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Home Sweet Nash

Surprise! I moved back to Nashville!

Actually, let me start this again:

In what will likely come as a surprise to no one…I moved back to Nashville!

Although I’ve moved approximately 5 billion times, this move was unlike any I’ve done before. For one thing, I didn’t move for work – I am remote permanently, so I could live anywhere. Because of that, I only took one day off to move, whereas in the past I’ve had a week or two in between jobs to traverse the country and get settled. (For the record, I’d highly recommend taking off more than one day).

I’ve also never moved back somewhere I’ve lived before (I did live in Virginia Beach twice, but I was in elementary school the first time, so that doesn’t count). In many ways, knowing where I was going made the move less complicated – I had a friend to stay with while I looked for a place, I knew the areas I wanted to live in, I knew that I couldn’t sit on a rental if I wanted it to be still be around, etc.

In another way, though, I really had to wrestle with the idea of “going backwards.” Had I already had my Nashville “season” and it was time to leave it behind? After all, I’d talked about going back to other places I’d lived before but never followed-through for that very reason.

And, I worried about what people might think, to be honest. It was one thing to jump around a lot in my 20s. Does doing so in my 30s make me seem flighty?

But, after working through those concerns and weighing all the pros and cons, Nashville was the best choice for me for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I love it. Everyone knows this about me. I literally light up when I talk about Nashville, and if someone asks me for recommendations, I send them a page full. If I could live anywhere, why would I not live in the place I love the most?

I also wanted to be closer to my family. My parents are getting older, and they will need more help soon-ish. I’m in a much better position to do that here than in DC, and I’m much closer to extended family who can help, as well.

Plus, all the reasons I left Nashville in the first place had basically resolved themselves. Including the dating pool problem. I complained about dating in Nashville, but little did I know it could be much, much, MUCH worse. At least here, people like me and I generally like them. That’s an excellent starting place. Now I’m working on learning to choose better, so I have reasonable expectation for a different result this go round.

I did go back and forth about what God wanted me to do and what the RIGHT decision was. Sometimes I agonize over these types of decisions. But, I read an excellent little book that a friend recommended (Guidance and the Voice of God by Phillip D. Jensen and Tony Payne), talked with some trusted friends and advisors, and ultimately came to the conclusion that some things in life don’t have a right or wrong, and we (read: I) complicate matters by agonizing over them. In reality, it would seem that on many things God has given us the brains and judgment to make good decisions. So, using my brain and judgment, I realized that moving back to Nashville was a good decision. And I’m happy I made it.

Maybe because I traveled so much in 2021 – including a 3-week stay in Nashville – it doesn’t quite seem real that I’m here permanently again. I feel like I’m in some sort of twilight zone, and I don’t know which end is up.

But, I moved into this adorable little place this weekend:

So, I’m hoping that once I get everything unpacked and it stops looking like this:

And the holidays fade into the past, that I can finally feel like I’m inhabiting my own life again. It’ll probably help to get a couch.

I did not hate DC. I’m very glad I lived there for the time that I did – I made some good friends, learned that I love living somewhere that I can walk to things, and experienced a different culture than what I was used to. I probably never would have taken my road trip had I still lived in Nashville, and I think the initial weeks/months of the pandemic would have been much tougher on me in Tennessee. And, had I never lived in DC, I would always have thought about it and wondered if it were the place for me.

But, I never really fit in, in the District. I fit in, in Nashville. When I was here in October to decide if I wanted to move back, one of my friends said my whole vibe was different in Nashville, and I am sure it is. I feel more like myself in this city, and the parts of myself that I really like – my friendliness, my fashion creativity, my lighthearted side – seem to be more appreciated here, as well.

So, I’m back, with a new mindset and an even deeper appreciation for the things I love about this town. Whenever I move, people always ask if I’m going to stay put now. I hate that question because I have no idea. But, if ever I were to stay put somewhere, this is certainly a place I would want to be.

My house was built in 1937. It has all the charm of an old house, as well as all of the miniature closets. I don’t know where I’m going to put all of my shoes. But, what is most important, it has a second bedroom. Please come visit – you are always welcome.



Preds Pride!

I need to learn hockey lingo, because y’all, Nashville is a hockey town, and our Predators are on fire!

