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Everything’s Coming up Paisley

I’ve gotten a bunch of new clothes lately, guys – some purchased, a few given to me.  I try not to reblog the same outfits, so maybe it’s no different on your end if I’m wearing something brand new or that I’ve had for years.  But, on my side, I’m pretty excited about all the new things to show you!

First up, this super cute dress.  I don’t exactly know when you become too old to wear short hem lengths.  I may have reached that age – or at least reached the age where you can’t wear short hems with pasty white legs.  But, it was sunny and warm last week, and when I have a new dress, I throw caution to the wind and wear it anyway – Casper legs or not.  The flats helped keep it more within the realm of reason.

What do I love about this dress?  Well, first of all, when was the last time you saw an article of clothing made of paisley upholstery?  Second of all, crocheted lace.  Third of all, can’t you just picture this dress with some cowboy boots at a country concert?  Adorbs.

1 - paisley and lace dressIs it warm enough to bare your legs where you are?  If so, have you tried yet, or are you waiting for a tan?  What do you think of clothing upholstery?  Hope you’re having a great Monday – can’t wait to hear from you!

P.S.  My shoes came from Payless on clearance.  Why Payless has sandals on clearance in March, I have no idea.  But, $10 score!

#FBF and the 90s

While I’m no longer 15 and thus not up on the latest lingo, I’m pretty sure #FBF actually means Follow-Back Friday, rather than Flashback Friday.  We already have #TBT – why would we need a second retro day, immediately after the first?

However, I saw an article on Buzzfeed yesterday that HAD to be shared, and Flashback Friday seemed highly appropriate.  Guys….JNCO’s are coming back!  Yes, that extreme wide-leg fashion staple of middle school that we’d all thought was buried forever – it’s making a comeback!  Or at least trying to.  I personally don’t think it will happen (or should), but the trip down memory lane was totally worth it’s weight in marketing dollars.  Check out the awesome photos on Buzzfeed here.

And then, let’s do a Tastefully Trendy flashback to when I still had my Christmas tree up.  Which wasn’t all that long ago, let’s be honest.  But, still.

My favorite thing about this outfit is the way the necklace and scarf lay against each other.  I don’t usually wear both, but I really liked the detail in this case. And my hair is in the pre-curl stage of my no-heat wrapping.  When I wear it during the day, I’ll use a pretty headband, and usually push it up higher on my head (or wherever it looks cute and won’t give me a headache).  This headband is actually pretty stretched out, so it’s hard to get my hair to stay in it long enough to curl.  I just keep tucking throughout the day.  #worthit

1- Scarf and necklaceWhat about you?  Flashback Friday or Follow-Back Friday?  JNCOs back in style: do or don’t?  What fashion trend from the 90s do you miss – and wish would come back?  Any you hope never do?  Let’s reminisce together!

Dressing for Antartica

Dear friends,

If you’re reading this, it means that I am still alive.  However, I may need to be treated for frost-bite.  Please send medical attention.  And chocolate.

My power is back on after almost 48 hours of nothing.  Ice has got to be one of the most beautiful, treacherous things God created.  I understand now why everyone hated poor Elsa so much.

With the temperatures dipping almost to the single digits again tonight, I’m finding myself running out of adequately warm clothes.  I wore a maxi skirt today, thinking the length would make it a good alternative to jeans.  That was a false assumption.  My fleece-lined leggings are going to get a lot of wear over the next few days.

Here is an outfit from a couple of weeks ago when it was cold, but not arctic tundra levels.  I wore a maxi again – the bright colors imply summer, and maybe subconsciously I was trying to woo it in.  However, instead of focusing on the pinks and oranges, I picked out the deeper shades and paired it with a blouse and cardigan.  Then I added the statement necklace in a softer version of the peach hue, tying everything together.

Every now and then, I get a new outfit that just works.  I really loved this one, and it’s one of the few ways you could wear a maxi to a more professional office setting and still be appropriate.

