Surprise! I moved back to Nashville!

Actually, let me start this again:

In what will likely come as a surprise to no one…I moved back to Nashville!

Although I’ve moved approximately 5 billion times, this move was unlike any I’ve done before. For one thing, I didn’t move for work – I am remote permanently, so I could live anywhere. Because of that, I only took one day off to move, whereas in the past I’ve had a week or two in between jobs to traverse the country and get settled. (For the record, I’d highly recommend taking off more than one day).

I’ve also never moved back somewhere I’ve lived before (I did live in Virginia Beach twice, but I was in elementary school the first time, so that doesn’t count). In many ways, knowing where I was going made the move less complicated – I had a friend to stay with while I looked for a place, I knew the areas I wanted to live in, I knew that I couldn’t sit on a rental if I wanted it to be still be around, etc.

In another way, though, I really had to wrestle with the idea of “going backwards.” Had I already had my Nashville “season” and it was time to leave it behind? After all, I’d talked about going back to other places I’d lived before but never followed-through for that very reason.

And, I worried about what people might think, to be honest. It was one thing to jump around a lot in my 20s. Does doing so in my 30s make me seem flighty?

But, after working through those concerns and weighing all the pros and cons, Nashville was the best choice for me for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I love it. Everyone knows this about me. I literally light up when I talk about Nashville, and if someone asks me for recommendations, I send them a page full. If I could live anywhere, why would I not live in the place I love the most?

I also wanted to be closer to my family. My parents are getting older, and they will need more help soon-ish. I’m in a much better position to do that here than in DC, and I’m much closer to extended family who can help, as well.

Plus, all the reasons I left Nashville in the first place had basically resolved themselves. Including the dating pool problem. I complained about dating in Nashville, but little did I know it could be much, much, MUCH worse. At least here, people like me and I generally like them. That’s an excellent starting place. Now I’m working on learning to choose better, so I have reasonable expectation for a different result this go round.

I did go back and forth about what God wanted me to do and what the RIGHT decision was. Sometimes I agonize over these types of decisions. But, I read an excellent little book that a friend recommended (Guidance and the Voice of God by Phillip D. Jensen and Tony Payne), talked with some trusted friends and advisors, and ultimately came to the conclusion that some things in life don’t have a right or wrong, and we (read: I) complicate matters by agonizing over them. In reality, it would seem that on many things God has given us the brains and judgment to make good decisions. So, using my brain and judgment, I realized that moving back to Nashville was a good decision. And I’m happy I made it.

Maybe because I traveled so much in 2021 – including a 3-week stay in Nashville – it doesn’t quite seem real that I’m here permanently again. I feel like I’m in some sort of twilight zone, and I don’t know which end is up.

But, I moved into this adorable little place this weekend:

So, I’m hoping that once I get everything unpacked and it stops looking like this:

And the holidays fade into the past, that I can finally feel like I’m inhabiting my own life again. It’ll probably help to get a couch.

I did not hate DC. I’m very glad I lived there for the time that I did – I made some good friends, learned that I love living somewhere that I can walk to things, and experienced a different culture than what I was used to. I probably never would have taken my road trip had I still lived in Nashville, and I think the initial weeks/months of the pandemic would have been much tougher on me in Tennessee. And, had I never lived in DC, I would always have thought about it and wondered if it were the place for me.

But, I never really fit in, in the District. I fit in, in Nashville. When I was here in October to decide if I wanted to move back, one of my friends said my whole vibe was different in Nashville, and I am sure it is. I feel more like myself in this city, and the parts of myself that I really like – my friendliness, my fashion creativity, my lighthearted side – seem to be more appreciated here, as well.

So, I’m back, with a new mindset and an even deeper appreciation for the things I love about this town. Whenever I move, people always ask if I’m going to stay put now. I hate that question because I have no idea. But, if ever I were to stay put somewhere, this is certainly a place I would want to be.

My house was built in 1937. It has all the charm of an old house, as well as all of the miniature closets. I don’t know where I’m going to put all of my shoes. But, what is most important, it has a second bedroom. Please come visit – you are always welcome.