I freely admit that I am a bandwagon fan. In my defense, though, I’ve never followed a hockey team before, except the US in the Olympics, and I think it’s perfectly acceptable to jump on the bandwagon of your home-town team.

So, disclaimer out of the way, since my boys are in the final games of the Western Conference Finals – just one or two steps away from the Stanley Cup games! – I figured I should go buy a t-shirt. Since I waited until the Western Conference Finals, though, the choices were a little limited…

After striking out at Target and one Walmart, I headed to a 2nd Walmart and ended up in the kids section. While I don’t normally like how kids’ shirts fit, since I am not, you know, a 14 year old boy…I did like the $12.88 price tag. And, I liked it even better when I got to the checkout counter and it rang up as $1!

I asked twice if that was the correct price, because honestly, even on clearance, how could it be one dollar? But, it was, and so for that, I could make anything work.

And, make it work I did by cutting a v-neck into the shirt to give it a more modern, feminine, less little boy look, and pairing it with striped pants and a jacket because I wanted to show my (newfound) pride at work. I swapped out the jacket and pants for shorts later, when I went to watch the game in the park, surrounded by 1000s of my closest friends. And food trucks, because this is Nashville!

Unfortunately, we lost that game in overtime, but it was a great evening nevertheless, and I’m sure this $1 purchase will be used many times over in the coming days/weeks and future seasons.

And now with the jacket…
Go Preds! Pluck the Ducks! Smashville! (That’s all I’ve got…)

6 Month Anniversary

I’d like to tell you a story…

About three years ago, I started praying about leaving Virginia Beach for a position at an anti-trafficking non-profit. I really wanted to go to Nashville then – in part because of all the non-profits headquartered there, in part because I’d enjoyed visiting the two times I’d been there previously, in part because I was obsessed with the show of the same name, and in part for reasons I probably can’t really even identify. It was just on my heart.

A couple months later, God answered my prayer to leave VB and work for a non-profit, but He sent me to Georgia instead of Nashville. And as I’ve been not shy about saying, I was MISERABLE. I do not exaggerate when I say that the two years I lived in Georgia were the worst two years of my life, and I was on the verge of real depression. From about 4 months in, I prayed every day that I would get to leave, but every job application I sent out was ignored.

And then my  job was eliminated, and I was rather unceremoniously kicked out the door, with only two weeks of severance and no warning.

If that’s where the story ended, it would be a rather depressing one. But this is a good story. A great one, in fact.

With no leads anywhere and no connections to Georgia, I had the perfect opportunity to strike out on my own where I really wanted to be – Nashville. I’ve shared before about the timing of my job elimination with my lease, etc.; God opened the doors for everything about my move. I had no money, but my dad had some to loan me. I had no job leads, but I found one perfectly suited for my interests, and started just over two months after moving. I even found a great hair stylist on the first shot, nothing short of a small miracle.

And God kept taking care of me. I was swimming in debt, but the part-time teaching job I’ve had for years asked me to teach two courses at once. They’ve never before asked me to teach two at once. Since then, they’ve also asked me to teach three more. I got another part-time job, and for a couple months, I was working full-time, part-time, and teaching two courses online. It was hard work, but it was what I needed to get by.

Also, my tax refund was double what I was expecting, something I’ll never be able to explain.

So now, here I am just a few months after being downsized, and I have paid off not only my debts from unemployment, but  the remainder of my student loans. I went from a significant amount of debt to debt-free in three months, because God took care of me.

One of the things that was very hard for me in Georgia was not having a church. I tried, not exaggerating, over 30 churches and could never find one I liked. I ended up going to the mega church in town with some frequency but didn’t mind if weeks went by without me darkening the door.

But here in Nashville, I’ve found the perfect church for me. It’s a more traditional format, complete with a robed choir, mixed with Pentecostal theology. Seemingly half the church went to my college, and it’s nice to be around people familiar with things I’m familiar with. I’ve joined said robed choir, and they’ve adopted me as part of the family, giving me church friendships I so missed for two years.

The other night we got to sing with Sandi Patty, my childhood musical idol, on her farewell tour. I never could have even dreamed that I would accompany Sandi Patty sometime – it would not have occurred to me that such a thing could be possible. And yet, God knew how special that would be to me, and He really did provide “above and beyond all I could ask or imagine.”