1 - maxi and cardiWhat’s your winter style?  Do you layer on the trendy infinity scarves or are you more of a hoodie and sweats kind?  Have you been able to keep warm over the past few days?  Leave me some stories in the comments!

Inspired Look: Autumn Leaves

Fall may be almost over (judging by my shivers this morning, it is), but there are still a few leaves left on the trees, and their colors will continue to inspire me until Thursday of next week.  After that, get ready for lots of reds and greens.

This outfit started with the bow in my hair – yes, that one you can barely see.  Surprisingly, I had a little trouble building an outfit around it, but I think I ultimately succeeded.  Most of this outfit is neutral (yes, technically, maroon is a color, but it’s functioning as a neutral).  The yellow belt adds a little pop of color, and the earrings (a gift from my sweet friend Bonnie) tie it together nicely. 

Obviously,since I’m wearing a sheer short sleeve shirt and bare legs, this photo was not taken today.  But, I’m remembering those warmer days with longing.

Skirt: American Eagle, via my sister’s closet
Shirt: the Body Shop
Belt: the Body Shop (this is obviously not my most mature outfit)
Hair Bow: the Dollar Store
Shoes: Payless

Inspired Looks: Jack Frost

Okay, so this look really isn’t inspired, any more than any of my other outfits are.  But, I want to keep my Wednesdays consistent.  Just go with it.

It’s COLD, y’all!  I’m not used to this in November in Virginia.  I should still be wearing a light jacket, not bundled up in a coat, scarf, and gloves!

Of course, my office does have heat.  But, subconsciously, when the temperature suddenly dips, I feel the need to bundle up as much as possible.  Even if I then end up sweating most of the day.

This bulky sweater is one of my favorites – not only because it’s so warm and cozy and because grandma sweaters are in right now – but also because it legitimately belonged to my grandmother.  You know wearing her clothes is one of my joys in life.

I wore this on a gray day, so I decided to bring some color with my pants and scarf.  This scarf makes me feel a bit like the Chiquita banana girl, but I’m okay with that.  I wore a gray shirt underneath the sweater and gray pumps, since I had so much else going on with the pants and scarf, and I kept my accessories simple, so as not to compete.

Oh, winter.   My dry hands hate you, but my romantic heart loves the coziness that you bring.

Sweater: Grannie (I think from JCP originally
Pants: Kohl’s
Shoes: Payless
Scarf: Rue 21 (I know, it’s a cheap store – but, you can find really great accessories (especially scarves) for super inexpensive prices…so it’s worth a look now and then)

One Man’s Trash

I realize that I have a lot of clothes.  I’m most acutely aware of this when it comes time for me to move and I have to haul them all somewhere. 

But, despite my first world materialism, I find it quite easy to sleep at night.  How?  Because I get clothes for free.  All.  The. Time. 

Like this dress, I’m wearing.  Cute, right?  I got it at a swap party.  If you’re not familiar with swap parties, you should be.  It’s when you get together with friends, eat food (obviously), and swap clothes/accessories/shoes/household items you no longer use or want.  Whatever is left over goes to Goodwill, where it would have ended up, anyway, but sometimes it’s nice to know that your stuff is going to a good home. 

My friend Kim owned this dress before me, but she never quite liked how it fit her.  I usually don’t do well in shirt-dresses, either, but for some reason this one worked great.  So, I got Kim’s dress (and really, a ton of other nice things).  I don’t think Kim got anything of mine, mostly because I had just taken a bunch of clothes to Goodwill.  But, in the future, I’ll be better prepared for this brilliant party and I can bring some more desirable cast-offs for someone else to treasure. 

Since I’m seldom one for all black affairs, I made this dress a bit more colorful and springy with my favorite multi-colored flower shoes, a cute bracelet, and beaded necklace.  The ring was a Christmas gift from my mom and the pearl picks up the yellow in my other jewelry and shoes.

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