancing with a SEAL at my beloved honky tonk, the Banque, in Norfolk, VA.  I was determined to ignore him because although he was beautiful, obviously (every SEAL is beautiful), he knew it, and I knew he knew it.  Plus, he had tattoo sleeves and was wearing a shirt with a stupid joke on it, and I was not about to indulge his ego.

But, SEALs aren’t used to rejection, and he persisted until I finally granted him one dance…and spent the rest of the night being twirled around by big Navy SEAL arms.  For the sake of any male readers, I won’t gush further.  But, girls – it was magical.

Of course, he was being sent on a secret mission somewhere two days later, so we were relegated to texting (he somehow still had phone signal, and I’m choosing to believe that he wasn’t just hanging out in Norfolk, pretending to be in the jungle with a nearby Verizon tower). And naturally, when I got my hair done a few days later, going from a dark blonde/light brown to a brighter/more Sarah Beth blonde, I sent him a picture.

His response: “I prefer brunettes.”

So, that was the end of the SEAL.  Sad day, but marriage to the special forces is not for the faint of heart.  Nor is marriage to a blonde, I suppose.

Have you ever had “one enchanted evening” with a stranger?  Did it turn out like a perfect rom com, or more like my life? Let me hear some stories so I know I’m not alone! And have a great weekend, everyone!

1 - bling ring

A Good Face for Radio

A few weeks ago, I went up to the local radio station to record an ad and an interview for work (you can listen to them here and here).  I knew it was very unlikely that my face would ever be shown (I mean, I guess they could have done a promotional shot or something), but it was a big deal for me, so I wanted to look the part.

Of course, “the part” for radio is probably whatever you feel like wearing.  And I felt like wearing a dress.  I didn’t want to go over-board with a business suit, or look like I was trying as hard as I was, so I added a cute, denim-striped, cropped jacket to tone it down, but still look professional and put-together.

1 - floral dress, cropped jacketDon’t you just love my cute envelope cross-body bag?  I bought it at a fun little boutique in Maryland earlier this year.  It’s hard for me to be minimalist enough to use something this small (I realize this is about the biggest fold-over bag known to man, but still) – however, it’s so cute, I make it work.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  And, in case I don’t say it enough, I do love seeing your looks – regardless of whether they were inspired by me or not.  So, please send them my way so I can feature you sometime!

80 Days of Shoes: Mock-Croc pt. 2

I guess since it’s after Labor Day, I can’t call this 80 Days of Summer Shoes anymore…it’s just 80 Days of Shoes (which, of course, is laughable, because we won’t hit all 80 until probably sometime after Easter).

These shoes are a little more actually professional than I prefer my footwear to be.  But, gray is a perfect color for so many things, the croc print and patent leather make them interesting, and they’re actually super comfortable.  So, three out of four ain’t bad.

DSC_0752A lot of people talk about not wearing scarves in summer because it’s too hot.  I’ve never really understood that.  Yeah, summer is hot.  I live in Georgia – I know this as well as anyone.

But, really, how many of us who could wear scarves are going to be in a place that does not have air conditioning?  We’re not talking about construction workers or life guards sprucing up their outfits – just office workers or SAHMs going from their home to their cars to their A/C’d activities.  I’m just saying is I think summer scarves deserve a second chance.

I decided to pair my scarf with a very light and breezy dress, so everything else I was wearing would keep me cool, if I did have to walk outside for any reason.  And, the scarf is draped so loosely, it’s not going to add significant weight to any part of my body, including my neck.  1 - blue dress, scarfIf you’re really nervous about scarves, there are many light-weight, almost gauzy and open-weave scarves available that add some more interest to a basic look.  Maybe I’ll post a video sometime, too, about how to tie scarves, as I also regularly hear people say they just don’t know how to wear them.  I’m convinced scarves are a year-round, universal look, and that’s a soap-box I’m just not willing to climb off.

80 Days of Summer: Mock-Croc

When I left my job at the law school, I was excited about a lot of the new opportunities in front of me, not the least of which (sadly) was that I could wear casual clothes to work.

While I do like having more options now for everyday wear, the novelty has worn off and part of me misses some of my professional looks. And the shoes. So, now and then, I wear them, anyway.
DSC_0603These brown mock-croc pumps are a professional wardrobe staple.  I forgot to take a picture of the heel, but they’re a sensible, yet cute, 2.5 inches.  So, naturally, I had to pair them with something a little less sensible: like brightly-colored jeans and a long, un-tucked floral blouse.
1 - floral shirt, coral jeansYesterday, I was reading InStyle magazine and there was an article about cuffing your jeans.  They recommended no straps (on your shoes), no cuffs; thin straps, thin cuffs, thick straps, thick cuffs.  I think this is a good rule of thumb, but as with almost every fashion rule, there are exceptions.  My (too-long for me, but they were a great deal) coral jeans are a perfect example, as the wide cuffs go just fine with my strapless pumps.

Also, sorry about my hair.  I apparently went through about a 10 day period when I didn’t feel the need to brush it.  So, I apologize in advance for the next few posts.  We’ll just chalk it up to my tribute to the return of grunge – it’s as close as this girl will ever get.

  • Blouse – Selah (some new cheapo mall store)
  • Jeans – JCrew sample sale in NYC (I will probably keep these jeans until the day I die just so I can keep telling people that’s where I got them)
  • Shoes: a gift, so not sure
  • Cuff: Rue 21
  • Yellow tank under blouse – Old Navy

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