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Two-fer Tuesday: Floral Jeans

Let me begin this post by saying if you’re ever feeling badly about yourself, go shopping at Loft.  Their sizes run so ridiculously big and their mirrors are slanted at such an angle, you’ll leave feeling like you could give Heidi Klum a run for her money.

And, if you’re really lucky, you may end up with jeans for $10.  That, combined with an unbelievably low number on the tag, is sure to boost your mood!

Here are those aforementioned jeans, which have quickly become one of my favorites.  Although they are patterned, the pattern is small enough to function more as a neutral.  Still, I haven’t gotten super crazy with my patterns or color mixing yet.

Which of these stylings do you prefer?1 - floral jeans, chambray shirt
1 - floral jeans, striped shirt(Um, so lessons from this bottom picture – don’t keep your phone in your back pocket when you’re taking pictures.  Also, my camera has been randomly taking blurry pictures lately that I can’t figure out how to fix.  But, I liked the blurry one so much better than the clear one, so I included it, anyway.  Third, apparently coral and blue is a favorite color combination of mine.  Odd.)

80 Days of Shoes: I’m on a Boat

These cute little satin flats were a clearance purchase from Forever 21 a few years ago.  The beaded, sequin puffs were coming undone slightly, so I guess that’s why they were on sale.  But, with a little glue, I was able to salvage them enough to get some good use out of them.  I do sit on my foot a lot, though, so you might find a trail of beads behind me whenever I wear them…DSC_1053For this outfit, I put my own spin on a nautical look (satin beaded shoes are hardly boat-appropriate).  But, nothing says sailing like braids, coral, and a sweater, with, you know, a sail boat on it.

1- nautical sweater, coral skirt



80 Days of Summer: Bows for Dayz

Today’s outfit is a premature celebration of my favorite holiday – Independence Day (you probably saw that coming).  Fireworks, barbecues, cold drinks, and America – there’s nothing better.

I bought these cuties a year or two ago right before the 4th, and they’ve been a staple ever since.

DSC_0145This casual look was my choice when I went to get a pedicure last week.  It’s not patriotic per se, but anchors and bows are still American in my book.

1- Anchor tank, bow shoesUnfortunately, this picture has made me realize my skirt is past it’s prime.  Too bad – I really liked the train conductor pinstripes.  But then again, I’m probably too old for skirts this short, anyway.  A moment of silence for my youth, please.

I hope y’all are okay with the ol’ red, white, and blue, because this is a preview of my suitcase for the next 4 days…
imageWhat I lack in creativity, I make up in zeal.  Happy birthday, America – we love you!

80 Days of Summer: Neon Flats

I have a couple pairs of shoes that are sure to get compliments every time I wear them.  These are one of them:

DSC_0049I never claimed to be subtle.

For this look, I paired the statement shoes with a scarf containing the same color.  One statement wasn’t enough for me, though, so I paired two different stripe patterns…stripes for days!

Obviously, I had to keep the rest of the outfit pretty tame – there was a lot going on already.  So, I cuffed some non-skinny jeans (it’s still always odd to me when I wear jeans that aren’t skinny…but looser fits are coming back, y’all!), added a couple rose gold bracelets (I’m obsessed with rose gold right now), and called it a day.

Striped scarf, neon shoesHow do you feel about neon shoes?  Do or don’t?  And what about looser jeans?  Are you excited to let your legs breathe again?

I’m On a Boat

Yesterday I went shopping again.  Now, before you judge me, let me say I hadn’t been in several weeks – maybe a month, actually – and I had an official purpose for going.  I need some stuff for India.
Of course, I bought nothing for India, but I did get this cute sweater at Old Navy.  The nautical look has been in for about a year or so, which means that it’s now all over the budget-friendly stores.

I sometimes wonder what people think of my financial situation.  I do have a lot of clothes, and it would probably be pretty easy to assume I am up to my eyeballs in credit card debt from all the shopping I do.

But, this sweater was on sale for $12!  I also bought a cute tank for $7, and then I had a gift card, leaving my grand total at 13 cents.  The girl asked me if that would be cash, credit, or check. Fortunately, I had 13 cents in cash.

It’s shopping that way which allows me to accumulate so many things and still do Dave Ramsey (kinda)proud.