I realized something a few days ago that made this all the more sweet. My church is nowhere near my house, and even if I had stumbled upon it physically, the name of the church and size of the building would have deterred me from trying it. But, a week before I lost my job, I was in Nashville for work and met a new friend. We had mutual friends and a lot in common, and I knew it was a divine appointment. When I moved, I visited her church a few times, but it wasn’t quite the right fit for me. It did, however, meet in the building of a big church with a beautiful choir loft, and I thought, maybe I should just check it out. I went one Sunday morning just after Christmas, and I haven’t stopped going since.

God went before me in my move, opening doors to friendships that led to my church that led to singing with a childhood favorite. He moved on my department chair to offer me more courses than I’ve ever been offered. He provided the finances for me to pay back my dad, buy flights and bridesmaid dresses for my friends’ weddings, pay off my student loans, and have enough left over to start rebuilding a savings. To paraphrase Joel 2:25, He completely restored the years the locusts had eaten.

And, I get to live in Nashville which is the absolute most perfect city, and I am even more happy here than I was miserable in Georgia.

So, today, on the 6th month anniversary of my moving to Tennessee, I want to encourage you that God’s Word is true that He will never leave you or forsake you. I still don’t know why I had to live in Georgia to get to Nashville. I did make a few friends, and met my best friend there. And since living here, I’ve certainly had more perspective on God’s faithfulness and kindness because of my experiences the past two years. Maybe those two things are purpose enough.

Regardless, no matter what you’re going through, please know that God is still going before you, making your paths straight, and opening doors that no man can shut. If you’re in a hard season, don’t give up and keep pressing forward, because your Nashville Promised Land is waiting for you on the other side, and it will be even more sweet because of the pain to get there.

If my story encouraged you, or if you’d like to share a similar story of God’s faithfulness, or even if you’d just like prayer for the strength to persevere, I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or send me an email, and let’s talk.


Sarah Beth

Did I See You on TV?

Um, so last night, I was on TV… And it was amazing.

Here is a screenshot from the promo (yes, they even teased my appearance!)

Nashville promoI’ll let you watch the episode to see my 15 (milliseconds) of fame, but I thought some of you might be interested in knowing the behind the scenes story. We’re not really supposed to talk about it, but since the episode has aired, I suppose there’s no harm now…

Anyway, first up and most critical – wardrobe. When I was selected as a “detective”, I said I had the requisite clothing. And I did – if I were an actual detective. I mean, if that were my everyday job, I’d obviously wear my bright colors and ruffled suit, regardless. But, for a TV detective, I realized I needed to be a little more conservative (the list they sent me of appropriate clothing helped me realize this). So, I had to go shopping and even still, I don’t think the wardrobe guy was totally happy with me, but whatever. Other than my mom (who had been counting down the days to my appearance) and a few friends, no one will even see me. Probably… (I’m still waiting for the call from the talent agent.)

Most of being an extra is waiting around. Everything is very last minute and contingent on how the scenes shot before yours go, etc. So, they put us in a holding area with snacks (animal crackers and cheese puffs, so I was pretty happy) until they were ready to shoot our scene.

Normally, this holding area is on the studio lot. When scenes are filmed off-site, the holding area naturally moves. Since my scene was taking place outside a seedy motel (which, actually, I thought was the least seedy of the nearby choices), the holding area was in an establishment right next door…the kind of establishment you’d think would be right next door to a seedy hotel. Yes, we hung out in “Jazzy Sensations: Nashville’s Urban Adult Entertainment Club”.

I actually didn’t think it was still in business, but one of my fellow extras assured me that his buddy owned the place – and had great pride in his voice, which was matched equally by the disdain on my face, I think.

Most of the other extras were veterans, and as we were talking, people started sharing about their first times on the Nashville set – at the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman, the Country Club…  I couldn’t help be a little jealous, but at least my story about Jazzy Sensations is the most unique.

When it finally came time to shoot the scene, I was placed right by the focal point of the scene, so I knew unless they cut it completely, I’d be on camera. There was a bit of a mix-up when the assistant director yelled back some instructions at me as he was running back behind the camera – I thought he said to do my part sexier. Honestly, I didn’t know how to examine evidence sexy, but I gave it my best effort. Turns out, that wasn’t at all what he’d said, but maybe I spiced up the scene, anyway.

