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80 Days of Shoes: BOGO

Football season is here, y’all! To celebrate, I’m showing you two looks today: two shoes, two teams, two ways to celebrate – all for the price of one. It’s a big day here on my little blog.

My explanations will be minimal – for one, the outfits pretty much speak for themselves. A) Go Tigers. B) Go Colts. But, really, if I say much more than that, this post will be too long, and none of you will read it. So, you’re welcome.
DSC_0896These fake Sperry boat-shoes are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I actually prefer knock-offs to the originals in this case because they’re more feminine. The toe on an actual Sperry is too long to be classified as “cute” – and of course, everything I wear has to be “cute”.

Why Clemson, you may ask? Because that’s where my brother went. Good enough reason as any, I think.
1 - ClemsonNext, these shoes are from Target, so I see someone else wearing them almost every day. They’re about the only pair of shoes that I’ve ever bought without trying on, though, and I don’t really like them on my feet. Too Biblical.
DSC_0967Why Colts, you may ask? Because Peyton Manning. And Tony Dungy. And Andrew Luck. Classiest organization in football.
1 - Luck jerseyI’m a little sad I forgot my blue and silver nails in this picture, but I’m sure you can imagine them.

How do you celebrate your favorite teams with fashion?

Treat Yo’ Self

This weekend, I went with a friend for a pedicure.  I rarely treat myself to such things, preferring instead to save my money to support my clothing habit.  But, I was having a bad day, and I’ve reached the age when my feet have really begun to suffer from the abuse my shoes wage on them (grr getting older!), so I decided I would splurge.  By splurge, I mean I spent $22 at one of those places in the grocery store strip mall, but you understand.

I picked out this outfit before I went, of course, and then I picked out my polishes with no regard to my outfit.  But it all matched so perfectly, and I was very pleased.

In this picture, you can see my outfit well (you know, minus the blurriness).  Pay no attention to the messiness of my room behind me.

Also, yes, I’m wearing a skort that I bought years ago.  And I have no problem with that (it just looks like a skirt – the shorts are all underneath.  I would have a problem if the back were shorts and the front the skirt.  Like a mullet). 

In this picture, you can see the pedicure well (or better, anyway).  I chose a glitter polish first, but since glitters are a bit transparent, I picked out one of the colors in the glitter – teal – and used that as a base.  I think my pedicurist wasn’t so sure of my decisions at first, but by the time she was finished, everyone around was impressed with my choice.

Skort: Old Navy
Shirt: JCPenney (I just want to brag for a minute that I bought this shirt in high school…)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft

Sometimes She’d Shop

There may be this notion out there that I’m addicted to shopping. I’m not. I really have to be in the mood, because I get depressed when nothing I try on looks good, just like everyone else. But I do enjoy shopping when that mood hits, and I do have a lot of clothes and shoes.

Today I thought I would show you how I shop, though, so you can see why I’m not completely bankrupt, despite my extensive wardrobe.

Below is a picture of my mall finds from a spontaneous shopping trip yesterday (I went to kill time for a few hours by looking and apparently I was in the mood…oops!). You will note the following:

A maxi dress
2 belts
A tank top
2 pairs of heels
2 pairs of earrings
Nail polish
5 anti-bacterial things
The cutest sweater known to man
A ring (unpictured because I’d already put it away and forgot to take it out).

That’s a lot of stuff. Want to venture a guess on how much I paid?  I’ll give you a hint – full price, the dress/gold belt, and two pairs of shoes would have been $140. 

Any guesses?  Okay, time’s up!  The answer is $107.  Yes.  I got all of that for 1/3 less than the price of three of those items.  And that was with paying full price for the sweater, even (I never do that, but seriously – cutest sweater ever). 

Now if you’re a quality over quantity person, my method may not work for you – or may, at least, require a bit more patience and delayed gratification.  However, even at cheapo stores, you can find reasonably good quality things if you are selective. 

Sometimes, my method requires that you buy the belt you mostly like instead of the one you really like because it’s a difference of $1.99 and $4.99 – those $3 differences add up.  But, some other times, if you’re patient, you get the exact shoes you tried on a few months ago when they were full price, for $13. 

Here’s the breakdown of where everything is from, if you’re interested:
A maxi dress – JCPenney
2 belts – JCP (came with the dress) and Charlotte Russe
Shorts – Forever 21
A tank top – H&M
2 pairs of heels – JCPenney (Worthington brand)
2 pairs of earrings – JCPenney (they were free with a coupon!) and Wet Seal
Sunglasses – Charlotte Russe
Nail polish – Forever 21
5 anti-bacterial things – Bath and Body Works.  I now smell like fall.
Barettes – Wet Seal
The cutest sweater known to man – Love Culture
A ring (unpictured)  – Love Culture

Nailed It.

My boss and I have a great relationship. She had me over for Thanksgiving one year, we actually enjoy going on work trips together, and going to Chick Fil A is one of our favorite pastimes. Basically, we love each other.

But there is one thing I do that she does not care for – follow nail polish trends.

I’ll be honest – my nails are not often pretty. I’m too lazy/busy to keep up with always chipping polish, and I’m too practical/poor to justify regular shellac manicures. Every once in a while, though, I get inspired, usually by new colors. And sometimes, I can’t decide which color I prefer, so I use both.

This is the trend my boss hates. Every time I do it, she asks if I got confused. And it is a bit of an odd trend, I suppose. But I embrace it because it allows me to have even more color on my body – and you know there’s nothing I love more than lots of color.

Nail Polishes: China Glaze, Keep Calm and Paint On (green) and Orly, Boho Bonnet (blue) – both on clearance at Sally Beauty Supply
Necklace: gift from Macy’s
Cardi: gift from my sister
Matchstick trousers: H&M
Earrings: a Christmas gift from the aforementioned boss
Shoes: DSW

Colts Strong

Yesterday was a big day for me – the beginning of the NFL playoffs.  Next to fashion, football is probably my favorite past-time, and I seldom miss a Colts game.  Especially when they’re in the playoffs.

Alas, my boys were one and done, but we have a rookie quarterback phenom in Andrew Luck, so I have full confidence in the future.  And, even if my team were terrible, I do not shy away from showing my spirit.

The no-white after Labor day/before Memorial Day rule is passe, but to pull off white during the winter, you really have to anchor it with some more seasonal items.  I didn’t do this.  I tried with my black boots, but a light-weight t-shirt still made me look summery.  To really wear white jeans in January, you should have on boots and a sweater or jacket.

However, for the sake of being true to my team’s colors, I sacrificed a little on the fashion-rule side.  Do what I say, not what I do.

And since the Colts are out, go Broncos!  I’m just sorry that now I have to wear orange.

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