The blouse is one that belonged to my grandma.  It has cross-stictched hearts all along the front, so I’ve obviously never worn it.  However, it fits me very well and it was hers, so I’ve always kept it.  I’m glad now that I did, because it goes perfectly with this sweater.

I do wish I had my better-than-Sperry boat shoes to wear with this look.  They’d be much better than my little worn moccassins. Unfortunately, they, along with all of my summer clothes and shoes, are tucked away somewhere in a pod, never to be accessed until I unpack at my new home.  Let’s all pray that I find said new home before I have to buy a whole new summer wardrobe.

On second thought, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.

  • Sweater – Old Navy (they even styled it similarly.  Except, probably not that many people have coral jeans…)
  • Jeans – J.Crew sample sale (similar here)
  • Shoes – DSW, I think?  A million years ago.
  • Watch – NY & Co.  (similar here)


I’m not too proud to admit I work the same dress twice this week.   I am just proud enough, though, to give the disclaimer that I wore it around different groups of people so no one would judge me.

I found this dress on the clearance rack at Target for about $10.  A word about Target.  They have cute stuff.  I like shopping there.  But, I rarely find good deals.  I know people who routinely get shirts or skirts for $3 or $4.  I’m not one of those people.  To me, $17 for a shirt on clearance at Target is not a good deal.  Maybe if it were $17 from Bergdorf’s or something.  But not Target.

But this one time, I happened to find a great deal on this cute denim dress – those white dots, in case you can’t really tell, are stars.  It’s a perfect Fourth of July/whenever you feel like wearing stars dress.

In the first look, I kept it simple, wanting the colors to really do most of the hard work.  I’ve told you before how much I love green and purple together.  Lavender and mint are a pretty variation of that theme.  And I added star earrings just because sometimes I still feel like I’m in 8th grade.

In this next look, I kept with the semi-nautical theme I’ve been feeling lately and added a rope belt to my hot pink sweater.  I also mixed my stars by wearing the Star of David necklace my mom got me in Israel.  No rules.

Dress: Target
Cardigan 1: Old Navy
Cardigan 2: H&M
Knock-off Keds: H&M

She’ll Look Eggplant

Yesterday I went nautical again, pairing my current signature color with navy.  (Remember, navy and white + any solid color, equals nautical!)

This outfit is actually not the most flattering look ever on me, but I really liked it for several reasons.  One, I felt very fashion forward by combining my two different stripes – the top and the shoes.  Since the shoes are far enough away from the top, the eye is not confused by the differences in widths and colors, and by keeping them in the neutral navy color, they’re subtle enough to not draw too much attention to themselves.

Two, I felt even more fashion forward – like I am a designer or something – because I’m actually wearing this top backwards. I’m not quite sure how it happened.  I just sort of tried it on backwards, and it worked!  More importantly, it didn’t feel awkward, like things usually do when they’re on backwards.  So, I took out the tag and went with it.   Also, I felt like Reese Witherspoon in this scene from Sweet Home Alabama (4:28-4:45 ish).

Finally, about my shoes again – they are espadrilles, so not only are they a perfect summer wedge like I described yesterday, but they also complete the care-free, I-have-nowhere-else-to-be-but-on-this-yacht look.

Top: Marshalls or somewhere, I think?
Dress: Ross
Belt: NY & Co, or Target – it was a gift
Shoes: Belk

I’m on a Boat

I’ve been on this major nautical kick lately.  I’m not really sure where it came from, but this rope belt makes it very easy to achieve.

Even without a rope belt, the nautical look is super simple.  Basically, just pair navy with any bright solid color (think your 8-box of crayons from elementary school) and white.  Stripes and brass buttons also make the look, but if you want to keep it clean and simple, navy, white and a color is the way to go!

What you can’t tell from this picture is that my sweater is wool-weight and I wore it on a day where the heat index was over 100 degrees.  Sometimes, I make poor decisions for the sake of fashion.  Had I had a nice, light-weight navy cardi, I would have worn that one instead.  But I do not, and once I get an outfit idea in my head, there’s really no turning back, so I suffered in silence.  Really, though, since my office is usually kept at a tundra-esque temperature, I was generally pretty comfortable.

Now I just need to find a man with a yacht…suggestions, anyone?

Dress: JCPenney
Cardigan: Hand-me-down
Belt: off a shirt I bought at H&M
Shoes: Nine West (which, by the way, is a terrible brand for me and now having had several pairs, I’ll never buy again.  But, these are cute)

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