The only star in my scene was Connie Britton, and she wasn’t near enough to me to interact in any way. But, she looked beautiful, of course.

Oh, and they pay you to do this, which is amazing – I’d have totally done it for free.

So, that’s my extra experience. It really was fun, and if I can ever find a day I’m not crazy busy at work, I may take a personal day and do it again. Worth it for the fame, fortune, and cheese puffs.

Have you ever been an extra or on a TV/movie set? Was your experience similar?



We interrupt this regularly schedule program to discuss one of the most exciting events of my life…

Last night, I got to attend the CMT Artist of the Year show!!!!  Here’s how it happened:

So, all these televised events in Nashville have to have full audiences so they look awesome on camera.  One of my friends told me about this when I first moved here and the “casting agencies” that are in charge of filling the audiences, so I followed these agencies on Facebook. When I saw this event come up, I applied (late) – i.e., sent in a picture of myself – and was accepted within an hour.  I felt pretty good about myself until I learned that there were 800 people accepted, and three tiers of wrist bands, and I was in the lowest tier…

No matter, though, because even sitting way up in the balcony, nowhere near a celebrity or a camera, I had an amazing time.

Picking out what to wear, though, was a different story.  As a seat filler, you’re essentially supposed to be invisible, which is, of course, not my style.  We had all these parameters about what to wear: nothing too revealing/short, no flashy jewelry, low heels, dark colors.  When I sorted through all of my clothes that fit into these categories, I found I had two options.

Option 1:

1 - CMT AOTY option 1I’ve always really liked this dress, but it’s never really flattered me that well.  Or, I should say, it looks great when I first put it on, and then as soon as I move, it turns into a sack of potatoes. And as you can see, doesn’t photograph very well.  If I somehow ended up sitting next to Sam Hunt, I needed to look good.  So, I threw out option 1.

Option 2:

This was literally the only other choice I had in my entire wardrobe, but for the most part, I was very pleased.  When I have a job again, I’ll stock up on some award show options.

1 - CMT AOTYMy little lace crop top (which, btw, I got at Rue 21 for $3), is one of my favorite dressier pieces, but I didn’t have a great black skirt to go with it…until I remembered my black slip dress!  I’ve worn this under tops on several occasions, and while it’s very form fitting, it’s not too short, so I figured it would work.  As for my gold heels, I don’t know if they’re technically considered “low”, but they are about the lowest I own, and I’m short, so I figured I could get away with it. I added a green clutch for a little Christmas flair, and some rose gold jewelry, and I was all set, if not red carpet ready.

My hair did look a little flat in these pictures, though, so I ended up putting it back.  Imagine this head on the above photos.

1202151608a-1So, I hope this helps next time you’re invited to an awards show! Or, you know, you could always move to Nashville and just go with me!!  I <3 this town.

It’s a Crazy Town

On Monday, I teased a major announcement coming to the blog. In hindsight, I might have made this seem a bigger deal for you all than it actually is, but when have you ever known me not to  be dramatic?  While the announcement is big to me, it honestly won’t probably affect most of you in any way.  Nevertheless, since you’re all my friends and I like to keep you informed of my life, with no further ado…

I’m moving to Nashville!

Yes, that’s right.  Soon, I’ll be living in the land of barbecue, country music, and hipsters. So, if you see my style evolve (again), at least you’ll know why – I’ll probably have to trade in my puffy vests for floppy hats, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Also, I may now wear a little more orange – you know, Peyton Manning’s school and all.

There are quite a few reasons for this move, which I won’t elaborate on at this point.  Suffice it to say, I’d been praying about this door for a long time (like 4 years long time), and I’m so excited that God has opened it!  (I don’t have a job lined up yet, though, so if you hear of anything, please let me know!)

I’ll probably share more over the next few weeks about God’s faithfulness, but for now, I hope you’re encouraged that God cares about what we care about, and while I did have to pray for 4 years, He didn’t forget me and gave me this particular desire of my heart.

Oh, and moving date is October 25…”Hollywood with a touch of twang” is about to grow by one more petite blonde.  I hope they’re ready!

1 - burnt orange dress, leapord shoes(Throwback picture because I really don’t actually own that much orange…)

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